“Imagine a song about a nazi that changes and eventually becomes a woman.” …Wait, what? That was what I read from Mashup Germany, describing his latest mashup. I’m not really sure what to take from that analogy, initially I was thinking it would be Nazi to savior; but when I think of a Nazi I don’t think woman. Must be a German saying, either way it’s over my head. Not sure I want to know the translation anymore, especially since I enjoy the mashup as much as I do already. It takes Die Orsons’ Horst & Monika against Mistah F.A.B. and T-Pain’s City Lights. Mashup Germany also mentions that the mashups itself may sound a little ‘tenuous’ as he extracted the acapella himself (I wouldn’t have noticed if he didn’t mention it), but he hopes to get the studio acapella soon so he can re-release a cleaner version.

It’s been about 5 months since we featured Chris Tales, but he’s out with two new mashups (one I skipped – sorry, I just can’t do Gangnam Style anymore… I’m tapped out). The one I did listen to is titled, Chordplay Did It Again, with samples from Shakira featuring Kid Cudi and Oliver Smith. I haven’t heard music by Shakira in quite some time so I welcomed this mashup with open arms. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a little Kid Cudi. This is a great mashup that goes into the Progressive House/Trance genre, nicely done Chris Tales, another keeper here!

Die Orsons – Horst & Monika (Mashup-Germany City Lights Bootleg)

Chordplay Did It Again (Shakira ft. Kid Cudi vs. Oliver Smith) – Chris Tales (Mashup)