Upcoming Events

The Music Phoenix proudly presents the new “Club Level Series” on Mixify.com weekly, every Thursday night starting at 10pm EDT. We are providing the online VIP Party feel for you to broadcast from wherever you’re listening from. Music from DJs that play in the clubs you go to or wish you could get into. We currently have over a dozen DJs on our Roster and we’ll be scheduling two at a time for each week to give you the best experience possible.

Thursday, October 25

10:00pm (EDT): BL455 (of Boston, MA)

11:30pm (EDT): SirMattyV (of Massachusetts)

Thursday, November 1 (cancelled due to Halloween parties)
Thursday, November 8

9:30pm (EDT): The Mu (of Chicago, IL)

11:30pm (EDT): Dirty Hairy (of Toronto, Canada)

Past Shows

Thursday, October 11

10:00pm (EDT): Dcost (of Ontario, Canada)

11:30pm (EDT): DJ Massakerr (of Ontario, Canada)

Thursday, October 4

10:00pm (EDT): TeeTs (of Orlando, FL)

11:30pm (EDT): Bruneaux (of Atlanta, GA)

Thursday, September 20

10:00pm (EDT): Drip Drop (of Austin, TX)

11:30pm (EDT): KosherKittens (of Rochester, NY)

Thursday, September 13

10:00pm (EDT): DJ Eli (of New York City, NY)

11:30pm (EDT): DJ i6 (of San Luis Obispo, CA)

*If you’re a DJ and want to get placed on our roster, send us an Email to Submissions@TheMusicPhoenix.com, make sure to put “Club Level Series -‘your DJ name’ in the subject line. We’ll figure out what we can do to get you in the series!

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