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The Birth of Loneliness – Robin Skouteris


I’ve had a few mashups sitting in my drop box that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I liked them individually, but my focus just wasn’t on them over the weekend. For shame, because there are a few that I should have shared out a few days ago. Robin Skouteris has had The Birth of Loneliness available for just under a week now, with samples from Enigma (Age of Loneliness and Carly’s Song - Jam & Spoon mix), Lana Del Rey (Born To Die), and B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams (Airplanes). This is another example of what a ‘beautiful’ mashup can sound like. He was recently featured on Panos T’s release of “Mash of the Titans,” a mixtape with several international mashup artists. I feel if Robin Skouteris had included this mashup on the mixtape, I might have been pulled in sooner, rather than towards the second half.

Another mashup that I should have featured earlier this week would be from our main man, Bruneaux, with Your Diamonds Belong To Me, which includes just two samples: Kanye West - Diamonds Are Forever and Muse - You Belong To Me. Bruneaux headlined our Club Level Series last Thursday and dropped this new mashup over the weekend. We heard Muse’s Starlight during his Live set, but you won’t hear this specific song. Reason being, any song you find on his SoundCloud account, is a song outside of his sets. All of Bruneaux’s sets are performed live and on the spot, giving you and his fans a new experience every time. But he releases mashups for you to enjoy outside of his sets, that’s just good guy Bruneaux for ya!

The Birth of Loneliness (Enigma vs. Lana Del Rey vs. B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams) – Robin Skouteris

Your Diamonds Belong To Me (Kanye West vs. Muse) – Bruneaux

Club Level Series: KosherKittens


***KosherKittens is LIVE on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 11:30pm EDT on Mixify!***

The Music Phoenix is ready to host another exciting night of mashups and EDM for week 2 of the Club Level Series on Mixify. On Thursday, September 20, KosherKittens will be headlining at 11:30pm EDT and will play until roughly 1am. Opening for him will be Drip Drop at 10pm from California. Make sure you respond to our Facebook event page for updates and to be notified when our Mixify event link is available to RSVP with.

KosherKittens is a current college student from Rochester, New York. He already has three dozen mashups currently available on his SoundCloud account and has only been at it for eleven months (mid-October marks one year for this young DJ). In anticipation for his live set on Mixify, he’s been working on a few new mashups which will only add to his already impressive collection. He is heavily inspired by Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac, as you will notice from the inclusion of these two Hip Hop legends in a handful of his mashups. He also enjoys working with the EDMc, Nā Palm, who is sampled in a few other mashups of his. The song included below is one of KosherKitten’s latest mashups with 2Pac and Grizzly Bear (with a little instrumental from Kenny Wayne).

***KosherKittens is LIVE on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 11:30pm EDT on Mixify!***

Two Weeks of Pain (Grizzly Bear vs. 2Pac vs. Kenny Wayne) – KosherKittens

Check out KosherKittens on SoundCloud, Facebook, & Twitter (@Tyler_Schmidt).

Check out the Club Level Series lineup as it develops each week.

Going Down – The Airport District


It’s been a while since we last heard from The Airport District; his last mashup came out a year ago and was featured on the “Swagged Out: Volume Two” album that featured a handful of mashup DJs. Well, this Senior in High School (yes, I said High School) has been very busy since then, working on a brand new album which is set to drop on Sunday, September 16. The new album is entitled “Encore” and I have been patiently waiting for his next mashup set. Going Down is the first track off the new album and gives us a good idea of what’s to come. That is, assuming the album continues in the same direction, which I see no reason it wouldn’t. There are a ton of samples in this 5 minute mashup, and if you listen closely it doesn’t just drop off and end. It sounds like each track will continue into the next, which makes a potential hour-long album sound like it’s one giant mega mashup of its own merit. I’m hoping the second track continues and we hear an epic mashup with Down With The Sickness - if so, then all hope is not lost with this next generation!

Going Down (Kanye West vs. Ramones vs. 50 Cent vs. Ludacris vs. Nelly vs…) – The Airport District

Profound – Skizzy Mars


Skizzy Mars is an Alternative Rapper out of Manhattan. He has a sick flow with lyrics that match his ego. Though ego is not usually a good thing to covet; to be a Hip Hop star, you need it. Especially with the likes of Kanye West in this industry. I personally think he reminds me of Drake, but as Skizzy Mars says himself at the end of Profound, he’s the combination Dre, Kudi, and Wiz – he’s the greatest rapper of all time. Definitely a great up and coming artist, ‘of all time’, we’ll have to wait and see that. Another rap that caught my ear was, “they say that nice guys finish last, well, thank god I’m a douchebag,” haha, yes, I guess you won’t be finishing last then. Douchebag is more than just a vulgar title of a song, it’s about not apologizing for who you are. I can see Skizzy Mars becoming more of a household name amongst Hip Hop fans in the next few years, we’ll definitely being keeping an eye on him.

Skizzy Mars – Profound

Skizzy Mars – Douchebag

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