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J.Rabbit – Tequila (Remix)



Raise your hand if you like Tequila, I’m sorry I just can’t. BUT, luckily we’re not talking about taking shots. J.Rabbit’s remix of Tequila made me say “oh, this is good!” but not as plainly said as that. It’s one of those Oh’s that is accompanied with that sigh of disbelief. Now, say it again and with me when that first drop hits! I can’t pick a favorite drop either, yes there is quite the drops to select from, I count 6. Can you imagine the remake of Sandlot with this bootleg in the soundtrack? It would switch from chaw on the amusement park rides to a scene with Hercules (which was the dog’s name). Sandlot is not the point, J.Rabbits is and there are plenty more Trap/Dubstep gems on his SoundCloud account… including a Fresh Prince Remix!

J.Rabbit – Tequila (Trap Remix)

J.Rabbit – Fresh Prince (Moombahton Remix)

NONONO – Pumpin Blood (The Jane Doze Remix)



I have been sitting on this remix for too many days, I need to get it out while I can still consider it to be ‘brand new’. All of your attention should be on NONONO and The Jane Doze remix of Pumpin Blood for the next several hours (or at least the first several repeated listens). If you’ve heard the song already (the original that is), you are lucky. I want to say I have to, but honestly I can’t recall. I’ve listened to this remix too regularly to remember much before it! I think she has a distinctive voice (though, this sound is becoming more mainstream than it would have been a few years back). NONONO is from Stockholm, Sweden (there’s the International Tuesday tie-in you were waiting for!), The Jane Doze are however, stateside, hailing from New York. Can someone please tell me how a heart that is a lie can still pump blood?

NONONO – Pumpin Blood (The Jane Doze Remix)

Wolfgang Gartner – Shrunken Heads (Butch Clancy Retwerk)


Dotcom - butch clancy

So I decided it was about time we shook up your eardrums with some good ol’ fashioned Dubstep! It’s Wolfgang Gartner’s Shrunken Heads as remixed by Butch Clancy. If there’s one thing we know about Butch, is he certainly brings the bass. There are so many drops in this ‘retwerk’ as he puts it. Not only is it Dubstep, but it falls in the category of Trap music as well. I feel like this needs to be used in the new G.I. Joe movie as the villain’s theme song. Love the kick drum that comes in about halfway through the remix, followed by yet another droooop! This is what it sounds like when you go ‘Beast Mode.’

Another Dubstep track to take a listen to is Wick-It’s VIP version of Dotcom’s Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing Ta F’ Wit. First off, it’s Wu-Tang Clan, second, there is no second. Wu-Tang Clan that’s about it. Oh, well I guess the Dubstep makes it just that much more gangsta’. This one isn’t as obviously Trap as Butch Clancy’s in fact, I wouldn’t even consider it to have much of a Trap music influence, though it’s featured briefly. You do need to make sure that you check out the original mix by Dotcom when you get a chance, it is quite the song.

But as long as we’re talking about Dotcom, I would be doing him a disservice if I didn’t bring up his two month old remix of Will.i.Am’s (featuring Britney Spears) Scream and Shout. It takes about a minute for it to ramp up with the drop included, you know what it is… it’s Dubstep time! I love the cover art that is included with this remix too, the screaming face with the crowd that makes fills the face. It’s pretty impressive to look at and says Dubstep all over it.

Wolfgang Gartner – Shrunken Heads (Butch Clancy Retwerk)

Dotcom – Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing Ta F’ Wit (Wick-It VIP)

Will.i.Am featuring Britney Spears – Scream & Shout (Dotcom Remix)

Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)



First off, I discovered Hermitude’s HyperParadise through the remix by Flume (of Sydney Australia). So it’s safe to say that I enjoy the remix to the original. I bring this up because as I watched the original on YouTube, I saw a lot of people debating which song is better (original or remix). I think this is quite the age-old debate, I think it’s often which one you discovered first and took a liking to. If you discovered the remix first, the original is going to sound different and may be less interesting. On the other hand, if the original is already a masterpiece then nothing you do to it could ever make it better. Instead, it’s another creative approach to something someone has already created.

After reading Flume’s bio about how he got started at the young age of 13, I realized that Australia supports music development in quite the extraordinary way, they put music software in cereal boxes as the prize instead of cheap plastic crap. Australia igniting young Harley Streten’s (Flume) passion by allowing him to express himself in a creative and musical fashion.

Hermitude also has an impressive story, the multi-instrumentalists, Luke Dubs (Luke Dubber) and Elgusto (Angus Stuart) started way back in 1994 when they were only 16 and 11 (respectively). In 2000, they formed the Australian Hip Hop group that they are today. The original, HyperParadise is a great listen and notably different from the remix (isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?).

Another song that I have been obsessed with lately is the brand new Hip Hop song by the Ancient Astronauts (of Cologne, Germany). Break My Heart In 2 is a love song, err, more of a break up song. But it’s certainly an interesting beat with subtle lyrics over the top of it. Ancient Astronauts consists of the production and DJ duo: Kabanjak and Dogu; and like Hermitude, they’ve been at it since 2000.

Puchase on iTunes: Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

Ancient Astronauts – Break My Heart In 2

Travis Trax Presents Trax Certified Episode #49: Dycom April Guest Mix



Hey what’s up everyone, welcome to episode #49 of Trax Certified. Don’t forget, next week to celebrate 50 episodes of Trax Certified I will be doing a special LIVE stream on, so be sure to tune in! Also, don’t forget my EP, “Zero To Midnight” is coming out on April 22nd, and if you are in the Denver area, we will be celebrating its release at the Funky Buddha on the 25th, really looking forward to that show. Last but not least, since its the first week of the month, my good buddy Dycom is in charge of this week’s episode. Turn it up and LET’S GO!

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1. Nikki Williams – Glowing (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
2. Uberjakd – Bump Dat (Original Mix)
3. La Fuente, Jamie Murray – Buzzing (Original Mix)
4. Joe Garston ft. Andrew Farr – Happy Ending (Original Mix)
5. Cedric Gervais, Borgore – Deception (Original Mix)
6. Lucky Date – Freak (Original Mix)
7. Chris Lake – Ohh Shhh (Club Mix)
8. Bassjackers, Kenneth G – Duck Face (Original Mix)
9. Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Tommy Trash Remix)
10.Sidney Samson – Move (Original Mix)
11.Showtek – Slow Down (Original Mix)
12.Zeds Dead ft. Omar Linx – Cowboy (Torro Torro Remix)
13.Deorro – Rock The Party (Divine X Remix)
14.Get Far – If I Ever (Original Mix)
15.Uberjakd – Bomber (Original Mix)
16.Sidney Samson, Martin Garrix – Torrent (Original Mix)
17.Reecey Boi & Lefty – Tic Tac Toe (Reece Low Remix)

Titus Jones – Lick Yr Daughter


YouTube Preview Image

Titus Jones – Lick Yr Daughter (Khia vs. Ke$ha ft. 3oh!3 vs. Missy Elliott vs. Teirra Mari vs. Brite Futures)

Titus Jones is also back! Another mashup artist that I haven’t really heard from in about 6 months; well, he has a good excuse, he last left us with a new album, “After Shock,” which was certainly enough to hold us over until now. Plus, to be fair, it’s also been a few months since Panos T released a new video – and he had a bunch out two months ago. Perhaps this is an indicator of another batch of videos to be released soon!

Lick Yr Daughter includes samples from Khia, Ke$ha (featuring 3oh!3 – which you’ll hear them later, and you’ll love it!), Missy Elliott (she’s baaack…), Teairra Mari, and Brite Futures (formerly “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”). As I watched the video, I initially thought it was Lil Mama, not Teirra Mari. Then I see Brite Future (new to me, maybe new to you too?) and read in the description that they were formerly “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head” the concept of that sentence is intense, though I have to give this punk band credit for a creative band name, haha. I may be most excited to hear Missy Elliott samples in a mashup, it has been a while and I think she is great.

Finally, the last time I heard Khia, I was writing this review of DJ Paimon and was all excited about Richard Cheese’s cover of My Neck, My Back. That’s where my mind went when I heard Titus Jones’ new mashup (sorry, I couldn’t help it), it really needs to be shared until everyone has heard it (NSFW)!

Traylor Trash – Catalina Rhyme Mixers


Catalina Rhyme MixersI have definitely missed the creativity of The Catalina Rhyme Mixers! It has been 6 months since their last interaction with SoundCloud, it was a great one though – they dropped an entire album, “Mullet Mash.” Now they are back and have another creative collection of mashups entitled “Traylor Trash.” Get it? It’s a play on ‘trailer trash’ and ‘Taylor’ Swift. Yeah, I see what they did there too. This compilation has four mashups that are heavily influenced by Taylor Swift; Taylor’s Black Van, Twenty-Twerk-it; Spring Fling; and You Belong Right Above It. To me, I enjoy Twenty-Twerk-it the most, maybe it’s because it includes her 4th single that was released only a few weeks ago. I’m not tired of hearing it yet (and secretly, I enjoy more of her music than I probably should).

Spring Fling is very Pop oriented mashup with a plenty of Top 40 samples, most recognizably are the samples including Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. You Belong Right Above It is not necessarily a favorite of mine, but I think it makes it so that you can come out of Lil Wayne and switch genres relatively smooth. Which, when you think about it, is not something you’d expect a DJ to be able to do – go from Lil Wayne to Taylor Swift. Back to the first of the four, Taylor’s Black Van, it has that 80′s vibe with the iconic Ferris Bueller (as subtle as it is) beat in the background (or maybe it’s just me, though hearing that and seeing the original music video by Yello may have prompted a new WTF video entry). Either way, it’s a very upbeat mash and has more of an EDM vibe than the other three.

Traylor Trash – The Catalina Rhyme Mixers

Rudimental – Feel The Love (Kill Paris Remix)


Kill Paris remix

Two months ago we gave Kill Paris a rebirth on a Throwback Friday; today we’re featuring one of his brand new remixes for Recovery Sunday. This time Kill Paris has remixed Rudimental’s Feel The Love, featuring the vocals of the soulful British musician, John Newman. The original, is a great unification of drum and bass with extraordinary soul (in fact, if you like horses – check out the original music video on YouTube – if you don’t like horses, it’s still worth a watch). But when comes to relaxing on a fine, Sunday afternoon (on Easter – if that’s what you’re into), there’s nothing like sitting back under the sun and enjoying the vocal perfection of John Newman.

But I digress, we’re here because Kill Paris has turned our attention to these British artists and remixed it even more than it already sounded. Corey Baker (Kill Paris) has really done it again, great build up with plenty of bass to follow, and the end just drifts off into nothingness (making the repeat play inevitable). The remix even has some fun drops! We’ve come to expect greatness from this DJ and he never fails to deliver. Many are writing rave reviews about his ‘happy’ feel and know that he’s on a whole different level. Agreed. Needless to say, Kill Paris, I can feel the love and I know you can feel it too!

Buy on Beatport: Rudimental featuring John Newman – Feel The Love (Kill Paris Remix)

Colatron – Step Towards The Light



Man, has it really been 6 months since I last featured Colatron (and Fissunix)? Well, I guess so, it was the end of summer and they had just put out their mashups utilizing a key Jean Pierre Taieb sample. Step Towards The Light follows that same style (minus the Jean Pierre Taieb), but the relaxing mashup format that he has created in the past. This time, the samples include Moderat’s Les Grandes Marches, Ellie Goulding’s Lights, and samples from “The Day I Died” the 2002 British Documentary about near-death experiences. That’s it! Colatron introduces a translucent state of mind with his productions – I think that is quite possibly the best way to put it! We are happy to be featuring Colatron (of Birmingham, Britain) again for another International Tuesday and we can’t wait to hear more!

Another guy that we haven’t talked about in quite some time would be Brazilian DJ, Lonczinski, that made a remix for his girlfriend’s birthday six months ago. He just dropped a Progressive House remix of Paramore’s That’s What You Get. Lonczinski‘s remix includes some high energy, it also keeps a relatively low-key vibe throughout the majority of the remix. It’s mostly towards the end that it gets a little high on the EDM side, but otherwise it closely fits with what Colatron tried to accomplish with his.

Colatron – Step Towards The Light (Moderat vs. Ellie Goulding vs. “The Day I Died”)

Paramore – That’s What You Get (Lonczinski Remix)

Gramatik – Bluestep


Gramatik - Bluestep

Gramatik is out with a new single, it’s actually the first single (which will be available in full length) off his upcoming “The Age Of Reason!” I love that he’s decided to take classic 50′s and 60′s Blues and combine it with several styles of EDM. Bluestep is an exciting new creation that I hope catches on. Gramatik describes the new genre as having “a plethora of screaming guitar, howling vocals and big bass, capturing the raw energies of both music worlds [Blues and Dubstep] in a hopefully cohesive, possibly outrageous picture.” It certainly has to potential to be outrageous.

Another new song I found, also dropped on February 13th, it’s Manila Killa’s Valentine Remix (part 2) of DJ Sammy’s Heaven. First there was Blue, then there was Disco (well, that wasn’t first and there was definitely some other stuff before the emergence of Disco – but that is the progression for this article). What Manila Killa brings to the table is NuDisco. It was around this time in 2012 that he made ‘Part 1‘ and now he’s revamped it. Oh and this one has a nicely placed drop, not that it is followed by excessive bass, but it tricks you to think it’s over. Let’s call this one a preemptive Recovery Sunday feature, it fits.

Gramatik – Bluestep (Blues vs. Dubstep)

DJ Sammy – Heaven (Manila Killa Valentine Remix – Part 2)

Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)


Punks Jump Up

A few days ago I was listening to my “Matt & Kim” channel on Pandora, when a song started to play that I absolutely loved. Turns out I had heard it before and gave it a thumbs up in approval at that time too. Punks Jump Up is a music-making duo from London (well, Joe Attard is from London; David Andersson is from Sweden), that first came together all the way back in 2004. Over the past four years they have several Disco Club originals, not to mention their official remixes of the likes of Miike Snow, Two Door Cinema Club, Lykke Li, Ladyhawke, Chromeo, Yell, and Peter Bjorn & John. They have toured heavily in most European countries, as well as Australia, USA, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, China, Singapore, and Jakarta. Currently, they’re focusing their attention on an album, projected to release sometime in the Spring of 2013.

Now, back to that Pandora track, it was their remix of Miike Snow’s Animal that really caught my ear and wouldn’t let go. I’m sure it helps their case that I’m already a huge Miike Snow fan. This remix is nearly 3 years old and has well over 25,000 plays on their SoundCloud account. I also found Punks Jump Up’s remix to Chromeo’s Hot Mess. “I need somebody – *what* – I need someone,” gotta love the robot voices – granted that’s all Chromeo’s doing. But hey, it’s a remix I can get into. Finally, there is the remix of Lykke Li’s Breaking It Up. I like that it has a drop built into it, not like a Dubstep track that comes back with heavy bass, but rather a soft build that takes about a minute to get back into the Dance beat. A lot of fun is what this remix is!

Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Lykke Li – Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up Remix)

The 1975 – Sex (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)


Ryan Hemsworth remix

Recovery Sunday has really become about discovering and sharing new on-the-rise artists and bands in the genre of Alternative music (at least that’s what it seems lately). I am perfectly fine with that. I recently discovered a remix of The 1975 of Manchester, with Vagrant Records. The band has been around for about a year now and Matty Healy is the vocalist on the track Sex (and all of their songs for that matter). Though, it’s actually Ryan Hemsworth (of Nellyville, Canada) that turned me onto The 1975. He created a remix of Sex that has a much gentler rhythm and beat; a little slower in pace making the song feel like more of a dream land than Alternative Rock hit. The 1975 obviously supports this version, as they have decided to feature it on their SoundCloud page.

The XX isn’t that new of a band and I’ve played their music before. The band English Indie Pop band originally forming in London back in 2005. Their music falls under ‘Dream Pop’ already, which is very easy to understand why when you hear their original version of Chained. It’s almost too dreamy to follow, so in this case, it’s the uptempo that DJ Panic City brings with his remix that draws in my attention. Keeping the integrity of the vocals from both Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft, but adding a beat that falls closer towards Progressive House.

Purchase on iTunes: The 1975 – Sex (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

The XX – Chained (Panic City Remix)

Bad Boy Bill, Sephano & Torio ft. Na Palm – Roam The Night


bad boy bill

They’re at it again, the EDMc is back with another thrilling EDM hit. Roam The Night is co-produced by the Chicago, pioneering DJ, Bad Boy Bill. The other half to this co-produced phenomena is the up and coming prodigies, Sephano & Torio. Yes, that means the vocals are once again provided by our main-man, Na Palm. About a month ago he came out with his captivating single Away From You featuring Kelsey, which now has a full-length music video included.

Another new bass filled song that you need to hear is that of Dada Life, or at least their remix to Marina And The Diamonds’ How To Be A Heartbreaker. The bass on this baby will have a lasting effect on you, that is, if you have a subwoofer that can handle it! In other news, the Feed the Dada competition has come to a close and the winner has been since crowned. KitSch 2.0 (of Marseille, France) took away the victory with their banger. We’ve been a fan of the originally for months now, happy to see that they were able to get more exposure to this single through their remix contest. Though, I really don’t think it needed a remix!

Purchase on Beatport: Bad Boy Bill, Sephano & Torio ft. Na Palm – Roam The Night

Marina & The Diamonds – How to be a Heartbreaker (Dada Life Remix)

Dada Life – Feed The Dada (KitSch 2.0 Remix)Remix Contest Winner

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=0088ff&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&show_playcount=true&show_comments=false” width=” 100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /

Kill Paris – Tender Love


kill paris

I have the urge to add “Hilton” to the end of this DJ’s name every time I say it (I’m kidding, if something were to happen to her in the next few days…). Kill Paris has been around for years, Facebook claims him around 2009, I’m sure he’s been producing well before that. He recently came out with a remix to Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell. It really shows off his “Future Funk” style and if you’ve been reading these posts over the past few months, I have really taken a liking to Funk remixes. This one easily competes with some of the best ones I’ve been hearing lately..

Kill Paris is also the creator of a recent favorite of mine, Tender Love, which takes the sample from Force MD. I was reading through some of the tags on SoundCloud and saw “Pantydropstep” right in between Lovestep and Dubstep (haha). It goes well with his earlier theme of Panty Soak and Dropstep; can’t say he isn’t consistent! Following in line with his unique tags, he’s got a song to fit the description, Baby Come Back. It is indeed ‘baby makin’ music’ – you’re hearing the sample from Player. Kill Paris is able to take a brief sample and really give it a new life (dare I say a ‘Rebirth’) with his Funky beats.

I’m going to sneak a fourth song in here for you to enjoy. It’s I Do Love You with the popular GQ sample. Let this one take you back to a much simpler time. Or at least to a relaxing place, to help you come to terms with the end of your work week (or school week). Enjoy this Throwback Friday and stay tuned for more rebirths!

Anita Ward – Ring My Bell (Kill Paris Remix)

Kill Paris ft. Force MD – Tender Love

Kill Paris ft. Player – Baby Come Back

Kill Paris ft. GQ – I Do Love You

DJ Topsider – Far Away (Krewella vs…)


DJ Topsider

Just discovered DJ Topsider (Chicago) last night and have been listening to his awe-inspiring mashups for the past few hours. One of his newer ones is entitled, Far Away, and includes samples from: Krewella, James Egbert, Two Door Cinema Club, Avicii & Nicky Romero, Hardwell featuring Amba Shepherd, and Sultan & Ned Shepard featuring Quilla. Sounds like a lot, but it’s really just 6 songs being sampled… okay, yeah, that’s a lot. But since when have we ever complained about a Mega Mashup (well, there was that one time… no nevermind – never), we embrace that kind of innovative thinking here at The Music Phoenix!

Speaking of (Mega) Mashups, Eu4ya (pronounced Euphoria), has a new bootleg out with 4 different samples: Breakdown, Autoerotique featuring Marissa Jack, R3hab & Swanky Tunes featuring Max C., and Dirty South and Axwell. Spoiler Alert: it’s a banger! Well, let’s be honest, you didn’t need that spoiler alert to know it would be a banger… R3hab, Dirty South? It was already spelled out for your above. If Eu4ya keeps pumping out mashups like this, I’ll have to start forgetting his awkward mass emails when he first got started. Yes, I remember those, and I was on that email chain that got way out of hand!

Look at this, we started with 6 samples, dropped down to 4 samples and now we’re on to just 2! I wish I could say that I planned it that way. But I didn’t, let’s not even try to give me credit – it’ll go straight to my head. San Dalva (I wonder if his real name is Dan Salva, haha), has new mashup called Young Dank, and that mashups is certainly dank! Did I use that phrase right? Yeah I did! The two samples are Ke$ha (yeah, you didn’t need help with that) and Danks’ New Your Fuckin City (Dank’s NYC Trap Edit). What I like the most is when Ke$ha sings “I hear your heart beat, to the beat of the drums…” right as the snare plays along in the background, well-played sir.

DJ Topsider – Far Away (Krewella vs. James Egbert vs. Two Door Cinema Club vs. Avicii & Nicky Romero vs. Hardwell ft. Amba Shepherd vs. Sultan & Ned Shephard ft. Quilla)

Eu4ya – Fuckin’ Lose The Drums (GTA vs. Clockwork) (Breakdown vs. Autoerotique ft. Marissa Jack vs. R3hab & Swanky Tunes ft. Max C. vs. Dirty South & Axwell)

San Dalva – Young Dank (Ke$ha vs. Dank)

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