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Summer11-Skizzy Mars


Skizzy Mars

Happy Tuesday everybody! For those of you that had yesterday off, I hope you accomplished everything you wanted to do! Today I am bringing you a brand new song from one of my favorite up and coming rappers, Skizzy Mars. The track is called Summer11 and is quite catchy. The song begins with a Daft Punk inspired background and soon dives into Skizzy’s rap. What I love about Skizzy is that his songs are upbeat and enjoyable at anytime of the day while you are doing any task. I hope the new tracks keep coming! What do you guys think of Skizzy? Do you like his style? Does he remind you of another rapper?

Download: Summer11-Skizzy Mars

Want more Skizzy? Check out his Facebook, Twitter, or his personal website!

Jakubi – Can’t Afford It All


Radical Something - Ride It Out

I have been spending my Sunday relaxing to the cross of Daft Punk with Shwayze today! To me, those two artists are part of what you hear when you listen to Jakubi, the Hip Hop group from Melbourne, Australia. They actually credit Jamiroquai as an influence, which makes complete sense when that is said out loud. Even though Summer is coming to an end and college classes are beginning to ramp up at the end of this month (I’m sorry, I know you don’t want to acknowledge that quite yet), I feel like Can’t Afford It All puts me right back in June. No, it’s not written as a summer song, but the melody and the upbeat tune makes me want the gray skies of Wisconsin to clear and allow me to chill down at the beach.

While you’re grasping for the last bits of summer, you should also take a listen to Radical Something, if you haven’t discovered them already. They have a new album – “Ride It Out” – coming out on Labor Day, September 2, 2013. I have to say that I am really excited for this one to drop. Last month they dropped, Cheap Drinks, which I can only anticipate to be a single off of their album. They are currently on tour with several stops in Colorado coming up (lucky!), I may have to drive down to Chicago to see these guys.

Jakubi – Can’t Afford It All

Radical Something – Cheap Drinks

Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)



First off, I discovered Hermitude’s HyperParadise through the remix by Flume (of Sydney Australia). So it’s safe to say that I enjoy the remix to the original. I bring this up because as I watched the original on YouTube, I saw a lot of people debating which song is better (original or remix). I think this is quite the age-old debate, I think it’s often which one you discovered first and took a liking to. If you discovered the remix first, the original is going to sound different and may be less interesting. On the other hand, if the original is already a masterpiece then nothing you do to it could ever make it better. Instead, it’s another creative approach to something someone has already created.

After reading Flume’s bio about how he got started at the young age of 13, I realized that Australia supports music development in quite the extraordinary way, they put music software in cereal boxes as the prize instead of cheap plastic crap. Australia igniting young Harley Streten’s (Flume) passion by allowing him to express himself in a creative and musical fashion.

Hermitude also has an impressive story, the multi-instrumentalists, Luke Dubs (Luke Dubber) and Elgusto (Angus Stuart) started way back in 1994 when they were only 16 and 11 (respectively). In 2000, they formed the Australian Hip Hop group that they are today. The original, HyperParadise is a great listen and notably different from the remix (isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?).

Another song that I have been obsessed with lately is the brand new Hip Hop song by the Ancient Astronauts (of Cologne, Germany). Break My Heart In 2 is a love song, err, more of a break up song. But it’s certainly an interesting beat with subtle lyrics over the top of it. Ancient Astronauts consists of the production and DJ duo: Kabanjak and Dogu; and like Hermitude, they’ve been at it since 2000.

Puchase on iTunes: Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

Ancient Astronauts – Break My Heart In 2

DJ Paimon: Agent Orange (Hollywood)


DJ Paimon

Last night I went out in Milwaukee and checked out the new(ish) club, The Library Club, that had replaced the Decibel Deep Bar last year (and it’s predecessor – Mantra Lounge). It had a cool atmosphere, with portraits of Will Ferrel, Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck; but the George Costanza portrait was the greatest. Anyways, last night, the guest DJ was DJ Paimon. Needless to say, I was impressed enough to seek him out online to share more of his work. He had one mix where he featured The Marvelettes’ Mr. Postman that immediately got me to hope for the Dubstep remix. Nope, no Dubstep, but he kept me engaged. Following it closely behind with a remix of Cedric Gervais’ MollyInstead of an EDM remix, it was more of a Hip Hop remix, which was DJ Paimon’s preferred style – or at least based on last night’s set. Oh and the final song of the night was My Neck, My Crack, but not the version you’re used to hearing (at least not initially), I have now heard something that will forever alter my perception of this song… Richard Cheese’s crooner cover of the original.

His ability to cross promote multiple genres in his mixes is showcased in his Agent Orange Mini Mix Promo, available on his SoundCloud account. He makes listening to the ‘oldies’ fun and relevant again! While a lot of the music he plays is Hip Hop, he also seems to have a lot of popular trap song available. Such as his collaboration with Los Angeles’ veteran, DJ Tetris, and their Trap remix of Enur’s Calabria. The horns remix about halfway through is pretty impressive to hear as well. Finally, I wanted to share his production of Dolo’s Life and Times of Dolo. It’s from 2005 and was for the independent recording artist, Dolo. What really pulls me in is DJ Paimon’s manipulation of the Etta James sample, At Last.

If you get a chance to see DJ Paimon live in Hollywood (Thursday nights), or where ever else he’s spinning, you’ll be in for a great night. We were impressed with his scratching and transitions, something that I can’t say for a lot of DJs I’ve seen spinning in the clubs lately.

DJ Paimon – Agent Orange: Mini Mix Promo

Enur – Calabria (DJ Paimon & DJ Tetris Trap Remix)

Dolo – Life & Times of Dolo (produced by DJ Paimon)

Away For You – Nā Palm ft. Kelsey


New single out by Nā Palm! It’s an EDM love song (well, a ‘lust song’, if I know anything about Nā Palm by now), it’s called Away For You. I’ve heard a good handful of other writers/promoters talk about how EDM hits don’t have any substantial lyrics outside of one catchy hook. I’ve always appreciated what Nā Palm has tried to do, calling himself the EDMc, putting his lyrics over EDM hits that have none. That’s why it’s always so exciting to hear that he dropped another podcast or came out with a single. But what I’ve really enjoyed is the appearance of the new female vocalist on the chorus, I had to reach out and ask him who she was (@NaPalmLive). She goes by the name of “Kelsey” – which made her a little tricky to find. But you can find her much easier if you Google “Kelsey Montanez“. Kelsey (recently signed with Force One Seven Co. – Producer) also dropped an EP – “A Delightful Sadness” – that you should head over to iTunes to hear.

You may have seen Kelsey on an episode of American Idol, she auditioned on season 11 (Phillip Phillips won). Another American Idol contestant (season 8 with winner Kris Allen) was Devon Baldwin. She recently collaborated with G-Eazy and Skizzy Mars on the new song called Pay For You. It’s similar Nā Palm’s song in that it’s a song about love for another. But it takes the interested perspective from her point of view (Devon’s in this case) instead, singing about being able to pay for him and that he (Skizzy) doesn’t have to worry about finding a real job, she’s got him covered.

To me, what makes these two songs extraordinary, is that little extra (sorry – I had to borrow that from David Koechner’s character on the movie Waiting). The little extra being, Kelsey on Away For You and Devon Baldwin on Pay For You. The collaboration decision was beautifully executed and gave these songs that extra boost that will make me want to play them a few more times tonight.

Away For You - Nā Palm ft. Kelsey

Pay For You – Skizzy Mars ft. G-Eazy & Devon Baldwin

Modjo – Lady (Kaytranada Remix)


It’s International Tuesday and today we’re taking you to Montreal, Canada to hear the musical styling of Kaytranada (formerly known as Kaytradamus). His style ranges from House, to Hip Hop, to Electronica and even stretching out to Trap music with a bit of EDM too. A few of his remixes that I feel showcase his talent would include one he did about 5 months ago on Beyonce’s Party featuring Andre 3000. Who would have thought that Beyonce would sound good slowed down? I didn’t, but Katranada has shown it to be possible. Another fun remix is that of Janet Jackson’s If, which adds an extra bassline for extra poplocking Hip Hop music.

Finally, we have Kaytra’s newest release, Lady originally created by Modjo. It’s only a few days old and it already has over 1,000 downloads! I’m impressed and this is definitely one of my favorite remixes of his. I think this highlights his abilities in the best possible way.

Beyonce & Andre 3000 – Party (Kaytradamus Remix)

Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Remix)

Modjo – Lady (Kaytranada Remix)

Calvin Harris & Dillon Francis – Here 2 China (feat. Dizzee Rascal)


Calvin Harris has been crankin’ out the tracks for his newest album 18 Months, to be released tomorrow, October 29! This track showcases a nasty collaboration with Scottish EDM star Dillon Francis and English Rapper Dizzie Rascal on the track “Here 2 China”. The track takes Dillon’s super Electro edge and Calvin Harris’ epic smoothness and turns out a bangin’ heavy bass hip hop hitter. Calvin has also streamed the entire 18 Months album for free through his website for your listening pleasure. Turn this hip hop banger up and make sure to grab this EP next week!

Purchase on iTunes: Calvin Harris & Dillon Francis – Here 2 China (feat. Dizzee Rascal)

Pick up the whole EP on iTunes.

Outasight Ft. Chiddy Bang – Shine


YouTube Preview Image

Outasight (featuring Chiddy Bang) – Shine

I have been jamming out to this new single for the past few days and figured this would be a great addition to your weekend adventures. I first heard Outasight about 6 months ago when he released Now or Neverafter that I have been eagerly waiting his next project. Shine is just what I’ve been waiting for. Plus, it features Chiddy Bang (I can’t remember the last time I heard a memorable hit from him, a year?) and I’m glad he’s attached to such a great Hip Hop song. Outasight’s debut album, “Nights Like These,” is slated to release on November 27th. I hope he drops a few more tracks up until then, I want more spoilers!

“The Heist” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


YouTube Preview Image

Purchase on iTunes: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Ten Thousand Hours (The Heist)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we’re bringing you Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ brand new album, “The Heist.” This album has been long-awaited by Macklemore fans! If you haven’t heard of Macklemore before, he is an up and coming rapper who is a true storyteller. All of Macklemore’s songs are very original and have a great story behind them. What I like about this duo is that they address key issues that will reach a young generation versus fellow rappers who only rap about sleeping with women, drugs, and alcohol. So far, off the album, the most known song has to be Thrift Shop. The song has a catchy beat, and an infectious chorus. I think I have listened to it at least 200 times… Then comes Macklemore’s more serious song, One Love, which tackles the issue of gay marriage. You can feel the passion in the song, which adds a whole new aspect to it. The duo has been great with fans, both on twitter, @Macklemore, and via Reddit’s AMA! I hope everyone supports this great artist and buys the album!

Purchase: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop

Download and support the #1 Hip Hop album currently on iTunes here!

Conor Alu & R3K – Fire Fly


YouTube Preview Image

Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K remix)

The other day I find myself aimlessly surfing the internet while ‘spying’ on the Hype Machine, when suddenly my attention is brought to a song that is playing in the background. I quickly find the tab and discover a new remix that I have to favorite and add to my playlist, it’s Kid Cudi’s Falling Star as remixed by R3K. It was a little more challenging to find out more information about R3K than I’d like to admit. R3K, or Riley Keating, hasn’t had a new track released in over a year and his SoundCloud account is empty. All that I can find on the kid is that he’s a Boulder, Colorado based DJ/Producer and that he’s collaborated with Conor Alu (a freestyle artist from the same area). There doesn’t seem to be too much activity coming out from these two young artists, perhaps they are focusing on school (or working on the next big project – one can hope).

I did want to share two songs from the collaboration of Conor Alu and R3k, these tracks are more than a year old and will work well with our Throwback Friday. Fire Fly is a great Electronic Hip Hop song that has a subtle euphoria built-in that gives this one such a chill ambiance. Another worthwhile track is, WTF, which reminds me a little of another local group, 3oh!3 (or at least what I assume their early attempts at music would sound like). These two need to reemerge onto the music scene and mount a long-awaited comeback!

Conor Alu & R3K – Fire Fly

Conor Alu & R3K – WTF

The Cataracs ft. 3oNe3 – All You


Up and coming Hip Hop artists, 3oNe3, out of Missouri shared their version of The Cataracs’ All You with us a few days ago. It was one of those songs that I instantly enjoyed, Hip Hop artists have really picked it up over the past few months. 3oNe3 is made up of Joshua “Flexy” Teasley, an American rapper, singer and songwriter from St. Louis (originally Oakland, CA). He’s currently enrolled at the University of Missouri and has been constantly in the studio or on the road (plus keeping up the grades). The name 3oNe3 originated from the room that Flexy occupied during his time pledging a Fraternity. 3oNe3′s DJ is Chris Murphy, also known as DJ Merf or Powerhouse Productions. DJ Merf combines a mixture of Electronic, House, Trap, and Hip Hop music into his sets. 3oNe3 has been booked for shows with Timeflies, Hoodie Allen, and Chingy to name a few.

In addition to their latest Hip Hop number, they have a few older tracks that are worth a rebirth in our book. Rihanna’s What’s My Name has gained quite the popularity over the past year and I can see why, Flexy raps over the song to make his lyrics fit with Rihanna so well, you’d think they worked in the studio together. You’ll Never Know is another favorite of mine and deserves more attention, it also appears to be one of the first releases by the Hip Hop duo.

The Cataracs ft. 3oNe3 – All You (Remix)

Rihanna ft. 3oNe3 – What’s My Name (Remix)

3oNe3 – You Will Never Know

Jay Finner – Graduation


Hey everyone, almost done with the week! Yesterday, I received a music submission from Jay Finner, an 18-year-old up and coming rapper from Prince Edward County, Ontario in Canada! The song is 100% original (produced by Dyawnz) and includes a sample from: We’ve Only Just Begun  by The Carpenters.

This song speaks about graduating high school and moving on to the next level, with all the unknowns and expectations. Finner said that he used this song as part of his Valedictorian address for his graduating class in high school this year. The sample is no doubt catchy, and the thoughtful lyrics by Finner prove to be a solid combination. I would love to see where he goes in the future. Great job Jay!

Download: Jay Finner – Graduation

Jay Finner on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter (@JayFinner).

Jez Dior – Candles


YouTube Preview Image

Jez Dior – Candles

When I get submissions on SoundCloud from artists I don’t follow, it’s always a surprise (good and bad) as to what I’m about to hear. This morning’s mystery song came from Jez Dior which I thought would be a producer from France. I listened to Candles and was surprised to hear Hip Hop; even more surprised to get so much enjoyment out of the song. Jez Dior, or Jezzy, is from Los Angeles, California and the female vocalist on this single is a sample from Elena Tonra of Daughter. His lyrics encompass so much heart and feelings of love, a feeling that he is not afraid to express. Candles is the first single from his forthcoming full-length album, “Scarlet Sage.” I want to know where Jez Dior has been hiding and how this is the only single available on SoundCloud, he has such a polished sound; almost as if he’s a seasoned veteran in the Hip Hop scene. He is definitely one to watch and we’ll be adding him to our “Watch List.”

Her Song- Machine Gun Kelly


Hey Everyone, I hope you are enjoying TMP 2.0! Today I’m bringing you MGK’s new song off his mixtape EST 4 Life. The song has a very catchy tune in the background and captures a softer side of MGK. His lyrics are deep and tell a personal story about a girl that was in his life. I’ve listened to this song a lot lately to the point where I will start singing the background music. I bet you all will enjoy this song as well!

Her Song- Machine Gun Kelly

The Future Is Now – GRiZ


Two weeks ago, I had planned on a specific feature for Throwback Friday, but the day before I wrote it – we were hit by that damn “fire” that crashed our site. So, now I finally have the chance to write about GRiZ and I’m very excited to do so. At the time, The Future Is Now, wasn’t all that old and still isn’t – only a month post-release. But he has some other fun songs to talk about, before I get too far ahead myself, the aforementioned single is a fun, jazzy, ‘funkified’ melody with Hip Hop influences. For some reason I feel like it brings in elements of a retro vibe with the bells that ding in background; like I’m watching an episode of the original Charlie’s Angels. Then there’s the sexy saxophone that could steal the limelight all on its own! I could see this as the theme song to a modern day spy show; you heard me USA Network; hire GRiZ for your next television series!

The other song that I really want to share with you is GRiZ’s remix to Welcome to Jamrock by Damien Marley. At first you hear the Reggae and a little Drum n Bass with some Electronic synths. The bootleg continues to build and suddenly you realize you’re in a Dubstep remix! Boom, that just happened! After a drop the dub goes away for a bit and the Reggae flow ensues. Another surprise is the Wacka Flocka sample towards the end, it was a great touch that I wasn’t expecting to hear!

The Future Is Now – GRiZ

Damian Marley – Welcome to Jamrock (GRiZ Remix)

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