**Dcost performs LIVE on Thurs., Oct. 11 at 10pm EDT on Mixify!**

The Music Phoenix is going into the 4th installment of the Club Level Series this Thursday, October 11th with Dcost and DJ Massakerr. Dcost will be performing our opening set at 10:00pm (EDT) until roughly 11:30pm. At which point, DJ Massakerr will be taking center stage as the headliner, starting at 11:30pm and going until 1:00am. Make sure to join the Facebook event page to get the event updates (which will include the physical Mixify.com event links) and to help us spread the word to your loyal friends!

So far we’ve heard DJs from New York, Texas, California, Georgia and Flordia; but this week we are going outside the United States for the first time! Both Dcost and DJ Massakerr are from Canada; well more specifically, Hamilton, Ontario. We are very excited to take our “International Tuesday” concept to another level by including DJs from all over the world on our Club Level Series (Canada is just a start, we can’t wait to get European DJs involved).

DJ Massakerr has been featured on The Music Phoenix multiple times over the past year and we have become very familiar with his mashup style. He is currently a resident DJ for Volv Marketing and has had the opportunity to open for the likes of Basshunter and LA Riots. His most popular mashups have been top ranking songs on the Hyper Machines trending charts; Good Fucking Day & Night reached #5 and Gimmie Dat Sexy Cobra reached #24 (the latter being a personal favorite of ours). Dcost was hand-picked by Massakerr to perform with this Thursday with him, they have performed together in Canada and he’s very excited to share the virtual stage with Dcost.

**DJ Massakerr is LIVE on Thurs., Oct. 11 at 11:30pm EDT on Mixify!**

Dcost’s Volv Pre-Drink Mix PartyGras 2012

Love I Used To Know (Rihanna vs. Gotye vs. Bruno Mars vs. Mumford & Sons) – DJ Massakerr

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