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Postmodern Jukebox – Thrift Shop (Vintage “Grandpa Style” Macklemore Cover)

What have I discovered tonight!? Pure gold! Old time-y gold I tell you! Piano that would accompany silent films, and some vocals from the time of the flappers. But wait, it’s a Macklemore cover? Brilliant! Now we need an official music video of the cover, I see a cartoon animal comically going on an adventure to goodwill and dressing like a hipster. Someone make that happen! After watching this video about 5+ times in a row, I want more Robyn Adele Anderson (vocals)! At first glance, I really thought it was Karmin; duet please? Other musicians in the Postmodern Jukebox includes: Adam Kubota on bass, Allan Mednard on drums, and Scott Bradlee on the keys.