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Avicii Vs. Morgan Page Ft. Lizzie – O’Nari’s ‘Longest Road’ Edit


Bijan Aka O'Nari

It’s Throwback Friday and we’re taking you to London to experience Bijan Aka O’Nari. Bijan is described as a very versatile DJ, able to cross multiple genres based on the need and is proficient as either the headline DJ or a DJ to warm up the crowd. Since he is such an adaptable DJ, he has had the opportunity to play alongside several highly respected artists, such as, Pharrell Williams, The Killers, Phoenix, MGMT, and LMFAO (just to name a few).

With the oldest event dating back to 2001, what I can tell you for sure, is that he is a very seasoned DJ. He’s had the time to develop his sound and style and it shows through his select productions available on his SoundCloud account. Plus, studying music productio in Logic over the last few years couldn’t have hurt his abilities. Now you can’t mention that someone has worked with LMFAO and not include their mashup that includes a sample. Sexy Aura (which also includes a sample from Mark Mendes & Paris & Simo) is a mashup I could see doing well in both the warmup set and as a headlining number.

His newest mashup available is 3 months old, but gives you a glimpse of what he’s capable of. Just a few samples, Avicii against Morgan Page featuring Lizzie as O’Nari’s Longest Road edit. It has that Progressive House feel that we’ve enjoyed featuring a lot more lately. Finally, to round this baby out, I wanted to leave you with my favorite mashup he has on his account. It’s his mega mashup from 2010! Oh man, this really takes me back. O’Nari considers it his mega mix of the club hits from that time. Can you identify them all (I can’t, so don’t feel guilty if you can’t recall them all).

O’Nari (Wiggle Dat Bootleg 2.0) – Sexy Aura (Mark Mendes & Paris & Simo vs. LMFAO) – 6A

O’Nari – Tim vs. The Longest Road (Avicii vs. Morgan Page ft. Lizzie) – 2A

Hed Kandi Pres. VIP (mixed by O’Nari)

Follow Bijan Aka O’Nari on Facebook or Twitter (@TheHouseofBijan). Or visit his official website… which is counting down to something, of which I am unsure.

Bruneaux – Alive In Technicolor


DJ i6 (also, new mashup by Bruneaux)

I’ve been getting a handful of requests to favorite songs on The Hype Machine or vote for a mashup in a competition, luckily it’s all been by DJs I am already familiar with and would likely have done so without being prompted to do so. Well, Bruneaux is the latest offender, he hit me up on Facebook and of course I gave it a like. But then I realized that Bruneaux must be out with a brand new mashup, how did I miss this for nearly a week (usually I’m in the know)? Well, as you can expect, it’s another great mashup – dare I say it’s also ‘beautiful’. Alive In Technicolor takes samples from Krewella, Coldplay, The Beatles, and Zedd. It’s not hard to see why he thinks this may be his favorite of all his children so far.

Now, for A Quick Change of Scenery (see what I did there?). This one is ‘fresh off the press’ – only a few hours old. DJ i6′s latest mashup inspired by The Veldt by Ray Bradbury and includes samples from Deadmau5, Tommy Trash, Nicky Romero, Krewella (makes for a great transition after Bruneaux’s mashup), and Avicii. The mashup ends at around 4 minutes, but takes a full minute to power down and fade out.

We started with two familiar DJs, thanks to Bootleggers Music (once again), I have a new Mashup Artist to share with you. He goes by the name of Jay Stone, he’s from Plymouth (and Worthing), Britain. He started DJing at the young age of 17 and has most recently won Thirst Bar’s Annual “Super Star DJ” Competition with his mixture of House bangers to Club classics. His latest mashup is only a few days old, Changed The She Wolf showcases only two samples, that of: Example and David Guetta featuring Sia. This one screams EDM, even more so than the first two mashups in this feature.

Bruneaux – Alive In Technicolor (Krewella vs. Coldplay vs. The Beatles vs. Zedd)

DJ i6 – A Quick Change of Scenery (Deadmau5 vs. Tommy Trash vs. Nicky Romero vs. Krewella vs. Avicii)

Purchase on DMC: Jay Stone – Changed the She Wolf (David Guetta ft. Sia vs. Example)

Honey Singh – Angreji Beat (DJ Kawal mashup)


DJ Kawal

Bollywooood, Bollywood Swinging! That only works if you’ve heard of the song Hollywood Swinging by Kool & The Gang. DJ Kawal, of India, has over 13 years of experience. He plays the best Bollywood Commercial House music around, or as I’d like to call it – BollyHouse music. DJ Kawal has a statement that he enjoys to reinforce through his productions, “music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” I read that quote when I first started listening to his body of work on his SoundCloud account. I knew that I wasn’t going to ‘understand’ the lyrics of all his work, but rather, I could feel music instead. Though, some of his House remixes have a few English samples from our Top 40 artists.

For this one, I think I’ll go based on newest to oldest favorites. Now, I’m not sure all that is mashed into each, but this first one has Honey Singh and Gippy Grewal and is called Angreji Beat. It sounds like it also has Avicii’s Levels mixed in the beginning. But what I can feel is the consistent bassline throughout. I would love to see him do this live in a club – might have to fly over to India sometime soon.

The next one is named Chandani, or at least I think it is – could be another artist in India, I’ve also found it to be a movie title and a village development committee in Nepal. Either way, this one might be my favorite of DJ Kawal’s mashups. Strong Bollywood theme throughout. Plus, I pulled samples out from Flo Rida (not positive on that one – the sample of the counting), Pink Floyd (I was just as surprised to hear it as you were), Gotye, Ke$ha, Vinylshakerz (remixing Murray Head’s One Night in Bangkok), and Mohombi (that was easy enough to Google).

Finally, we have DJ Kawal’s remix to Dil Mera Muft Ka from the movie “Agent Vinod” (which makes me believe the previous song was in relation to “Chandani” the movie). Again, I was able to pull out the American samples, Enrique Iglesias with Usher and Lil Wayne, and Duck Sauce. Not as many as the gold mine we found above. But needless to say, I’m impressed with him and wanted to share him with the world! I know you’ll like him to, because frankly, it’s hard not to!

Honey Singh ft. Gippy Grewal – Angreji Beat (DJ Kawal mashup)

Chandani (Hot! Hot! Hot! Mix) – DJ Kawal mashup

Dil Mera Dirty Dancer Muft Ka – DJ Kawal mashup

DJ Topsider – Far Away (Krewella vs…)


DJ Topsider

Just discovered DJ Topsider (Chicago) last night and have been listening to his awe-inspiring mashups for the past few hours. One of his newer ones is entitled, Far Away, and includes samples from: Krewella, James Egbert, Two Door Cinema Club, Avicii & Nicky Romero, Hardwell featuring Amba Shepherd, and Sultan & Ned Shepard featuring Quilla. Sounds like a lot, but it’s really just 6 songs being sampled… okay, yeah, that’s a lot. But since when have we ever complained about a Mega Mashup (well, there was that one time… no nevermind – never), we embrace that kind of innovative thinking here at The Music Phoenix!

Speaking of (Mega) Mashups, Eu4ya (pronounced Euphoria), has a new bootleg out with 4 different samples: Breakdown, Autoerotique featuring Marissa Jack, R3hab & Swanky Tunes featuring Max C., and Dirty South and Axwell. Spoiler Alert: it’s a banger! Well, let’s be honest, you didn’t need that spoiler alert to know it would be a banger… R3hab, Dirty South? It was already spelled out for your above. If Eu4ya keeps pumping out mashups like this, I’ll have to start forgetting his awkward mass emails when he first got started. Yes, I remember those, and I was on that email chain that got way out of hand!

Look at this, we started with 6 samples, dropped down to 4 samples and now we’re on to just 2! I wish I could say that I planned it that way. But I didn’t, let’s not even try to give me credit – it’ll go straight to my head. San Dalva (I wonder if his real name is Dan Salva, haha), has new mashup called Young Dank, and that mashups is certainly dank! Did I use that phrase right? Yeah I did! The two samples are Ke$ha (yeah, you didn’t need help with that) and Danks’ New Your Fuckin City (Dank’s NYC Trap Edit). What I like the most is when Ke$ha sings “I hear your heart beat, to the beat of the drums…” right as the snare plays along in the background, well-played sir.

DJ Topsider – Far Away (Krewella vs. James Egbert vs. Two Door Cinema Club vs. Avicii & Nicky Romero vs. Hardwell ft. Amba Shepherd vs. Sultan & Ned Shephard ft. Quilla)

Eu4ya – Fuckin’ Lose The Drums (GTA vs. Clockwork) (Breakdown vs. Autoerotique ft. Marissa Jack vs. R3hab & Swanky Tunes ft. Max C. vs. Dirty South & Axwell)

San Dalva – Young Dank (Ke$ha vs. Dank)

Hang With Me Sweet Teenage(r) – The Jane Doze


I’ve been aware of The Jane Doze for a while now, but to my surprise, I haven’t given them a feature yet and that needs to change pronto. The Jane Doze are consisted of the dynamic duo of New York DJs, Jen Mozenter and Claire Schlissel. They have gained quite the following with over a million hits through their YouTube and SoundCloud releases. Back in February of this year, they released a mixtape entitled “Girls Talk” which has garnered them well over 60,000 downloads and over 400,000 streams; some of their individual songs received well over 100,000 listens alone on SoundCloud (Kids, Set Fire To Someone That I Used To Know, Replacement Ros, and No Love Stories Without Pretty Girlswere the most popular respectively). Of the three, No Love Stories Without Pretty Girls was hands down my favorite from the “Girls Talk” Mixtape, but I’m biased towards a great mega mashup; and with 10 samples, it’s hard not to enjoy it.

But the three songs I wanted to feature, after listening to all of their releases, didn’t even include mashups off of their mixtape. Instead, I went with two that are over a year old and another that was released post “Girls Talk.” Hang With Me Sweet Teenage(r) is a great mashup with samples from Robyn (the Avicii Remix), Temper Trap, Adrian Lux, Yelle (the Madeon Remix). I really enjoyed the use of the classic, Sweet Disposition, by Temper Trap; but hey, you can’t go wrong with including some old school samples! Plus, Adrian Lux’s Teenage Crime vocals with Yelle’s vocals works so well on this, I can easily get lost in it.

Another favorite is Ain’t No Drugs High Enough, a simple mashup with just two samples, Ratatat versus Marvin Gaye featuring Tammi Terrell. Again, bringing a classic with something current (well, somewhat current) is my ideal kind of mashup. Especially when you consider how easily the next generation will just overlook legends like Marvin Gaye. I feel like I shouldn’t like this next one as much as I do, but I really can’t help it. Ke$ha, Go Outside and Pass Out has samples from Ke$ha, Cults and Tinie Tempah; it has to be the fact that I am so fond of the Indie Pop duo, Cults, that makes this mashup an automatic win for me.

Hang With Me Sweet Teenage(r) (Robyn vs. Avicii vs. Temper Trap vs. Adrian Lux vs. Yelle vs. Madeon) – The Jane Doze

Ain’t No Drugs High Enough (Ratatat vs. Marvin Gaye ft. Tammi Terrell) – The Jane Doze

Ke$ha, Go Outside and Pass Out (Ke$ha vs. Cults vs. Tinie Tempah) – The Jane Doze

Make sure to download their mixtape, “Girls Talk” online.

Mullet Mash – Catalina Rhyme Mixers


The wait is over, the Catalina Rhyme Mixers’ new mixtape/album is out! “Mullet Mash” is all party in the front and party in the back – unlike an actual mullet, its hair gel is made purely of mashups. I’m not even sure what that last part means, but it felt right, so I went with it. There are 20 different songs put into this mixtape, spanning over the course of just over 55 minutes. There are more than 60 total samples used, based on my quick count. The samples range for today’s hits in Pop, EDM and K-POP (yes, that means PSY came to play) and it also includes some oldies but goodies with the likes of Chumbawumba, Fatboy Slim, and City High.

We have a few favorites within the mix of mashups, though it will definitely take a few more listens to find more. Since all of the tracks are on one single audio file on SoundCloud, they roll from one right into the next (which is great on the skill level for DJing and producing, but makes it tricky to identify individual tracks – which is only a problem when you are trying to review it; if you’re just listening however, no F*&@s will be given as that popular meme goes). My ears are drawn into the old school samples, for example, Oink Oink Pig Pig is a great mashup name and it includes a sample from the Jackson 5 with Ludacris and Z-Trip. Then that flows into Top Praise which has one of my all-time favorites, Fatboy Slim – right there, I didn’t notice a new song start and to me it makes what I thought was one song into two.

Another great example of this is with Brightside Bootleg and Teen Mom; you hear The Knocks ramp up with Brightside and then you get some Eminem followed by Nate Dogg and TheFatRat. Just when you’re really getting into this one, it switches over to a sample with City High (a great choice for an old school selection) and I’m instantly brought back to my younger years (and that my friends, is how nostalgia works into today’s music). Needless to say, I am addicted to this new mashup, this was more than I could have hoped for and I want to get this in your hands right now. I’m going to give this a 4.5 out of 5; though, I’m going to need to listen to this more and decide if this is one of the best mashup albums I’ve heard (it’s definitely a contender for 2012, that’s for sure). Under the music player, you will find a list of songs throughout the mashup if you are curious and want to find your favorites.

“Mullet Mash” – Catalina Rhyme Mixers

00:00 – Business In Front (The Who, The XX, Memphis Bleek)
02:01 - Feed Me - Little Cat Steps (Original Mix)
02:44 – Whistle While you Work it (Avicii, Flo Rida)
05:15 – PSYThumping (PSY, Spencer & Hill, Chumbawamba)
06:35 – On My Way (Alex Clare, 96′ Bulls, Alex Metric, The Knocks)
10:05 – Tell me how you feel (Coldplay, Cobra Starship, Sabi, Mord Fustang, Mat Zo)
14:18 – Dirty Rumour (Oliver, Adele, Eva Simons)
18:05 – He Likes to Move It (Reel 2 Real, Zedd, Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Swizz Beatz)
21:57 – Blue Jean (David Essex, Melba Moore)
23:15 – Shades of Gee (Bee Gees, Kill Paris, Waka Flocka)
25:56 – Oink Oink Pig Pig (Ludacris, Michael Jackson, Z-Trip)
28:42 – Top Praise (Fatboy Slim, The Cataracs, Dev)
31:40 – A-Pop (Taylor Swift, M83, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Gary Go)
35:29 – Brightside Bootleg (Eminem, Nate dogg, TheFatRat, The Knocks)
39:22 – Teen Mom (Basto, City High, Pryda)
41:12 – Expression (Zedd, Basto, Nicky B)
44:07 – Rocking Horse (Ellie Goulding, Afrojack R3hab)
48:33 – Sweaty Dominos (Skrillex, Jessie J, James Egbert)
51:00 – Never Gets Old (FARLEON, Carly Rae Jepsen)
52:43 – Party in the Back (Ne-Yo, Rogue)

DEBUT on TMP: Trax Certified Episode #24


Hey everyone, welcome to episode #24 of Trax Certified. It’s a pretty special episode for me today, because starting this week I am now a resident DJ on The Music Phoenix and I will be bringing you the new episode of my podcast right here every week! This week’s episode is chock full of bangers from around the EDM world, including a brand new remix by Lazy Rich, and a HUGE remix of a Tritonal track by Seven Lions that I made into a custom edit for my DJ sets. Now let’s get right into it, crank it up to 11, and LET’S GO!!!

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1. Weekend Heroes – Slide (Original Mix)
2. Avicii – Silhouettes (Lazy Rich Remix)
3. Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Original Mix)
4. Tritonal, Nicky Romero – Still With Me (Molly’s E) (Seven Lions Remix, Travis Trax Edit)
5. Dyro – Magno (Original Mix)
6. LowKiss feat. Ryan Riback – Work Money Party Bitches (TON!C & Joel Fletcher Remix)
7. NOVASPACE feat. Djoir Jordan – Control (Original Mix)
8. John Dahlback – Comet (Original Mix)
9. Stereotronique – Heya (Original Mix)
10. TJR – Same Old Fool (Sonik Remix)
11. Digitalism – Zdarlight (Fedde Le Grande & Deniz Koyu Remix)
12. Electric SoulSide, Fast Foot & Mike Wave – Terminate (Original Mix)
13. Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Kill The Noise, Felix Cartel – Tornado (Kill The Felix Travis Trax Edit)
14. Firebeatz, Schella – Dear New York (Original Mix)

Collide Into Baba Bong – James Illusion Bootleg


My mind is blown after listening to James Illusion’s latest bootleg. Collide Into Baba Bong takes The Who against Deniz Koyu against Avicii (Fade Into Darkness – the original mix and the Albin Myers Remxi) against Leona Lewis (Afrojack’s Festival Mix of Collide). It’s the unexpected Baba O’Riley that gets me from the beginning, I haven’t heard a DJ use The Who in a mashup in such a long time or in such an iconic way. It’s impressive and leaves me wanting more  as it comes to an end every time. If I were in a club and this came on, I would be 100% dedicated to that DJ from then on.

Collide Into Baba Bong (The Who vs. Deniz Koyu vs. Avicii vs. Albin Myers vs. Leona Lewis vs. Afrojack) – James Illusion (Bootleg)

Dance Alarm (Nicki Minaj vs. Eminem vs…) – Titus Jones


YouTube Preview Image

Dance Alarm (Nicki Minaj vs. Avicii vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Britney Spears vs. Eminem vs. Lady Gaga vs. Taio Cruz vs. Cascada vs. Etta James vs. Dev) – Titus Jones

This is the Titus Jones mashup I have been waiting for! I discovered this Nashville this Nashville resident a few months ago when I heard his mega mashup, Bad Things Will Roll With The Devil, which takes on elements from over 10 different samples to an impressive level of mastery. But, I wanted to wait to feature a mashup that was brand new. Now, I have that opportunity and even better is that there is a music video produced by PANOS T attached to this one! It is my opinion that Panos T is the best mashup video producer out there. Titus Jones samples from 10 songs on Dance Alarm: Nicki Minaj, Avicii, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Britney Spears, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz, Cascada, Etta James, and Dev. Even more exciting than this mashup is that this is the lead single from his upcoming mash album “After Shock,” which will be coming out on Friday, September 21, 2012!

Bad Things Will Roll With The Devil (Marylin Manson vs. Christina Aguilera vs. Jace Everett vs. Rihanna vs. Lady GaGa vs. Katy Perry vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Drowning Pool vs. 666 vs. Mike Oldfield) – Titus Jones

Workaholic (Mac Miller vs. Na Palm vs. Owl City vs…) – DJ Eli


YouTube Preview Image

Fade Into Coming Back (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Taylor Swift vs. Avicii vs. Calvin Harris ft. Example) – Compson Sound

This is the first official Mashup Monday of the new TMP 2.0 and we have a few mashups that we need to feature today! The first is a mega mashup produced by DJ Eli of New York City; this one is entitled Workaholic, with 8 different samples utilized we can see how this would take a lot of effort to perfect. DJ Eli used the following artists: Nadia Ali, Mac Miller, Cobra Starship & Kay, Hyper Crush, Na Palm, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Dannic, and Hardwell; it’s quite the eclectic bunch! Plus, it’s over 5 minutes long so you definitely get a listen’s worth of music in just one play.

Another mashup that was dropped in the past week was from Compson Sound, Fade Into Coming Back, includes samples from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Taylor Swift, Avicii, and Calvin Harris featuring Example. The music video is provided above, I am enjoying the fact that more and more DJs are providing professionally produced video mashups to include with their releases; it makes the mashup just that much more marketable!

Finally, I want to feature VitaminPacks’ latest release, Sick Cataracts, which is a classic A versus B mashup (The Cataracts’ Top of the World vs. Troll – Sick Individuals Remix). Which an EDM heavy remix that is just simply fun to listen to. You should also his other mashup entitled, Carly vs. The Aliens when you get a chance; not included on this post because I can only officially get myself to succumb to a Carly Rae feature every once in a while, and with DJ Eli’s mega mashup; I’m at my quota.

Workaholic (Nadia Ali vs. Mac Miller vs. Cobra Starship & Kay vs. Hyper Crush vs. Na Palm vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Dannic vs. Hardwell) – DJ Eli

Sick Cataracts – VitaminPacks

Wild Penguins – Morningside Beats


Morningside Beats (once known as YODJO and also known as Sweet Lou) recently reached out to us to share some of his music with us. He’s also friends with Compson Sound (who actually referred him to us!). I had a chance to really listen to his productions the other day, he is only about 4 months old which has really impressed me to hear the technique he has already gained in such a short amount of time.

There are two mashups that I have decided to feature, the first is actually Morningside Beats’ first ever mashup entitled Cracked Out Beasts which is a two song sample with B.o.B versus the Flux Pavilion remix of Freestylers Cracks. As in the past, where some have mentioned that lyrics of one sample overlap the other sample, I want to remind you, this is his first ever mashup! B.o.B is clearly the dominant force of the two, so my mind focuses on his lyrics. Now, let’s fast forward a short amount of time to his 4th mashup, Wild Penguins, which has Avicii’s Penguin - a favorite of mine and definitely a song that I could listen to over and over again (with or without a remix associated with it). It also samples from Flo Rida’s Wild Ones and Calvin Harris’ Feel So Close.

Of all the mashups that I listened to, I am the most intrigued by Morningside Beats’ “Dubrap” style, which is Dubstep mixed with Rap. It’s great because I don’t think it’s a genre that has been really tapped into by many and could easily become a niche that he can fill. I am also interested to hear him a year or even a few months from now. He has come a long way already, we excited to hear what he releases next!

Cracked Out Beasts (Flux Pavilion vs. B.o.B) – Morningside Beats

Wild Penguins (Avicii vs. Flo Rida ft. Sia vs. Calvin Harris) – Morningside Beats

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