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DJ Topsider – Polyphonic (Usher vs. Audien…)


DJ Topsider - Polyphonic

This mashup is ah-maze-ing! I’m not going to even continue to look for another brand new song to match its caliber, because I just won’t find it! DJ Topsider, I am so glad that I found and featured you three weeks ago. I am so excited to do so again. Polyphonic is a stand alone hit. Usher meshed with Audien is outstanding, then the high-tempo beat is joined up with Calvin Harris. Kid Cudi comes in with a brief break from the action without taking away from the mashup (actually, it’s the Steve Aoki remix of Pursuit of Happiness that assists with that). Again, the build up hits and it’s back to the level of energy that drew me in during the first half. What a strong way to finish this magnificent mashup. Way to turn my head DJ Topsider, you have my attention.

Also, I learned something new today, rather than accepting his mashup title, I felt compelled to look up the definition (I’ll admit it). Google, has provided: “Producing many sounds simultaneously; many-voiced.” Oh, so it’s a fancy way of saying mashup. I like it.

DJ Topsider – Polyphonic (Usher ft. Young Jeezy vs. Calvin Harris vs. Kid Cudi & Steve Aoki vs. Audien ft. Michael S)

Ravi – So Close (2012 End Of Year Mix)



Alright, my New Years Eve pre-game starts in 30 minutes, set the timer and go! I just started listening to a few songs that I hope to be as awesome as I predict, I’m listening to them moments before I write about them (if they make the cut that is – so far I have one for you – consider it as real-time as you can get with writing). Ravi has a mashup of the top hits from 2012, no set list available as of yet – come on Ravi, give the people what they want (well, you did, with the mashup… but I want to know all the samples you used!). So Close (2012 End Of Year Mix) is right up there with his Mind Explosion 2011 he did under his former alias, Sex Ray Vision (miss that DJ name!). This is an EDM Mashup of 2012 for sure!

Next we have our main man Bruneaux with a mashup that he has had in his live sets, which is how Bruneaux performs – 100% live, every time. The tracks on SoundCloud are merely the mastered versions of what he has already practiced and performed live. Feel So Close to the Otherside has samples from Calvin Harris and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Definitely worth a listen, or two. Turns out the other song wasn’t good enough to make the cut. …And time! 13 minutes, not bad. Enjoy these two tracks as you get ready for your 2013 countdown!

Ravi – So Close (2012 End Of Year Mix)

Bruneaux – Feel So Close to the Otherside

Beef Samples – DJ Burnout



It’s been far too long since our last DJ Burnout feature. About a month ago, he dropped an eight track ‘party pack’ filled with mashups, called “#BOOBS“. I have a few easy favorites from the set list, starting off with Phat Girls which takes samples from Ludacris, Steve Aoki, and Dimitri Vegas. It flows great into another favorite of mine, Collapsing Crush, which showcases Eminem’s lyrics over a Knife Party remix of Nero’s Crush on You. But the track that really draws me in is the mega mashup that Burnout calls Beef Samples. It has eight samples over the span of three and a half minutes, including the likes of Afrojack and Steve Aoki, Pitbull, Ludacris, Dada Life, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, and Empire Of The Sun. It’s got that great intro from Teenage Crime by Adrian Lux too.

More recently, 2 days ago – to be exact. DJ Burnout dropped a few more mashups. Three different mashups, one with the Beastie Boys, another with some heavy Rihanna influences and then my new favorite (even though, I was initially annoyed by the song Put It In My Video) which places the spotlight onto Childish Gambino. If it was his acapella alone, it wouldn’t do anything for me; but it’s the Kill The Noise – Alvin Risk remix that takes it over the top. That is the beauty of the mashup, taking two or more samples to heighten each other to their true potential. Or using the strengths of one to boost another.

Beef Samples (Afrojack & Steve Aoki vs. Adrian Lux vs. Pitbull vs. Ludacris vs. Dada Life vs. Daft Punk vs. Calvin Harris vs. Empire Of The Sun) – DJ Burnout

Kill The Video (Kill The Noise vs. Childish Gambino vs. Alvin Risk) – DJ Burnout

PopLove 2012 – Robin Skouteris


You start a new job and you lose track of everything that once was. My bad, I’ll be better! Once I move, but that’s neither here nor there. I have been finding tons of great music, but haven’t had an abundance of time to share it with you. So here are two great mashups to get back into the swing of things. We are embarking on my favorite time of year; yes, its holiday galore in a short span of weeks… but more importantly, it is the time of year where DJs and Producers create ‘end of the year’ mashups. Recapping the best and brightest from the year. Robin Skouteris dropped one yesterday and he may be the first noteworthy person to have done so. PopLove (2012) takes samples from 24 different artists (check out the list on your own time). Yup, the bar has been set high (oh, and the mashup video is an extra minute long!).

Next up, Frail Limb Purity has had this one out in circulation for about a week. It’s a simple A versus B mashup, which is more than enough for him. It’s Barenaked Ladies’ One Week versus Porter Robinson and it has transported me back to the 90′s! I love it. I think I’m going to become a longtime fan of what Frail Limb Purity produces, he knows what’s up!

PopLove 2012 (Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Flo Rida vs. Ellie Goulding vs. Calvin Harris vs. Maroon 5 vs…) – Robin Skouteris

Barenaked Ladies vs. Porter Robinson – Frail Limb Purity

Calvin Harris & Dillon Francis – Here 2 China (feat. Dizzee Rascal)


Calvin Harris has been crankin’ out the tracks for his newest album 18 Months, to be released tomorrow, October 29! This track showcases a nasty collaboration with Scottish EDM star Dillon Francis and English Rapper Dizzie Rascal on the track “Here 2 China”. The track takes Dillon’s super Electro edge and Calvin Harris’ epic smoothness and turns out a bangin’ heavy bass hip hop hitter. Calvin has also streamed the entire 18 Months album for free through his website for your listening pleasure. Turn this hip hop banger up and make sure to grab this EP next week!

Purchase on iTunes: Calvin Harris & Dillon Francis – Here 2 China (feat. Dizzee Rascal)

Pick up the whole EP on iTunes.

Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing (Dirtyloud Remix)


Calvin Harris and Florence Welch collaborated to create Sweet Nothing which released back in September. It took Florence’s (yes, of Florence and the Machine) soulful, indie rock vocals and matched them with Calvin Harris’ EDM production skills (who is out with a new album, “18 Months,” on October 29th). A great song on its own for sure. Then you have Dirtyloud come along and add some heavy bass to give it a Dubstep remix. They released the full version just a few days ago and I have been listening ever since. Dirtyloud is an Electro House/Dubstep duo from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing (Dirtyloud Remix)

Goin’ Down (Birdy Nam Nam vs. Skrillex vs. Kyo) – Mathias Era


Mathias Era sent me an email the other day to share his latest mashup with us, it includes samples from The Doors & Skrillex, Laidback Luke, and Ferry Corsten with Calvin Harris; a mashup originally created by Thomas Gold (a Berlin-based DJ/Producer) but rebooted by Mathias Era. I’m glad this was shared with us because it exposed me to two great Mashup artists from across the ocean. Mathias Era started mixing while he was in Belgium, five years ago in 2007 and is from Ushuaia, Teirra del Fuego, Argentina. His work has been featured on various radio stations in France, Belgium and Switzerland. He is constantly on the look out for new sounds and what the next trend will be; it’s no wonder why he’s so popular over in Europe and is ranked among the Top 300 podcasts on iTunes.

Another remix that I enjoyed by Mathias Era was his Goin’ Down mashup with samples from Birdy Nam Nam, Skrillex, and Kyo. It screams Electro House to me and I found it to be one of his best remixes that was available on his SoundCloud account. It shows a lot of talent and his understanding of how different elements can be worked into a song. Kyo’s guitar sample from Contact is very subtle, but adds a lot if you listen for it; in fact, I didn’t notice the guitar until I actually listened for it and I’m glad I did.

Breakin’ A Sweat vs. Do The Robot vs. Check It Out (The Doors & Skrillex vs. Laidback Luke vs. Ferry Corsten & Calvin Harris) – Thomas Gold (Mathias Era Reboot)

Goin’ Down (Birdy Nam Nam vs. Skrillex vs. Kyo) – Mathias Era (Mashup)

King & Lionheart (Dzeko & Torres Bootleg)


I’ve been listening to a mashup called, Hold Me One More Time At Midnight, for a couple of months now and realized that I really should share it on a Throwback Friday. This mashup is created by Dzeko & Torres of Toronto, Canada; they used samples from M83, Eric Prydz, Calvin Harris, and Daft Punk. The four samples work effortlessly together and it really shows the skill level of these two DJs, Julian Dzeko and Luis Torres. After a little more research, I found a few other tracks worth sharing. King & Lionheart is their ‘Streesh’ Bootleg of the Of Monsters and Men original. It has a great Progressive House addition to it now that gives your ears something new to listen to. Both of these songs were initially songs that they did live first before releasing them on their SoundCloud account.

For the last one it’s a toss-up, Who Is Ready To Jump, is a House remix to Chuckie’s original that has been promoted by Chuckie himself and featured on Tiesto’s Club Life Episode 277. The other is the remix to Animal Kingdom’s Strange Attractor that has been featured on Paul Oakenfold’s Planet Perfecto Episode 95. To me, I am looking for something different and I’ve heard Chuckie remixes before (not to say that the remix isn’t worthy though); Strange Atractor continues with the journey of finding that different sound and it goes really nicely with the Of Monsters and Men remix.

Hold Me One More Time At Midnight (M83 vs. Eric Prydz vs. Calvin Harris vs. Daft Punk) – Dzeko & Torres

Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart (Dzeko & Torres streesh bootleg)

Animal Kingdom – Strange Atrractor (Dzeko & Torres remix)

Go Stupid (Flosstradamus vs. Deadmau5…) – Dirty Hairy


Today, as you may know is our Club Level Series on Mixify, when we were developing this we wanted to expose people to this great new resource ( as well as to share music by talented DJs, Producers, and Mashup Artists. Through the process, we have had DJs reach out to us that discovered us through the event series, and it’s only been a few weeks since we started doing the series. Dirty Hairy (aka DJ Medi) of Toronto, Canada is one of those DJs that discovered us through the series and wanted to share his work with us. He’s been posting his Mashups on SoundCloud for over a year and we found a few that we had to share.

His latest release is a month old, entitled Hide, takes samples from Otto Knows, Zedd and Rihanna. It’s the Million Voices by Otto Knows that has always captured my attention and it is used masterfully with Zedd’s Spectrum and Rihanna’s Where Have You Been. This mashup is simply beautiful. Another one that has my focus is Go Stupid and it doesn’t reel me in until one minute and 24 seconds. It starts heavy on the DnB and has a rough Hip Hop sound, which doesn’t exactly interest me; but halfway through it switches gears and goes more EDM with Deadmau5. I could listen to the second half of this song all day. Also, it sounds like there is a little bit of Trap music incorporated on top of Deadmau5.

Another DJ that reached out to us after interacting with us through our Club Level Series is The Mu, he was an on-air personality (radio) turned Club DJ. He also shared one of his latest works with us, Iron, which is a bootleg that remixes the original song by Nicky Romero and Calvin Harris, while including the Dyro remix within his own remix. I felt this song actually fits in with Dirty Hairy’s style, so it would be a good fit. Plus, I’m feeling like they should perhaps perform on the series together. What do you guys say?

Hide (Otto Knows vs. Zedd vs. Rihanna) – Dirty Hairy

Go Stupid (Big Sean vs. Major Lazer vs. Flosstradamus vs. Deadmau5 vs. The Partysquad vs. Punish Smash Em) – Dirty Hairy

Iron (Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris vs. Dyro) – The Mu

DEBUT on TMP: Trax Certified Episode #24


Hey everyone, welcome to episode #24 of Trax Certified. It’s a pretty special episode for me today, because starting this week I am now a resident DJ on The Music Phoenix and I will be bringing you the new episode of my podcast right here every week! This week’s episode is chock full of bangers from around the EDM world, including a brand new remix by Lazy Rich, and a HUGE remix of a Tritonal track by Seven Lions that I made into a custom edit for my DJ sets. Now let’s get right into it, crank it up to 11, and LET’S GO!!!

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1. Weekend Heroes – Slide (Original Mix)
2. Avicii – Silhouettes (Lazy Rich Remix)
3. Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Original Mix)
4. Tritonal, Nicky Romero – Still With Me (Molly’s E) (Seven Lions Remix, Travis Trax Edit)
5. Dyro – Magno (Original Mix)
6. LowKiss feat. Ryan Riback – Work Money Party Bitches (TON!C & Joel Fletcher Remix)
7. NOVASPACE feat. Djoir Jordan – Control (Original Mix)
8. John Dahlback – Comet (Original Mix)
9. Stereotronique – Heya (Original Mix)
10. TJR – Same Old Fool (Sonik Remix)
11. Digitalism – Zdarlight (Fedde Le Grande & Deniz Koyu Remix)
12. Electric SoulSide, Fast Foot & Mike Wave – Terminate (Original Mix)
13. Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Kill The Noise, Felix Cartel – Tornado (Kill The Felix Travis Trax Edit)
14. Firebeatz, Schella – Dear New York (Original Mix)

TMP First Anniversary! (plus Bootleggers Music)


It was just over a year ago that I started conceptualizing the layout for this website; what to call it, what music we’d feature and how I’d find the music. Well, one year ago to this very day, we officially launched The Music Phoenix to the public and have been going strong ever since. We are in our 2nd version (TMP 2.0) of the original concept, the music we feature has remained the same but the layout looks a little different (and a little better if I do say so myself). We have added key players to the team and resident DJs to help with the process. We’re incredibly happy with the success we’ve had in such a short amount of time! So, thank you, each and every one of you that continue to check us out for music week after week; if you’re brand new to us, thank you for taking the time to check us out.

That being said, it is our favorite day of the week, it’s Mashup Monday! I figured it was only right to feature Bootleggers Music today, two days ago (September 1st), Teddy Vrountas and Wayne Fysh celebrated their one year anniversary of teaming up and creating bootlegs together. They released Pump It Up!  for their fans and supporters, which includes 14 samples from a variety of artists: 2 Unlimited, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Tag Team, Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull, Technotronic, Ying Yang Twins featuring Greg Tecoz, Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo, LL Cool J, Chemical Brothers featuring Q-Tip, Public Enemy, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, House Of Pain, and Joe Budden. That is quite the lineup of early 90′s Hip Hop (and some current heavy hitters).

So, again, thank you for stopping by and we hope to continue to build the brand around what you like to listen to and discover! Happy (continued) listening!

Purchase from DMC: Pump It Up – Bootleggers Music

Workaholic (Mac Miller vs. Na Palm vs. Owl City vs…) – DJ Eli


YouTube Preview Image

Fade Into Coming Back (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Taylor Swift vs. Avicii vs. Calvin Harris ft. Example) – Compson Sound

This is the first official Mashup Monday of the new TMP 2.0 and we have a few mashups that we need to feature today! The first is a mega mashup produced by DJ Eli of New York City; this one is entitled Workaholic, with 8 different samples utilized we can see how this would take a lot of effort to perfect. DJ Eli used the following artists: Nadia Ali, Mac Miller, Cobra Starship & Kay, Hyper Crush, Na Palm, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Dannic, and Hardwell; it’s quite the eclectic bunch! Plus, it’s over 5 minutes long so you definitely get a listen’s worth of music in just one play.

Another mashup that was dropped in the past week was from Compson Sound, Fade Into Coming Back, includes samples from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Taylor Swift, Avicii, and Calvin Harris featuring Example. The music video is provided above, I am enjoying the fact that more and more DJs are providing professionally produced video mashups to include with their releases; it makes the mashup just that much more marketable!

Finally, I want to feature VitaminPacks’ latest release, Sick Cataracts, which is a classic A versus B mashup (The Cataracts’ Top of the World vs. Troll – Sick Individuals Remix). Which an EDM heavy remix that is just simply fun to listen to. You should also his other mashup entitled, Carly vs. The Aliens when you get a chance; not included on this post because I can only officially get myself to succumb to a Carly Rae feature every once in a while, and with DJ Eli’s mega mashup; I’m at my quota.

Workaholic (Nadia Ali vs. Mac Miller vs. Cobra Starship & Kay vs. Hyper Crush vs. Na Palm vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Dannic vs. Hardwell) – DJ Eli

Sick Cataracts – VitaminPacks

Bootleg Pack 2012 – DJ i6


I have been following DJ i6 for just about a year, since I first heard Money Makin’ on “Swagged Out: Volume 2.” Since that time, he has been releasing mashup after mashup. He has performed with the likes of 3LAU, Mac Miller, and Na Palm (to name just a few). DJ i6 just dropped his Bootleg Pack 2012 which has 12 banging bootlegs; of the 12, there are 3 that I just can’t get enough of. The first (and this is in order by when they appear on the track counter) is Somebody Take Me Higher, I’m pretty sure this is the first Dubstep journey he’s ever taken me on. I love it because I quite frankly didn’t expect the bass to get so dirty.

The second great song that you have to hear is, Show Me Epic Love, which samples from Show Me Love by Robin S and Epic by Sandro Silva & Quintino, which gives the ’93 intro to Dance and House music the modern touch that it so rightfully deserves. I want to hear more mashups like this one! Finally, my third favorite from the pack is Molly Harris,  which includes samples from the French DJ, Cedric Gervais, and Calvin Harris. I’m excited by Gervais’ song Molly, because it has only been released for about a month now and I have already seen the popularity it has gained through the mashup community.

Bootleg Pack 2012 – DJ i6

Wild Penguins – Morningside Beats


Morningside Beats (once known as YODJO and also known as Sweet Lou) recently reached out to us to share some of his music with us. He’s also friends with Compson Sound (who actually referred him to us!). I had a chance to really listen to his productions the other day, he is only about 4 months old which has really impressed me to hear the technique he has already gained in such a short amount of time.

There are two mashups that I have decided to feature, the first is actually Morningside Beats’ first ever mashup entitled Cracked Out Beasts which is a two song sample with B.o.B versus the Flux Pavilion remix of Freestylers Cracks. As in the past, where some have mentioned that lyrics of one sample overlap the other sample, I want to remind you, this is his first ever mashup! B.o.B is clearly the dominant force of the two, so my mind focuses on his lyrics. Now, let’s fast forward a short amount of time to his 4th mashup, Wild Penguins, which has Avicii’s Penguin - a favorite of mine and definitely a song that I could listen to over and over again (with or without a remix associated with it). It also samples from Flo Rida’s Wild Ones and Calvin Harris’ Feel So Close.

Of all the mashups that I listened to, I am the most intrigued by Morningside Beats’ “Dubrap” style, which is Dubstep mixed with Rap. It’s great because I don’t think it’s a genre that has been really tapped into by many and could easily become a niche that he can fill. I am also interested to hear him a year or even a few months from now. He has come a long way already, we excited to hear what he releases next!

Cracked Out Beasts (Flux Pavilion vs. B.o.B) – Morningside Beats

Wild Penguins (Avicii vs. Flo Rida ft. Sia vs. Calvin Harris) – Morningside Beats

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