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DJ Topsider – Polyphonic (Usher vs. Audien…)


DJ Topsider - Polyphonic

This mashup is ah-maze-ing! I’m not going to even continue to look for another brand new song to match its caliber, because I just won’t find it! DJ Topsider, I am so glad that I found and featured you three weeks ago. I am so excited to do so again. Polyphonic is a stand alone hit. Usher meshed with Audien is outstanding, then the high-tempo beat is joined up with Calvin Harris. Kid Cudi comes in with a brief break from the action without taking away from the mashup (actually, it’s the Steve Aoki remix of Pursuit of Happiness that assists with that). Again, the build up hits and it’s back to the level of energy that drew me in during the first half. What a strong way to finish this magnificent mashup. Way to turn my head DJ Topsider, you have my attention.

Also, I learned something new today, rather than accepting his mashup title, I felt compelled to look up the definition (I’ll admit it). Google, has provided: “Producing many sounds simultaneously; many-voiced.” Oh, so it’s a fancy way of saying mashup. I like it.

DJ Topsider – Polyphonic (Usher ft. Young Jeezy vs. Calvin Harris vs. Kid Cudi & Steve Aoki vs. Audien ft. Michael S)

FrankCarmine – The Night Alive (Hardwell vs. Usher vs…)



FrankCarmine makes music that girls dance to, I don’t think it can get much simpler than that! The Night Alive is only a day old and already getting a lot of attention. It includes samples from Hardwell, Dirty South, Krewella, Usher, Martin Solveig, and Rita Ora. Do listen to the whole song, but I have to say, my favorite section comes in right around 3 minutes. That EDM beat is what I enjoy the most! The whole thing is great though, a skillful execution without a doubt!

I’m putting this article under the Brand New category because of his latest mashup, but just in case you are new to FrankCarmine, I wanted to include a couple other favorites of ours. It would appear that as long as you have Zedd’s Spectrum and just about anything from Adele, you have mashup gold! Set Fire to Starships is a great concept, if you take that literally – Nicki Minaj on “American Idol” is just awful. But as a cameo on this mashup, not so bad (which also has Katy Perry).

Viva La Language is the other mega mashup I feel obligated to share with you. I mean, come on, how can you not with a single mashup that includes all of these samples: Porter Robinson, Nicki Romero, Coldplay, Pink, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, and Deadmau5. What a great mix! Check out FrankCarmine’s SoundCloud account for more great mashups… there just isn’t enough time or space to provide them in this one article!

FrankCarmine – The Night Alive (Hardwell vs. Dirty South vs. Krewella vs. Usher vs. Martin Solveig vs. Rita Ora)

FrankCarmine – Set Fire To Starships (Zedd vs. Adele vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Katy Perry)

FrankCarmine – Viva La Language (Porter Robinson vs. Nicki Romero vs. Coldplay vs. P!nk vs. Chris Brown vs. Katy Perry vs. Deadmau5)

Honey Singh – Angreji Beat (DJ Kawal mashup)


DJ Kawal

Bollywooood, Bollywood Swinging! That only works if you’ve heard of the song Hollywood Swinging by Kool & The Gang. DJ Kawal, of India, has over 13 years of experience. He plays the best Bollywood Commercial House music around, or as I’d like to call it – BollyHouse music. DJ Kawal has a statement that he enjoys to reinforce through his productions, “music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” I read that quote when I first started listening to his body of work on his SoundCloud account. I knew that I wasn’t going to ‘understand’ the lyrics of all his work, but rather, I could feel music instead. Though, some of his House remixes have a few English samples from our Top 40 artists.

For this one, I think I’ll go based on newest to oldest favorites. Now, I’m not sure all that is mashed into each, but this first one has Honey Singh and Gippy Grewal and is called Angreji Beat. It sounds like it also has Avicii’s Levels mixed in the beginning. But what I can feel is the consistent bassline throughout. I would love to see him do this live in a club – might have to fly over to India sometime soon.

The next one is named Chandani, or at least I think it is – could be another artist in India, I’ve also found it to be a movie title and a village development committee in Nepal. Either way, this one might be my favorite of DJ Kawal’s mashups. Strong Bollywood theme throughout. Plus, I pulled samples out from Flo Rida (not positive on that one – the sample of the counting), Pink Floyd (I was just as surprised to hear it as you were), Gotye, Ke$ha, Vinylshakerz (remixing Murray Head’s One Night in Bangkok), and Mohombi (that was easy enough to Google).

Finally, we have DJ Kawal’s remix to Dil Mera Muft Ka from the movie “Agent Vinod” (which makes me believe the previous song was in relation to “Chandani” the movie). Again, I was able to pull out the American samples, Enrique Iglesias with Usher and Lil Wayne, and Duck Sauce. Not as many as the gold mine we found above. But needless to say, I’m impressed with him and wanted to share him with the world! I know you’ll like him to, because frankly, it’s hard not to!

Honey Singh ft. Gippy Grewal – Angreji Beat (DJ Kawal mashup)

Chandani (Hot! Hot! Hot! Mix) – DJ Kawal mashup

Dil Mera Dirty Dancer Muft Ka – DJ Kawal mashup

Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee (MILLERTIME Edit)



Did someone say Miller Time? Hold on, let me go grab a beer quick.

…Okay, I’m comfortable and ready now, Miller Lite in hand.

Mark “MILLERTIME” Miller hails from Burlington, Vermont and has always been musically inclined. Starting off with guitar, he played in a garage band throughout High School. While confined to his bed (due to a chronic illness), he discovered his passion for Electronic Music. Which, can I just say, is a great step up from a garage band! When his status quo returned to normal he had the good fortune of being mentored by ZJ of Lazerdisk Party Sex. Which led him to majoring in music production at Berklee College of Music. Alright, so he know’s what he’s doing. Got it.

But, it gets better (not that it wasn’t already good for MILLERTIME). His edit of Deadmau5′ There Might Be Coffee reached the #1 spot on the Popular Charts for the Hype Machine. Now, while he considers it an ‘edit’, we call it a Mashup, and that’s what we enjoy the most. It includes the sample I Don’t Like You by Eva Simmons, plus Walking Alone by Dirty South & The Usual Suspects featuring Eric Thercht. It’s not hard to see why this Mashup is a favorite of many.

MILLERTIME has also performed with a few noteworthy artists such as 3LAU, Paper Diamond, Lazerdisk Party Sex. With his bootleg, Here We Scream The Dada, I could see him opening for Dada Life. This bootleg includes samples from Basto, Dada Life, Usher, and Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes. Oh, and as long as we’re featuring MILLERTIME for Throwback Friday, I think it’s important that we slip in his bootleg of Bad Touch. I can’t help but enjoy a mashup that includes The Bloodhound Gang’s Bad Touch, you’re also hearing Rattle by the Bingo Players on this track as well.

This is just merely a glimpse at MILLERTIME, I encourage you to go forth and find your own favorite MILLERTIME productions; let me get you started by sending you to his Facebook, Twitter (@DJ_MillerTime) and SoundCloud accounts. Like/Follow him, and together we’ll discover his latest works!

Deadmau5 ft. Eva Simmons – There Might Be Coffee (MILLERTIME Edit)

Here We Scream The Dada – MILLERTIME Bootleg

Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch (MILLERTIME Bootleg)

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