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FrankCarmine – The Night Alive (Hardwell vs. Usher vs…)



FrankCarmine makes music that girls dance to, I don’t think it can get much simpler than that! The Night Alive is only a day old and already getting a lot of attention. It includes samples from Hardwell, Dirty South, Krewella, Usher, Martin Solveig, and Rita Ora. Do listen to the whole song, but I have to say, my favorite section comes in right around 3 minutes. That EDM beat is what I enjoy the most! The whole thing is great though, a skillful execution without a doubt!

I’m putting this article under the Brand New category because of his latest mashup, but just in case you are new to FrankCarmine, I wanted to include a couple other favorites of ours. It would appear that as long as you have Zedd’s Spectrum and just about anything from Adele, you have mashup gold! Set Fire to Starships is a great concept, if you take that literally – Nicki Minaj on “American Idol” is just awful. But as a cameo on this mashup, not so bad (which also has Katy Perry).

Viva La Language is the other mega mashup I feel obligated to share with you. I mean, come on, how can you not with a single mashup that includes all of these samples: Porter Robinson, Nicki Romero, Coldplay, Pink, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, and Deadmau5. What a great mix! Check out FrankCarmine’s SoundCloud account for more great mashups… there just isn’t enough time or space to provide them in this one article!

FrankCarmine – The Night Alive (Hardwell vs. Dirty South vs. Krewella vs. Usher vs. Martin Solveig vs. Rita Ora)

FrankCarmine – Set Fire To Starships (Zedd vs. Adele vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Katy Perry)

FrankCarmine – Viva La Language (Porter Robinson vs. Nicki Romero vs. Coldplay vs. P!nk vs. Chris Brown vs. Katy Perry vs. Deadmau5)

DJ Topsider – Far Away (Krewella vs…)


DJ Topsider

Just discovered DJ Topsider (Chicago) last night and have been listening to his awe-inspiring mashups for the past few hours. One of his newer ones is entitled, Far Away, and includes samples from: Krewella, James Egbert, Two Door Cinema Club, Avicii & Nicky Romero, Hardwell featuring Amba Shepherd, and Sultan & Ned Shepard featuring Quilla. Sounds like a lot, but it’s really just 6 songs being sampled… okay, yeah, that’s a lot. But since when have we ever complained about a Mega Mashup (well, there was that one time… no nevermind – never), we embrace that kind of innovative thinking here at The Music Phoenix!

Speaking of (Mega) Mashups, Eu4ya (pronounced Euphoria), has a new bootleg out with 4 different samples: Breakdown, Autoerotique featuring Marissa Jack, R3hab & Swanky Tunes featuring Max C., and Dirty South and Axwell. Spoiler Alert: it’s a banger! Well, let’s be honest, you didn’t need that spoiler alert to know it would be a banger… R3hab, Dirty South? It was already spelled out for your above. If Eu4ya keeps pumping out mashups like this, I’ll have to start forgetting his awkward mass emails when he first got started. Yes, I remember those, and I was on that email chain that got way out of hand!

Look at this, we started with 6 samples, dropped down to 4 samples and now we’re on to just 2! I wish I could say that I planned it that way. But I didn’t, let’s not even try to give me credit – it’ll go straight to my head. San Dalva (I wonder if his real name is Dan Salva, haha), has new mashup called Young Dank, and that mashups is certainly dank! Did I use that phrase right? Yeah I did! The two samples are Ke$ha (yeah, you didn’t need help with that) and Danks’ New Your Fuckin City (Dank’s NYC Trap Edit). What I like the most is when Ke$ha sings “I hear your heart beat, to the beat of the drums…” right as the snare plays along in the background, well-played sir.

DJ Topsider – Far Away (Krewella vs. James Egbert vs. Two Door Cinema Club vs. Avicii & Nicky Romero vs. Hardwell ft. Amba Shepherd vs. Sultan & Ned Shephard ft. Quilla)

Eu4ya – Fuckin’ Lose The Drums (GTA vs. Clockwork) (Breakdown vs. Autoerotique ft. Marissa Jack vs. R3hab & Swanky Tunes ft. Max C. vs. Dirty South & Axwell)

San Dalva – Young Dank (Ke$ha vs. Dank)

Trax Certified Episode #34



Hey what’s up everyone, welcome back to Trax Certified, this is episode #34. This week on Trax Certified I have tons of great new tracks lined up for you as always, including records by Will Sparks, Hardwell, and Arno Cost as well as a few others by some people you may not know. Don’t forget to check out my brand new website to stay up to date on all my future shows and music releases.

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1. Mischievous Men – Long Night (Will Sparks Remix)
2. Mike Candys & Evelyn ft. Pat – One Night In Ibiza (Chrizz Luvly Remix)
3. Hardwell, Amba Shepard – Apollo (Original Mix)
4. Will Sparks – Okay (Original Mix)
5. Becca & E-Cologyk – Void (Original Mix)
6. E-Cologyk & Audio Inhalation – Space Destruction (Original Mix)
7. Flea, Will Sparks – Chemical Energy (Original Mix)
8. Richard Grey & Alex Gray – Good Times (Richard Grey Remix)
9. Andrew Bennett – Roadtrip (Original Mix)
10.ANSOL vs. Dzeko & Torres – Y3AH! (Original Mix)
11.Unix, Vodge Diper – Masquerade (Original Mix)
12.Kairo Kingdom – Fantom Flash (Original Mix)
13.Arno Cost – Lifetime (Original Mix)
14.Dean Cohen, Eran Hersh, Darmon – 3 For The Money (Original Mix)

I Go Hard in the Spaceman – Michael Fury


I Go Hard in the Spaceman, that’s what she said! I couldn’t help myself. That mashup is Michael Fury’s new ‘less is more mashup’ with only two samples, Wacka Flocka Flame and Hardwell. We first featured a few of Michael Fury’s mashups back before the site crashed, so I’m happy to get him back on the website! Next up is the new one from KosherKittens, he surpassed the 4k download milestone recently so he decided to release a new one, to help him get a thousand more. Work It Back to Cali samples Notorious B.I.G., Jurassic 5, and Dave Matthews Band. If you’re like me, you’ve been seeing the direction that KosherKittens has been developing as a fresh mashup artist. He likes the old school sound of Biggy and 2Pac; he may still be a young college student, but he hasn’t forgotten the music that got us to where we are today!

Finally, we have a mashup from Costa Rica DJ, DJ Tuto. Let’s Go Back features Tiesto & Allure, James Egbert, Ne-Yo, and Wynter Gordon. It’s a great production, and like everything that DJ Tuto does, we know a mashup video will be coming soon! Look at what I’ve done here, I started with an ‘a vs. b’ mashup, added ‘c’ in the next one, and ended with four samples. That’s the beauty of mashups, you can keep it simple or have multiple angles, it still sounds good.

I Go Hard in the Spaceman (Wacka Flocka Flame vs. Hardwell) – Michael Fury

Work It Back to Cali (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Jurassic 5 vs. Dave Matthews Band) – KosherKittens

Let’s Go Back (Tiesto & Allure vs. James Egbert vs. Ne-Yo vs. Wynter Gordon) – DJ Tuto

Midnight Mashups – Mash Ketchum EP


@playlist artwork

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls he’s back to catch them all in this mix-mashed world of ours. We featured Mash Ketchum a few months back on a whim from an email that we received from him. He let us know about a track he was working on, and we couldn’t be happier with the production quality this kid was producing. This 4 track EP gives you a taste of how he’s progressing in his talents, where he is headed, and I just have to say this kid is really starting to shine here in the mashup industry. We are proud to bring you Midnight Mashups by Mash Ketchum!

Midnight Mashups by Mash Ketchum

Mash Ketchum on SoundCloud

Asheville (The Oh Hello’s vs. Dead Prez vs…) – Mitch-Mash


So I’m not sure how many people saw the twitter thread about Hardwell who was given grief for releasing mashups ‘for free’ for Facebook likes by Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Eric Prydz. But it reminded me about why I enjoy mashups so much. I mentioned to DJ Burnout on his post about it that mashups are a great way to expose people to multiple songs at one time. It gives a variety of artists exposure in a short amount of time. Could it be that some of these artists are as popular as they are due to some of the mashups and bootlegs they are in? They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Why can’t artists be happy that DJs enjoy their music so much that they want to give their own interpretation of it? Hardwell’s gimmick is his Facebook account, it’s a part of one of his songs; plus he’s not the first to lead people to his account for an exchange of Likes for a Free Download – I see DJs who do that all the time. I think it’s a creative way to market your account; let’s face it, people will go where the incentives are, they want something for their Likes nowadays.

The perfect example as of last night with discovery through mashups for me is Mitch-Mash’s new mashup Asheville. It starts with Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hello’s; a single I have never heard before, but I looked it up and have probably listened to it 20 times since. That is a song that I might not have otherwise found and I would have missed out on a great song. Mitch-Mash has exposed me to it, so he gets the credit. Asheville gives the listener a chance to enjoy 7 different samples at one time, he made a mega mashup featuring The Oh Hello’s, The Ying Yang Twins, Dead Prez, Lil Jon featuring Three 6 Mafia, Snoop Dog featuring Pharrell, Currency featuring Lil Wayne & Remy Ma, and Miner.

As long as we’re talking about mega mashups, you also need to hear the bootleg by called Crank Dat House. This one also includes 7 different samples including: Afrojack, Soulja Boy, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, JLo, C+C Music Factory, and Krewella. Granted this song has more of the familiar to me, but it is a new interpretation to all seven artists by that enables the listener to also have a new experience with the songs.

Ultimately, I don’t see what the big issue is; if you get more exposure, people will be more inclined to see you perform live. This just reminds me of the days when Napster came out and bands complained about how they can’t make money from album sales anymore. That issue is long gone and musicians discovered that they need to perform to make money. If you don’t perform you’re not going to make as much money. Now we have Producers complaining, it’s the same issue but now we have new players in the game.

Asheville (The Oh Hello’s vs. The Ying Yang Twins vs. Dead Prez vs. Lil Jon ft. Three 6 Mafia vs. Snoop Dog ft. Pharrell vs. Currency ft. Lil Wayne & Remy Ma vs. Miner) – Mitch-Mash

Crank Dat House (Afrojack vs. Soulja Boy vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. Pitbull vs. JLo vs. C+C Music Factory vs. Krewella) –

Workaholic (Mac Miller vs. Na Palm vs. Owl City vs…) – DJ Eli


YouTube Preview Image

Fade Into Coming Back (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Taylor Swift vs. Avicii vs. Calvin Harris ft. Example) – Compson Sound

This is the first official Mashup Monday of the new TMP 2.0 and we have a few mashups that we need to feature today! The first is a mega mashup produced by DJ Eli of New York City; this one is entitled Workaholic, with 8 different samples utilized we can see how this would take a lot of effort to perfect. DJ Eli used the following artists: Nadia Ali, Mac Miller, Cobra Starship & Kay, Hyper Crush, Na Palm, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Dannic, and Hardwell; it’s quite the eclectic bunch! Plus, it’s over 5 minutes long so you definitely get a listen’s worth of music in just one play.

Another mashup that was dropped in the past week was from Compson Sound, Fade Into Coming Back, includes samples from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Taylor Swift, Avicii, and Calvin Harris featuring Example. The music video is provided above, I am enjoying the fact that more and more DJs are providing professionally produced video mashups to include with their releases; it makes the mashup just that much more marketable!

Finally, I want to feature VitaminPacks’ latest release, Sick Cataracts, which is a classic A versus B mashup (The Cataracts’ Top of the World vs. Troll – Sick Individuals Remix). Which an EDM heavy remix that is just simply fun to listen to. You should also his other mashup entitled, Carly vs. The Aliens when you get a chance; not included on this post because I can only officially get myself to succumb to a Carly Rae feature every once in a while, and with DJ Eli’s mega mashup; I’m at my quota.

Workaholic (Nadia Ali vs. Mac Miller vs. Cobra Starship & Kay vs. Hyper Crush vs. Na Palm vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Dannic vs. Hardwell) – DJ Eli

Sick Cataracts – VitaminPacks

Spectrum of Dance – Compson Sound


Compson Sound has done it again when it comes to mashups. This time he’s done something a little different, he’s created two different mashups with the same sample of Florence and The Machine’s Spectrum (Say My Name). The reason the duo of mashups was given the name ”Spectrum of Dance,” is because one is filled with that high energy dance flow while the other is more of a cool down, mellow vibe. We’ll start with Take Me Anywhere, because you’re meant to party before you cool down. It has samples from Hardwell & Dannic (Kontiki original mix and the Dyro Remix), Daniel Bedingfield, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, and Afrojack & R3hab (plus Florence & The Machine – of course). It is just what you’d expect from the lineup of samples, a lot of energy and just a fun track to dance around to. Illuminate, which samples from Eric Prydz & Andreas Postl, One Direction, Suzanne Vega, and The Temper Tramp. I really like that Compson Sound chose to incorporate Tom’s Diner and Sweet Disposition on this, it translated well!

Take Me Anywhere (Florence & The Machine vs. Hardwell & Dannic vs. Daniel Bedingfield vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Afrojack & R3hab) – Compson Sound

Illuminate (Florence & The Machine vs. Eric Prydz & Andreas Postl vs. One Direction vs. Suzanne Vega vs. The Temper Tramp) – Compson Sound

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