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Avicii Vs. Morgan Page Ft. Lizzie – O’Nari’s ‘Longest Road’ Edit


Bijan Aka O'Nari

It’s Throwback Friday and we’re taking you to London to experience Bijan Aka O’Nari. Bijan is described as a very versatile DJ, able to cross multiple genres based on the need and is proficient as either the headline DJ or a DJ to warm up the crowd. Since he is such an adaptable DJ, he has had the opportunity to play alongside several highly respected artists, such as, Pharrell Williams, The Killers, Phoenix, MGMT, and LMFAO (just to name a few).

With the oldest event dating back to 2001, what I can tell you for sure, is that he is a very seasoned DJ. He’s had the time to develop his sound and style and it shows through his select productions available on his SoundCloud account. Plus, studying music productio in Logic over the last few years couldn’t have hurt his abilities. Now you can’t mention that someone has worked with LMFAO and not include their mashup that includes a sample. Sexy Aura (which also includes a sample from Mark Mendes & Paris & Simo) is a mashup I could see doing well in both the warmup set and as a headlining number.

His newest mashup available is 3 months old, but gives you a glimpse of what he’s capable of. Just a few samples, Avicii against Morgan Page featuring Lizzie as O’Nari’s Longest Road edit. It has that Progressive House feel that we’ve enjoyed featuring a lot more lately. Finally, to round this baby out, I wanted to leave you with my favorite mashup he has on his account. It’s his mega mashup from 2010! Oh man, this really takes me back. O’Nari considers it his mega mix of the club hits from that time. Can you identify them all (I can’t, so don’t feel guilty if you can’t recall them all).

O’Nari (Wiggle Dat Bootleg 2.0) – Sexy Aura (Mark Mendes & Paris & Simo vs. LMFAO) – 6A

O’Nari – Tim vs. The Longest Road (Avicii vs. Morgan Page ft. Lizzie) – 2A

Hed Kandi Pres. VIP (mixed by O’Nari)

Follow Bijan Aka O’Nari on Facebook or Twitter (@TheHouseofBijan). Or visit his official website… which is counting down to something, of which I am unsure.

Plexx – Can’t Stop Us (Afrojack vs. Zedd vs. LMFAO)



I mentioned Plexx a few days ago for introducing me to SkyFi and look at this, he sent me a mashup. I should really start just mentioning random DJs more often and see if they share more music with me! Can’t Stop Us includes four samples: Can’t Stop Me Now by Afrojack, Spectrum by Zedd, Take Over Control by Afrojack featuring Eva Simmons, Sexy & I Know It by LMFAO. This is a full 6 minute mashup, he tricks us at about 3 minutes, making us think he is wrapping up his mash. Psych! Not quite, you’re only halfway through. Plexx is from Hong Kong and is only 17 years old!

Keeping with this International Tuesday theme, Jus-Jay (of Christ Church, Barbados), recently reached out and shared a mashup with us. The initial submission didn’t go over to well, but I haven’t featured a DJ from Barbados yet, which really intrigues me. I listened to his other songs available on his SoundCloud account and found one I really enjoy. What Love We Found takes samples from Rihanna and Haddaway (plus some minor cameos by Danzel and Lil Jon). It’s a fun bootleg from Barbados (which I’m having a lot of fun saying, “bardados” – if you can’t tell. Vacation time yet?).

The final International DJ to feature is DJ Doing of Trondheim, Norway (aka Espen Nordberg), we’re really getting all over the world with this one feature. I Want You Back Without You (think about that title, ‘you want me back… without me?’ wait, whaaa?) is his ‘a’ versus ‘b’ mashup of David Guetta and Cher Lloyd. Cher Lloyd should be included in more mashups! This sounds great.

Plexx – Can’t Stop Us (Afrojack vs. Zedd vs. Eva Simmons vs. LMFAO)

Jus-Jay – What Love We Found (Rihanna vs. Haddaway vs. Danzel vs. Lil Jon)

DJ Doing – I Want You Back Without You (David Guetta vs. Cher Lloyd)


Invisible Voices (TORN vs. Skylar Grey) – Proxy Figura


Mixmstr Stel

So, I’m still getting used to the new SoundCloud layout. A lot of great new features, but I really miss not being able to remove songs from my stream (i.e. heard it, didn’t like it, ‘x’ and it’s gone, or I wrote about it and want it gone). I think that’s the only feature I really miss (aside from how easy it was to grab a download link), but there are oodles of new features I enjoy (yes, I said oodles!). Such as the power of the repost. Why is this great? Well, I follow DJs and Producers that I want to hear new work from. But, if they like a song, I will typically enjoy the song as well. I found two songs today because of this new feature (granted, I’m not ruling out that it was there before, it just wasn’t streamlined and readily available like it is now).

Take Proxy Figura for example, I had absolutely no idea who he was a few hours ago, but thanks to Magnus Thorlacius (of Kópavogur, Iceland), I do now. Granted, since this mashup, Invisible Voices, with samples from TORN and Skylar Grey is a bootleg with Magnus Thorlacius involved, I would likely have found him sooner or later. Proxy Figura is of Hvolsvöllur, Iceland and was born in the summer of ’96 (making him the young age of 16 and a half… almost). But he got started early 2010 creating his sound. In early 2011, he was declared as the best young DJ of Iceland. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more from this young and talented DJ in the year to come.

Taking this idea of the repost even further, there’s Mixmstr Stel (say: Mixmaster Stel) of Boston that I would overlook, plainly based on the name (let’s be honest, mixmstr? I sometimes decide if I will take time to listen based on a DJs name, that I am definitely guilty of), but it his mashup was reposted by Bootleggers Music – it must be good. That it most certainly is, good. Bring Out the Alcohol Cannonball is Mixmstr Stel’s NYE 2013 Mash featuring Redfoo of LMFAO with plenty of other artists like Montell Jordan, Maroon 5, Chris Brown, Showtek & Justin Prime, plus The Cataracs featuring Sky Blu. Mixmstr Stel’s personal motto is ‘quality of mix over quantity of artists. Innovation, not imitation.’ That’s a good motto for any Mashup DJ to follow. He refuses to add a song for the mere sake of popularity, which is certainly respectable (I see far too many DJs ruin mashups doing so). I’ll have to take some time to explore the rest of his work.

Invisible Voices (TORN vs. Skylar Grey) – Proxy Figura vs. Magnus Thorlacius

Bring Out The Alcohol Cannonball (Redfoo vs. LMFAO vs. Montell Jordan vs. Maroon 5 vs. Chris Brown vs. Showtek & Justin Prime vs. The Cataracs ft. Sky Blu) – Mixmstr Stel

Midnight Mashups – Mash Ketchum EP


@playlist artwork

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls he’s back to catch them all in this mix-mashed world of ours. We featured Mash Ketchum a few months back on a whim from an email that we received from him. He let us know about a track he was working on, and we couldn’t be happier with the production quality this kid was producing. This 4 track EP gives you a taste of how he’s progressing in his talents, where he is headed, and I just have to say this kid is really starting to shine here in the mashup industry. We are proud to bring you Midnight Mashups by Mash Ketchum!

Midnight Mashups by Mash Ketchum

Mash Ketchum on SoundCloud

Linkin Park vs. Sander Van Doorn (DJ Nicky)


Linkin Park vs. Sander Van Doorn – Burn It Down vs. Chasin’ (DJ Nicky Mashup)

For today’s installment of International Tuesday, we’re going to travel over to Italy to hear the mashups of DJ Nicky. The music video above is a great example of how two very different genres can work off of each other so well. Linkin Park’s Burn It Down versus Sander Van Doorn’s Chasin’  is Alternative Rock versus Progressive House. These are two iconic songs on their own, that I have come to recognize to easily; so at first it might throw a Linkin Park fan off to hear Sander Van Doorn underneath, but I think it is a welcomed surprise.

The Linkin Park mashup is 2 months old, the next feature of DJ Nicky’s is 3 months old; starting off with the electric piano and soon an ‘electric’ guitar solo of David Guetta’s The Alphabeat. It soon embraces the acapellas of LMFAO and Cobra Starship featuring Sabi. This is a fun EDM mashup that takes you on quite the rollercoaster from the introduction, to an energetic beat with LMFAO and Cobra Starship, to a calmer melody halfway through, to a strong and upbeat finale to remind you of just how awesome this mashup was. Finally, we travel back to the end of April for one more mashup that merges the Alternative Rock/Brit-Pop of Coldplay with the Electronica/World Music of Safri Duo for Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall De La Noche. It’s the steal drums on this mashup that caught my attention and wouldn’t let go.

You Make Me Feel Sexy And I Know The Alphabeat (David Guetta vs. LMFAO vs. Cobra Starship ft. Sabi) – DJ Nicky

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall De La Noche (Coldplay vs. Safri Duo) – DJ Nicky

DJ Stroke’s “Electro Shock Therapy”


Our Resident DJ, DJ Stroke, will be releasing his new album tonight at 10PM Eastern Time during his LIVE set on Mixify. But in anticipation of the upcoming online release party, we had the opportunity for a sneak peek! Back on Sunday, July 1, DJ Stroke played a set on during their Mashup Week and previewed a few songs that are now a part of “Electro Shock Therapy.” The Mayans Were Wrong, So Let’s Dance was the most memorable of all the previews at the time and was the song I patiently waited to hear again. This track remains to be one of my favorites on the new album, it showcases the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) movement with DJ Stroke’s purposeful combination of Hip Hop and Pop all in one hot mashup. Just before this one on the album is my favorite of all the new releases, Sexy Bad Dogs, Deadmau5 makes an appearance on this mashup with Neon Hitch singing vocals from Bad Dog along side LMFAO’s Sex and I Know It.

Another one of his new mashups that I think you’re going to enjoy is Going Into the Bonfire, it’s a heavy hitting number with Childish Gambino’s Bonfire which to my surprise, was a song that I hadn’t heard before (and it’s also not the only mashup on “Electro Shock Therapy” that includes Childish Gambino either). You Da One Who Rattles My Mind is another one to look out for during the release party tonight. It has a few familiar samples and has the energy that an EDM hit needs to go over well in the club. The final two mashups that you’ll want to listen for are Finding The Love We Seek in Avicii and My First Crush Burns the Clouds. The second of the two goes in a Dubstep direction about a minute into the song, not an expected twist but a welcomed one nonetheless.

“Electro Shock Therapy” was a highly anticipated album ever since we heard that DJ Stroke was working to release his next project at the end of the 2012 summer. I’m pleased enough to give the album a 4.25 out of 5; he meets the EDM expectation with his production of mashups in the hour-long album (download is now available). If you haven’t heard our interview with him back in July, check that our here. Of course, follow DJ Stroke on Facebook and Twitter (@DJ_Stroke).

DJ Stroke’s “Electro Shock Therapy”

Welcome To My House Party 2 – DJ Kalkutta


Now, we don’t normally featuring DJ mixes on The Music Phoenix, but after I heard Welcome To My House Party 2 by DJ Kalkutta I felt compelled to do so. As I did my research on who this DJ was, I learned of her fascinating story from rags to riches. She was born in Calcutta (hence her pseudonym – DJ Kalkutta) and was raised in an orphanage in India until she was adopted and raised in the United States. She spent a lot of time studying music, which shows in her set and her many other mixes available on SoundCloud. She already has quite the impressive resume, from spinning for the likes of John Legend and Michael Jordan to opening for/sharing a stage with Ludacris, LMFAO, and Talib Kweli (to name a few). She’s currently a New York based turntablist and producer (often referred to as “Bollywood Barbie”), and while she is currently stateside, based on her story, I think she qualifies for the International Tuesday feature. This is a great set that you need to listen to, if you work well with music, this should be added to you iPod.

Welcome To My House Party 2 – DJ Kalkutta

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