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Trax Certified Episode #28



Hey what’s up everyone, welcome to episode #28 of Trax Certified. Over the past few weeks I have been getting so much new music that I haven’t been able to fit everything into the last few episodes, so thats where this week comes in. This is a collection of some of the tracks that haven’t made it into the last few episodes. Also, I threw in a few new ones just for good measure. :) So sit back, crank it up to 11, and LET’S GO!



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1. Ali Nadem – Hardcore Motherf*cker (Distantt Remix)
2. Digital Freq, Pyramyth – 64 Killer (Original Mix)
3. Dragon, Jontron – Blackout (Original Mix)
4. Tiesto & Allure – Pair Of Dice (Original Mix)
5. Hey Sam, Butters – Dope Shit (Will Sparks Remix)
6. Robbie Rivera & David Jones – Volantis (The Juicy Mix)
7. Mad Zach – Lazer Bay (Travis Trax Remix)
8. Zedd – Stache (Extended Mix)
9. Madeon – The City (DJ Edit)
10.Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (SAVOY Bootleg)
11.Miike Snow – Pretender (Deniz Koyu Remix)
12.Alvaro – Make The Crowd GO (Original Mix)
13.Ftampa, Sirsir – How’s Your Romance (Original Mix)
14.Carl Tricks – Exterminate (Original Mix)

Hang With Me Sweet Teenage(r) – The Jane Doze


I’ve been aware of The Jane Doze for a while now, but to my surprise, I haven’t given them a feature yet and that needs to change pronto. The Jane Doze are consisted of the dynamic duo of New York DJs, Jen Mozenter and Claire Schlissel. They have gained quite the following with over a million hits through their YouTube and SoundCloud releases. Back in February of this year, they released a mixtape entitled “Girls Talk” which has garnered them well over 60,000 downloads and over 400,000 streams; some of their individual songs received well over 100,000 listens alone on SoundCloud (Kids, Set Fire To Someone That I Used To Know, Replacement Ros, and No Love Stories Without Pretty Girlswere the most popular respectively). Of the three, No Love Stories Without Pretty Girls was hands down my favorite from the “Girls Talk” Mixtape, but I’m biased towards a great mega mashup; and with 10 samples, it’s hard not to enjoy it.

But the three songs I wanted to feature, after listening to all of their releases, didn’t even include mashups off of their mixtape. Instead, I went with two that are over a year old and another that was released post “Girls Talk.” Hang With Me Sweet Teenage(r) is a great mashup with samples from Robyn (the Avicii Remix), Temper Trap, Adrian Lux, Yelle (the Madeon Remix). I really enjoyed the use of the classic, Sweet Disposition, by Temper Trap; but hey, you can’t go wrong with including some old school samples! Plus, Adrian Lux’s Teenage Crime vocals with Yelle’s vocals works so well on this, I can easily get lost in it.

Another favorite is Ain’t No Drugs High Enough, a simple mashup with just two samples, Ratatat versus Marvin Gaye featuring Tammi Terrell. Again, bringing a classic with something current (well, somewhat current) is my ideal kind of mashup. Especially when you consider how easily the next generation will just overlook legends like Marvin Gaye. I feel like I shouldn’t like this next one as much as I do, but I really can’t help it. Ke$ha, Go Outside and Pass Out has samples from Ke$ha, Cults and Tinie Tempah; it has to be the fact that I am so fond of the Indie Pop duo, Cults, that makes this mashup an automatic win for me.

Hang With Me Sweet Teenage(r) (Robyn vs. Avicii vs. Temper Trap vs. Adrian Lux vs. Yelle vs. Madeon) – The Jane Doze

Ain’t No Drugs High Enough (Ratatat vs. Marvin Gaye ft. Tammi Terrell) – The Jane Doze

Ke$ha, Go Outside and Pass Out (Ke$ha vs. Cults vs. Tinie Tempah) – The Jane Doze

Make sure to download their mixtape, “Girls Talk” online.

Club Level Series with TeeTs & Bruneaux


**Catch TeeTs LIVE on Thurs., Oct. 4 at 10pm EDT on Mixify!**

The Club Level Series returns on Thursday, October 4th with TeeTs and Bruneaux. Teets will be our energetic opener at 10pm (EDT) until 11:30pm. Bruneaux will be headlining the night, starting at 11:30pm and going until 1am. Check out event details on the official Facebook event page, get updates on the Mixify event link and help spread the word to your friends.

TeeTs starting making mashups and bootlegs for fun towards the end of 2011, this fun hobby quickly turned into a passion that led to creating his own original productions. He recently graduated from Rollins College, in Winter Park, Florida, where he currently resides (when he’s not playing at the clubs). He’s had two of his mashups chart of Hype Machine’s popular list. Wide Awake For The Finale peaked at #3 and Every Language Is a Waterfall peaked at #5.

Bruneaux is a DJ and Mashup Artist from Athens, Georgia. He has released two albums; “Too Hot To Hoot” was released last summer, in June of 2011. “Pure Magic” is his latest album release, which came out just after the New Year during January, 2012. He was also included on the collaborative project called “Swagged Out: Volume 2” which took over a dozen mashup artists and put them on one CD (the same project that included DJ i6, The Airport District, DJ Burnout and DJ Bahler).

**Hear Bruneaux LIVE on Thurs., Oct. 4 at 11:30pm EDT on Mixify!**

Capture My Attention (Madeon vs. Paramore vs. Lights vs. Chromeo) – TeeTs

Sugar Crash (Sojorn vs. Kelis vs. Missy Elliot vs. Los Del Rio vs. Notorious B.I.G. ft. Mase & Puff Daddy) – Bruneaux

Find TeeTs on SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (@TeeTsMusic).

Check out Bruneaux online: official website, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (@Bruneaux_Music).

Take a look at the Club Level Series lineup for the rest of October and see the new additions to the list.

Electronic Chronic 2 – Na Palm (ft. Milk n’ Cookies)


The new Electronic Chronic episode is out, podcast episode 2, by the EDMc, Na Palm with special guest, DJ Milk n Cookies. I’ve had a chance to listen to the entire mix once now, the first listen is all about exposure, hearing how it compares to the first episode with DJ Bad Boy Bill. I’ve already started it for a second listen, now I’m noticing sections I enjoy or didn’t fully notice the first time around. Like the first episode, it only took a few plays to become addicted, but every time I noticed something else. A Clint Eastwood sample in the beginning was something I noticed right away, now I’m noticing even more from the first five minutes and the music selected for my enjoyment (and your enjoyment as well). The end to part one grabs my attention once more with John Dahlback’s Embrace Me as remixed by the Dirty South. Right after that you heard Na Palm vs. Madeon on the Martin Solveig Night Out bootleg. That was the highlight of my first listen, I’m excited to find out what will become my favorite section after a more repeated listen (an hour of glory is tough to process all within the first hour).

DJ Milk n’ Cookies is a unique duo out of Chicago, not only are they related, but they are identical twins! This is definitely the first I’ve ever heard of identical twins DJing together, and I love the idea! They are leading the Post-Bro House music movement. What a great pick by Na Palm to feature yet another outstanding DJ (this time, as he puts it, a ‘Midwest monster’) and spreading more awareness through his podcast series. Plus, the first half showcases Na Palm’s lyrical talent over some of the greatest EDM hits so far this year. The EDMc is here to stay, so sit back and enjoy his latest.

Na Palm (Featuring DJ Milk n’ Cookies) – Electronic Chronic Podcast Episode 2

Midnight Mashups – Mash Ketchum EP


@playlist artwork

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls he’s back to catch them all in this mix-mashed world of ours. We featured Mash Ketchum a few months back on a whim from an email that we received from him. He let us know about a track he was working on, and we couldn’t be happier with the production quality this kid was producing. This 4 track EP gives you a taste of how he’s progressing in his talents, where he is headed, and I just have to say this kid is really starting to shine here in the mashup industry. We are proud to bring you Midnight Mashups by Mash Ketchum!

Midnight Mashups by Mash Ketchum

Mash Ketchum on SoundCloud

Madeon – The City


Looks like International Tuesday is coming up French today! Madeon released his new single a few hours ago and has got us hooked. On August 23rd, he released the teaser video which featured an intense and colorful battle between two factions of people. Note to self, add ‘Color Battle’ to my bucket list. The City is a great new EDM track that features vocals from Zak Waters (Los Angeles, CA) and Cass Lowe (South London). It is such a catchy song that I will have on repeat for the rest of the day, if not longer! Currently The City is only available in the United States; it will be available worldwide on October 8, 2012.

Purchase on iTunes (US only – sorry): Madeon (ft. Zak Waters & Cass Lowe) – The City

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