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Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)



First off, I discovered Hermitude’s HyperParadise through the remix by Flume (of Sydney Australia). So it’s safe to say that I enjoy the remix to the original. I bring this up because as I watched the original on YouTube, I saw a lot of people debating which song is better (original or remix). I think this is quite the age-old debate, I think it’s often which one you discovered first and took a liking to. If you discovered the remix first, the original is going to sound different and may be less interesting. On the other hand, if the original is already a masterpiece then nothing you do to it could ever make it better. Instead, it’s another creative approach to something someone has already created.

After reading Flume’s bio about how he got started at the young age of 13, I realized that Australia supports music development in quite the extraordinary way, they put music software in cereal boxes as the prize instead of cheap plastic crap. Australia igniting young Harley Streten’s (Flume) passion by allowing him to express himself in a creative and musical fashion.

Hermitude also has an impressive story, the multi-instrumentalists, Luke Dubs (Luke Dubber) and Elgusto (Angus Stuart) started way back in 1994 when they were only 16 and 11 (respectively). In 2000, they formed the Australian Hip Hop group that they are today. The original, HyperParadise is a great listen and notably different from the remix (isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?).

Another song that I have been obsessed with lately is the brand new Hip Hop song by the Ancient Astronauts (of Cologne, Germany). Break My Heart In 2 is a love song, err, more of a break up song. But it’s certainly an interesting beat with subtle lyrics over the top of it. Ancient Astronauts consists of the production and DJ duo: Kabanjak and Dogu; and like Hermitude, they’ve been at it since 2000.

Puchase on iTunes: Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

Ancient Astronauts – Break My Heart In 2

Clivester – Adele Wants Britney Bitch


What a great Saturday, found 3 brand new mashups! Sounds like we’re creating a soundtrack for your party weekend – pick your poison. First option, pregame with Clivester‘s (of Austria) Adele Wants Britney Bitch and with cover art like that, I can see why. It includes samples from Adele, & Britney Spears, and The Wanted. This mashup has a great energy with a pulsating beat. Another option is to take Jimmy Klok‘s (of Germany) new mashup to tonight’s house party. His new mashup takes samples from Rihanna & Jay-Z, Maroon 5, and T.I. featuring Lil Wayne; Jimmy Klok titled it One More Night Under My Umbrella. I wouldn’t want to stop at just one night under that umbrella either!

Clivester and Jimmy Klok are both DJs we’ve heard of prior to this writeup, who I’m most excited to get to know is the third and final DJ of this feature, SkyFi. I have to give credit to Plexx for finding this new guy for us! Looks like he’s brand new to SoundCloud, but has been producing since March of 2012. For all I know, this DJ from the UK, could have released his mashup 2 days ago, wow. Very fittingly, he calls it WOW! We Own The Night, with samples from Felguk & Yves V, plus Tiesto & Wolfganag Gartner featuring Luciana. If you were looking for Progressive House tonight, you’ve found it. In fact, add all three of these songs to your pregame or post-game party tonight and you’ll be quite pleased with yourself!

Clivester – Adele Wants Britney Bitch (Adele vs. & Britney Spears vs. The Wanted)

Jimmy Klok – One More Night Under My Umbrella (Rihanna & Jay-Z vs. Maroon 5 vs. T.I. ft. Lil Wayne)

SkyFi – WOW! We Own The Night (Felguk & Yves V vs. Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner ft. Luciana)

Die Orsons – Horst & Monika (Mashup Germany)


“Imagine a song about a nazi that changes and eventually becomes a woman.” …Wait, what? That was what I read from Mashup Germany, describing his latest mashup. I’m not really sure what to take from that analogy, initially I was thinking it would be Nazi to savior; but when I think of a Nazi I don’t think woman. Must be a German saying, either way it’s over my head. Not sure I want to know the translation anymore, especially since I enjoy the mashup as much as I do already. It takes Die Orsons’ Horst & Monika against Mistah F.A.B. and T-Pain’s City Lights. Mashup Germany also mentions that the mashups itself may sound a little ‘tenuous’ as he extracted the acapella himself (I wouldn’t have noticed if he didn’t mention it), but he hopes to get the studio acapella soon so he can re-release a cleaner version.

It’s been about 5 months since we featured Chris Tales, but he’s out with two new mashups (one I skipped – sorry, I just can’t do Gangnam Style anymore… I’m tapped out). The one I did listen to is titled, Chordplay Did It Again, with samples from Shakira featuring Kid Cudi and Oliver Smith. I haven’t heard music by Shakira in quite some time so I welcomed this mashup with open arms. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a little Kid Cudi. This is a great mashup that goes into the Progressive House/Trance genre, nicely done Chris Tales, another keeper here!

Die Orsons – Horst & Monika (Mashup-Germany City Lights Bootleg)

Chordplay Did It Again (Shakira ft. Kid Cudi vs. Oliver Smith) – Chris Tales (Mashup)

“Mash of the Titans” compiled by Panos T


Mashup albums are dropping everywhere it seems. Panos T (of Athens, Greece) recently released “Mash of the Titans” which he compiled, coordinating with 18 different mashup artists to create this nearly hour and a half album. Out of the 18, I am already familiar with 6: MashMike, Robin Skouteris, DJs From Mars, Titus Jones, Bootleggers Music and Fissunix. The best thing about albums like this is the exposure to so many new DJs and producers. Though, it is also a challenge because unlike a 3LAU or Catalina Rhyme Mixers album, it doesn’t flow from one song into the next as smoothly. I believe it was DJ StrongArm that pulled off an album with a handful of different Mashup artists and made one track move into the next without realizing the DJ switched.

With any mashup album, I find myself with favorites and to my surprise, only one of the 6 familiar DJs made it on my top 3. MashMike, of Lower Bavaria, Germany, has the second track on the album and the first one that I found to be a hit. This Was Love has samples from, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Knife Party to make a fun and upbeat EDM mashup. Another DJ that has impressed me is Laura B, of Modena, Italy. Let Keep Bleeding Dirty Love is quite the banger and has led me to checking out more of her work; she definitely qualifies as a Titan among the Mashup artists!

Finally, we have I Follow Silence by DJ Clive$ter of Vienna, Austria. This one feels different from the other two favorites, it’s much more calm in comparison and feels like it’s constantly building without ever truly hitting the heavy bass. Overall, I was thrilled to be exposed to so many new (international) Mashup artists but ultimately, I feel like the album missed the mark. It lost my attention countless times and I’ve heard better from the DJs I was already familiar with. I would say, “Mash of the Titans” gets a 3.5 out of 5; it has some good mashups but drags until the second half, where it does pick up momentum.

Mash of the Titans – compiled by Panos T (sponsored by The Mashup Radio)

Elephant Survival (Derek Sabiston Remix)


Derek Sabiston of Kentucky reached out today to share his Bootleg mix of Emancipator’s Elephant Survival. Sabiston enjoyed the original so much that he felt compelled to add some funky bass and harder percussion to make it more club ready. This is now a great Electro Funk mix that fits nicely with our Recovery Sunday. About a minute and a half into the mix I’m hooked and just float along with this bootleg without a care in the world. Moving from Funk to House but keeping up with the Electro vibe, we have a Dirty Disco Youth remix of the Drunken Masters’ Bang Bang. Dirty Disco Youth is EDM project by 21-year-old music producer and songwriter, Phil Speiser, born and raised in Vienna, Austria (he now resides in Hamburg, Germany). If you’re a fan of “Oh My God! It’s Techno Music!” you may have already been exposed to his work back in 2010. Now, after listening to the Bang Bang remix a few times, I am just waiting to hear Sue Cho come in and sing the chorus of Dada Life’s Happy Violence - am I alone on this? It’s right around the middle that I hear it, either way, perhaps someone will attempt a mashup of these two songs and make all things right in the world for me!

Emancipator – Elephant Survival (Derek Sabiston Bootleg Mix)

Purchase on iTunes: Drunken Masters – Bang Bang (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)

Foster Am See – DJ Y alias JY


Let me just start by saying that I don’t entirely know what I have listened to for this post, but I liked it. Yes, it is International Tuesday and we like to feature producers from all over the world. Today, we happen to be sharing our time in Paris, France and Munich, Germany with DJ Y alias YJ who is a Mashup DJ/Producer. Starting with the oldest of the three mashups, Back In Black (’93 Style) takes the instrumental of AC/DC with a sample from The Natural Born Chillers of Polska (which is either in Poland or translated as Poland). I can also hear some vocals from Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight for a little extra flavor. Now for the tricky part, majority of the main acapella sample is in French (we had to Tweet DJ Y alias YJ for the answer – so we cheated a little), we came to find out that it was NTM. I kind of feel like a middle-aged parent trying to understand his kid’s music but failing miserably. Yes, that is where I’m at with this, but I think the kids today would call this mashup ‘hip’.

Next up is Foster Am See, which I’m told has Foster The People and Peter Fox’s Haus Am See. Foster The People I had no problem with on my own. But this is a fun one, while I’m pretty sure the first was a French mashup; I’m certain that this one is a German mashup. Although I am one-fourth German (I’m a mutt, what can I say), I don’t speak the language and I didn’t study it in school. So I just sit back and enjoy it. From what I was able to research, Peter Fox is from Berlin and his style is Reggae and Hip Hop; perhaps that’s why it sounds so pleasant with the Pumped Up Kicks.

Finally, the first track of DJ Y alias JY that I listened to and knew I wanted to write about. Sunny, Happy (Easy – Part 2), perhaps I enjoy this one because I can understand it without questioning if I should like it and wondering about what message is in the lyrics. The vocals you hear are from Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood (a classic) and Bobby Hebb’s Sunny. as for the instrumental, it’s Cro’s Easy (though, I think there are some vocal samples that carry over too). Overall, it’s just a chill mashup that is something I can relax to after a long day at work (or while I’m at work and need to focus).

Back In Black ['93 Style] (AC/DC vs. The Natural Born Chillers vs. Sugarhill Gang vs. NTM) – DJ Y alias JY

Foster Am See (Foster The People vs. Peter Fox) – DJ Y alias JY

Sunny, Happy (Easy – Part 2) – DJ Y alias JY (Gorillaz vs. Bobby Hebb vs. Cro)

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