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Robin Skouteris – Paranoid Funk!


Robin Skouteris

Robin Skouteris is out with a new mashup, Paranoid Funk! It’s a 90′s mashup for sure. See if you can guess the samples on your own before continuing to read. I know you’re impatient, so the answers are: SNAP! – The Power; Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid; White Town – Your Woman; Mantronix – Got To Have Your Love; En Vogue – My Loving’ (Never Gonna Get It); Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner; Milli Vanilli – Baby Don’t Forget My Number. Plus, some additional scratches by DJ Mcd. It’s almost like someone gave Mashup DJs the mission to create Funk based mashups, because that’s all I seem to be writing about these days.

The other mashup comes to us from Michael Offenberg, calling it Million Flashbangs To Apologize, with samples from Jewelz & Scott Sparks, Otto Knows, and One Republic. I’m really glad he decided to share this with us, It is Jewelz & Scott Sparks dominated throughout with a cameo from One Republic and more of a Otto Knows feature. Granted this one is two weeks old already and bordering our Rebirth category, but I thought I’d share it anyways.

Robin Skouteris – Paranoid Funk! (SNAP! vs. Garbage vs. White Town vs. Mantronix vs. En Vogue vs. Suzanne Vega vs. Milli Vanilli vs. DJ Mcd)

Michael Offenberg – Million Flashbangs To Apologize (Jewelz & Scott Sparks vs. Otto Knows vs. One Republic)

PopLove 2012 – Robin Skouteris


You start a new job and you lose track of everything that once was. My bad, I’ll be better! Once I move, but that’s neither here nor there. I have been finding tons of great music, but haven’t had an abundance of time to share it with you. So here are two great mashups to get back into the swing of things. We are embarking on my favorite time of year; yes, its holiday galore in a short span of weeks… but more importantly, it is the time of year where DJs and Producers create ‘end of the year’ mashups. Recapping the best and brightest from the year. Robin Skouteris dropped one yesterday and he may be the first noteworthy person to have done so. PopLove (2012) takes samples from 24 different artists (check out the list on your own time). Yup, the bar has been set high (oh, and the mashup video is an extra minute long!).

Next up, Frail Limb Purity has had this one out in circulation for about a week. It’s a simple A versus B mashup, which is more than enough for him. It’s Barenaked Ladies’ One Week versus Porter Robinson and it has transported me back to the 90′s! I love it. I think I’m going to become a longtime fan of what Frail Limb Purity produces, he knows what’s up!

PopLove 2012 (Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Flo Rida vs. Ellie Goulding vs. Calvin Harris vs. Maroon 5 vs…) – Robin Skouteris

Barenaked Ladies vs. Porter Robinson – Frail Limb Purity

The Birth of Loneliness – Robin Skouteris


I’ve had a few mashups sitting in my drop box that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I liked them individually, but my focus just wasn’t on them over the weekend. For shame, because there are a few that I should have shared out a few days ago. Robin Skouteris has had The Birth of Loneliness available for just under a week now, with samples from Enigma (Age of Loneliness and Carly’s Song - Jam & Spoon mix), Lana Del Rey (Born To Die), and B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams (Airplanes). This is another example of what a ‘beautiful’ mashup can sound like. He was recently featured on Panos T’s release of “Mash of the Titans,” a mixtape with several international mashup artists. I feel if Robin Skouteris had included this mashup on the mixtape, I might have been pulled in sooner, rather than towards the second half.

Another mashup that I should have featured earlier this week would be from our main man, Bruneaux, with Your Diamonds Belong To Me, which includes just two samples: Kanye West - Diamonds Are Forever and Muse - You Belong To Me. Bruneaux headlined our Club Level Series last Thursday and dropped this new mashup over the weekend. We heard Muse’s Starlight during his Live set, but you won’t hear this specific song. Reason being, any song you find on his SoundCloud account, is a song outside of his sets. All of Bruneaux’s sets are performed live and on the spot, giving you and his fans a new experience every time. But he releases mashups for you to enjoy outside of his sets, that’s just good guy Bruneaux for ya!

The Birth of Loneliness (Enigma vs. Lana Del Rey vs. B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams) – Robin Skouteris

Your Diamonds Belong To Me (Kanye West vs. Muse) – Bruneaux

“Mash of the Titans” compiled by Panos T


Mashup albums are dropping everywhere it seems. Panos T (of Athens, Greece) recently released “Mash of the Titans” which he compiled, coordinating with 18 different mashup artists to create this nearly hour and a half album. Out of the 18, I am already familiar with 6: MashMike, Robin Skouteris, DJs From Mars, Titus Jones, Bootleggers Music and Fissunix. The best thing about albums like this is the exposure to so many new DJs and producers. Though, it is also a challenge because unlike a 3LAU or Catalina Rhyme Mixers album, it doesn’t flow from one song into the next as smoothly. I believe it was DJ StrongArm that pulled off an album with a handful of different Mashup artists and made one track move into the next without realizing the DJ switched.

With any mashup album, I find myself with favorites and to my surprise, only one of the 6 familiar DJs made it on my top 3. MashMike, of Lower Bavaria, Germany, has the second track on the album and the first one that I found to be a hit. This Was Love has samples from, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Knife Party to make a fun and upbeat EDM mashup. Another DJ that has impressed me is Laura B, of Modena, Italy. Let Keep Bleeding Dirty Love is quite the banger and has led me to checking out more of her work; she definitely qualifies as a Titan among the Mashup artists!

Finally, we have I Follow Silence by DJ Clive$ter of Vienna, Austria. This one feels different from the other two favorites, it’s much more calm in comparison and feels like it’s constantly building without ever truly hitting the heavy bass. Overall, I was thrilled to be exposed to so many new (international) Mashup artists but ultimately, I feel like the album missed the mark. It lost my attention countless times and I’ve heard better from the DJs I was already familiar with. I would say, “Mash of the Titans” gets a 3.5 out of 5; it has some good mashups but drags until the second half, where it does pick up momentum.

Mash of the Titans – compiled by Panos T (sponsored by The Mashup Radio)

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