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DJ Luvrée – Its Like That Oldskool Satisfaction


DJ Luvrée

Oh Throwback Friday, how I enjoy thee. Today I’m featuring DJ Luvrée of Vienna, Austria and aside from his local fame, he is one of the most requested and booked DJs in Carinthia. On his SoundCloud account, he has a handful of mashups, some House music and a few minimalist productions. Luvrée has the perfect description of why mashups can be so addictive, “the allure of a mashup is that many songs have different styles and through interpretation can be remixed into something new and exciting…” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Let’s start with a mashup he posted nearly two years ago, Its Like That Oldskool Satisfaction, which takes samples of Run DMC with Benny Benassi. It’s Electronic vs. Hip Hop (old school Hip Hop at that – though the same could be said about Benassi these days). I love how Luvrée uses Run DMC as an intro and then Benassi sneaks into the mix. Another great mashup of his is Shout “GRRRR” which takes the popular Shout by 80′s New Wave band, Tears For Fears against 2011′s #1 DJ (according to DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs) David Guetta. Another prime example of “taking different styles… remixed into something new and exciting.”

The previous two mashups are 2 years old, let’s grab a newer one to see where his skill is; this one is only a year old! We Are Not Getting Up 4 Connected, okay, grammatically, not the best title – but we’re here for the music anyways. Now I’m not really sure who Fawkx is, but I like this mashup enough to forgo that. Also, I’m not sure this is Luvrée’s best mashup – I think we’ve featured some of his top mashups already. But I will say he has some skill and I wouldn’t mind going to Austria to see him perform.

DJ Luvrée – Its Like That Oldskool Satisfaction (Benny Benassi vs. Run DMC)

DJ Luvrée – Shout “GRRRR” (David Guetta vs. Tears For Fears)

DJ Luvrée & Fawkx – We Are Not Getting Up 4 Connected (Mord Fustang vs. D-Plac)

Plexx – Can’t Stop Us (Afrojack vs. Zedd vs. LMFAO)



I mentioned Plexx a few days ago for introducing me to SkyFi and look at this, he sent me a mashup. I should really start just mentioning random DJs more often and see if they share more music with me! Can’t Stop Us includes four samples: Can’t Stop Me Now by Afrojack, Spectrum by Zedd, Take Over Control by Afrojack featuring Eva Simmons, Sexy & I Know It by LMFAO. This is a full 6 minute mashup, he tricks us at about 3 minutes, making us think he is wrapping up his mash. Psych! Not quite, you’re only halfway through. Plexx is from Hong Kong and is only 17 years old!

Keeping with this International Tuesday theme, Jus-Jay (of Christ Church, Barbados), recently reached out and shared a mashup with us. The initial submission didn’t go over to well, but I haven’t featured a DJ from Barbados yet, which really intrigues me. I listened to his other songs available on his SoundCloud account and found one I really enjoy. What Love We Found takes samples from Rihanna and Haddaway (plus some minor cameos by Danzel and Lil Jon). It’s a fun bootleg from Barbados (which I’m having a lot of fun saying, “bardados” – if you can’t tell. Vacation time yet?).

The final International DJ to feature is DJ Doing of Trondheim, Norway (aka Espen Nordberg), we’re really getting all over the world with this one feature. I Want You Back Without You (think about that title, ‘you want me back… without me?’ wait, whaaa?) is his ‘a’ versus ‘b’ mashup of David Guetta and Cher Lloyd. Cher Lloyd should be included in more mashups! This sounds great.

Plexx – Can’t Stop Us (Afrojack vs. Zedd vs. Eva Simmons vs. LMFAO)

Jus-Jay – What Love We Found (Rihanna vs. Haddaway vs. Danzel vs. Lil Jon)

DJ Doing – I Want You Back Without You (David Guetta vs. Cher Lloyd)


Bruneaux – Alive In Technicolor


DJ i6 (also, new mashup by Bruneaux)

I’ve been getting a handful of requests to favorite songs on The Hype Machine or vote for a mashup in a competition, luckily it’s all been by DJs I am already familiar with and would likely have done so without being prompted to do so. Well, Bruneaux is the latest offender, he hit me up on Facebook and of course I gave it a like. But then I realized that Bruneaux must be out with a brand new mashup, how did I miss this for nearly a week (usually I’m in the know)? Well, as you can expect, it’s another great mashup – dare I say it’s also ‘beautiful’. Alive In Technicolor takes samples from Krewella, Coldplay, The Beatles, and Zedd. It’s not hard to see why he thinks this may be his favorite of all his children so far.

Now, for A Quick Change of Scenery (see what I did there?). This one is ‘fresh off the press’ – only a few hours old. DJ i6′s latest mashup inspired by The Veldt by Ray Bradbury and includes samples from Deadmau5, Tommy Trash, Nicky Romero, Krewella (makes for a great transition after Bruneaux’s mashup), and Avicii. The mashup ends at around 4 minutes, but takes a full minute to power down and fade out.

We started with two familiar DJs, thanks to Bootleggers Music (once again), I have a new Mashup Artist to share with you. He goes by the name of Jay Stone, he’s from Plymouth (and Worthing), Britain. He started DJing at the young age of 17 and has most recently won Thirst Bar’s Annual “Super Star DJ” Competition with his mixture of House bangers to Club classics. His latest mashup is only a few days old, Changed The She Wolf showcases only two samples, that of: Example and David Guetta featuring Sia. This one screams EDM, even more so than the first two mashups in this feature.

Bruneaux – Alive In Technicolor (Krewella vs. Coldplay vs. The Beatles vs. Zedd)

DJ i6 – A Quick Change of Scenery (Deadmau5 vs. Tommy Trash vs. Nicky Romero vs. Krewella vs. Avicii)

Purchase on DMC: Jay Stone – Changed the She Wolf (David Guetta ft. Sia vs. Example)

David Guetta vs Empire Of The Sun (Rub!no Mashup)


Rub!no is a Mashup Artist out of Milan, Italy; outside of that, the information on this guy is quite scarce. The fact that I can’t find more about this guy surprises me because he has 53 songs out and the oldest dating back to February of this year. But I have found two of his recent mashups to be quite enjoyable. The first is titled Walkin on Titanium which takes samples from David Guetta and Empire of the Sun. It’s a fun club hit and yet has some softer and soothing section in the mashup. Another one, actually submitted by Luca Rubino himself, was Halley Battlefield, with samples from Warkids & Jezen, and Jordin Sparks. I actually think the EDM of Warkids & Jezen underneath the Jordin Sparks is an incredible idea and works really well. Rub!no has some impressive talent and I want to know more about him!

Walkin on Titanium (David Guetta vs. Empire of the Sun) – Rub!no

Halley Battlefield (Warkids & Jezen vs. Jordin Sparks) – Rub!no

Spectrum of Love (Zedd vs. Akon vs. Afrojack…) – FourMore


And now for something a little different, or a lot different depending on your perspective. There is a new quartet of DJs in the industry and they go by the name of FourMore. It’s your classic barbershop quartet, except no one is singing (I hope), they are just making sweet sweet nectar in the form of music bootlegs and mashups. Currently, they are DJing from four different cities and four different time zones. We can appreciate that concept, we try to share good music from all over the United States (and the world, because we seek world domination – no, not really, though it would be cool, just saying). But they are able to produce music from four different areas in this country. FourMore is made up of brothers Kyle & Jared, plus their college friends Eric and Alex; currently representing the Bay Area, Honolulu, Texas, and Boston. We’re already familiar with Kyle’s work, or should I go by his stage name, T.Ski, a guy that we’ve featured in the past.

I discovered this new Fantastic 4 (only with musical powers instead of the ability to ignite into fire or form a rock wall) through T.Ski’s SoundCloud account and liked what I heard! Spectrum of Love is not another Zedd knockoff, rather it is a mega mashup of major mixing proportions. I takes samples from Zedd, Justin Bieber (we can overlook this if you can), Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Akon, David Guetta, Afrojack, and This mashup meets their goal of sharing  EDM music that makes you want to party and rage. I need a few more rage tracks though, it’s hard to rage to just one song, so FourMore, keep pumping them out and we’ll keep listening!

Spectrum of Love (Zedd vs. Bieber vs. Rihanna vs. Ne-Yo vs. Akon vs. David Guetta vs. Afrojack vs. – FourMore

Titanium Ferry – DJ Kontrol & DJ Young Slade (Bootleg Collab)


Our Resident DJ, DJ Kontrol, has been working on some new mashups over the past few months and just released his latest production. Titanium Ferry is a collaboration he did with DJ Young Slade that takes samples from Ferry Corsten and David Guetta featuring vocals of Sia. Titanium is already a very popular song that you are probably familiar with. Ferry Corsten on the other hand is new to me, so he may be new to you. Corsten is a Dutch producer of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and has also gone by the alias of System F. In 2009, he was ranked #7 on DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 DJ poll. I’ve probably heard his stuff but have been unaware who it was by at the time. Either way, this is a great EDM Mashup with a lot of energy.

Titanium Ferry (Ferry Corsten vs. David Guetta ft. Sia) – DJ Kontrol & DJ Young Slade

David Guetta & Alesso ft. Rihanna & Owl City – “One Chance” (5 & A Dime Bootleg)


Track artwork

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, DJ 5 & A Dime is one of my favorite up and coming DJs in the scene. 5 & A Dime is an artist who enjoys dabbling into multiple genres, but in my opinion he shines with mashups. This new bootleg takes you through a epic journey of emotions. Starting it off with a dreaming daze of vocals, by the end of the track he has you raging and party jumping to the anthem. Before you know it you’re hooked and hitting the repeat button over and over. Great track 5 & A Dime, keep up the great work!

Let us know what you guys and gals think and don’t forget to check out his pages below!

David Guetta & Alesso ft. Rihanna & Owl City – “One Chance” (5 & A Dime Bootleg) by 5 & A Dime

5 & A Dime on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter (@FiveAndADime), & YouTube.

Linkin Park vs. Sander Van Doorn (DJ Nicky)


Linkin Park vs. Sander Van Doorn – Burn It Down vs. Chasin’ (DJ Nicky Mashup)

For today’s installment of International Tuesday, we’re going to travel over to Italy to hear the mashups of DJ Nicky. The music video above is a great example of how two very different genres can work off of each other so well. Linkin Park’s Burn It Down versus Sander Van Doorn’s Chasin’  is Alternative Rock versus Progressive House. These are two iconic songs on their own, that I have come to recognize to easily; so at first it might throw a Linkin Park fan off to hear Sander Van Doorn underneath, but I think it is a welcomed surprise.

The Linkin Park mashup is 2 months old, the next feature of DJ Nicky’s is 3 months old; starting off with the electric piano and soon an ‘electric’ guitar solo of David Guetta’s The Alphabeat. It soon embraces the acapellas of LMFAO and Cobra Starship featuring Sabi. This is a fun EDM mashup that takes you on quite the rollercoaster from the introduction, to an energetic beat with LMFAO and Cobra Starship, to a calmer melody halfway through, to a strong and upbeat finale to remind you of just how awesome this mashup was. Finally, we travel back to the end of April for one more mashup that merges the Alternative Rock/Brit-Pop of Coldplay with the Electronica/World Music of Safri Duo for Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall De La Noche. It’s the steal drums on this mashup that caught my attention and wouldn’t let go.

You Make Me Feel Sexy And I Know The Alphabeat (David Guetta vs. LMFAO vs. Cobra Starship ft. Sabi) – DJ Nicky

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall De La Noche (Coldplay vs. Safri Duo) – DJ Nicky

Jonathan Gering’s Mystical Mountain Mix


Track artwork

Jonathan Gering reached out to me today to bring this mega mix he calls Mystical Mountain Mix, and boy have I been jamming out to this all day. He’s from St. Paul, and if you remember, we brought you his remix to The Band Perry’s If I Die Young earlier this year, which was a huge hit! The track list is incredibly well put together, and brings you a little bit of everything in the scene of electronic music. Jonathan show cases his talent mixing this massive 21 track list together, and even provides you a download link below for a free download!

Jonathan Gering’s Mystical Mountain Mix

*Listen to more of Jonathan Gering’s music on his SoundCloud page.

Track List:

1. Artificial Bong (Jonathan Gering Intro Mashup) – Deniz Koyu, Metric

2. Acting Crazy (Tom Fall Remix + Edit) – TyDi, Sarah Howells

3. Language (Original Mix) – Porter Robinson

4. One Last U&I (Jonathan Gering Mashup) – John Dahlback, Tommy Trash, GTA

5. Longest OMG (Jonathan Gering Mashup) – Jordy Dazz, Morgan Page

6. Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix) – Neoteric, Wax Motif

7. Redline (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Gartner

8. Silenced By Mr Brightside (Hardwell MashUp) – The Killers vs Keane & Alesso

9. Rage (Original Mix) – Ralvero

10. Louse Bottle Down Low (Jonathan Gering Mashup) – R3hab, Nicky Romero, The Cataracs

11. Happy Polkadots (Jonathan Gering Mashup) – Dada Life, Afrojack, Oliver Twit

12. Trolltanium (Hardwell MashUp) – David Guetta & Sia vs Qulinez & Sick Individuals

13. Some Militia That I Want (Jonathan Gering Mashup) – Denzal Park, Gotye,  Lucky Date

14. Ah! (Edit) – Trampboat

15. Nowhere To Go (Tom Fall Remix + Edit) – W&W, Bree

16. Let You Go (Edit) – Jonathan Gering

17. Quasar (Edit) – Hard Rock Sofa

18. Give It Up for Love feat. John Williams (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) – EDX, John Williams

19. Neon Lights (Kryder Remix) – Vada

20. Brightness (Edit) – Walden

21. Fun (Balearic Club Mix) – Sharam

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