The Music Phoenix’s specialty, giving new life to something older. Typically the song is a month older or more (sometimes it slips in there when it’s only a few weeks old).

J.Rabbit – Tequila (Remix)



Raise your hand if you like Tequila, I’m sorry I just can’t. BUT, luckily we’re not talking about taking shots. J.Rabbit’s remix of Tequila made me say “oh, this is good!” but not as plainly said as that. It’s one of those Oh’s that is accompanied with that sigh of disbelief. Now, say it again and with me when that first drop hits! I can’t pick a favorite drop either, yes there is quite the drops to select from, I count 6. Can you imagine the remake of Sandlot with this bootleg in the soundtrack? It would switch from chaw on the amusement park rides to a scene with Hercules (which was the dog’s name). Sandlot is not the point, J.Rabbits is and there are plenty more Trap/Dubstep gems on his SoundCloud account… including a Fresh Prince Remix!

J.Rabbit – Tequila (Trap Remix)

J.Rabbit – Fresh Prince (Moombahton Remix)

MashMike – The Royals From Liverpool


The Beatles vs. Lorde

Is it just me, or has there been a recent outbreak of Beatles tributes? First there’s the double week on Glee (and yes, that means I follow that show enough to know that fact). Then Scott Melker releases several Beatles themed mashups and just last week, MashMike created a mashup that, well once you hear it, you can never listen to Lorde the same. The Royals From Liverpool, I have played this on repeat so many times that now when I listen to the original version of Lorde’s Royals, I’m waiting for Come Together to kick in. When it doesn’t blend in, I feel sad and feel like a key part of the song is missing. MashMike has played with my emotions!

Don’t Let Me Down was a mashup I heard a while ago but when it came on I knew within the first few seconds that I was going to love it. Notorious B.I.G., The Beatles, and Gramatik? Sold! The Melker Project released several other mashups under “The Skeetles” – I wasn’t as impressed with the rest of them. But it’s really hard to compare them when one stands so far above the rest. Either way, I find myself going back and forth between these two mashes and I’m totally satisfied with what they have created!

MashMike – The Royals From Liverpool (The Beatles vs. Lorde)

The Melker Project – Don’t Let Me Down (The Beatles vs. Notorious B.I.G. vs. Gramatik)

Can I get Witcha Love Club (Carter Mashup) [Lorde x Biggie]


YouTube Preview Image

Download: Can I Get Witcha Love Club (Carter Mashup)

Happy Thursday to all! If you made it this far into the week, you might need a song to keep you going through friday. Luckily, I have just the song. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the 16 year old taking over the scene, Lorde, and her hit song “Royal”Infact, you might be even growing sick of it, but have you heard her other song, “The Love Club “? If you haven’t, I have you covered with this mashup created by Aukland, New Zealand DJ, Hamish Carter. He uses Lorde’s Love club as the background track, while adding Biggie on top of it, making it a highly addictive mashup. The Lorde song was already great, but as you all know, I’m a sucker for Biggie and this sounds like a mashup I would have thought of myself. Great Job all around! I bet you can’t listen to it just once! Bonus: I’m sure you can even sing along to the Biggie parts!

Be sure to check out Carter’s Soundcloud page here!

Jakubi – Can’t Afford It All


Radical Something - Ride It Out

I have been spending my Sunday relaxing to the cross of Daft Punk with Shwayze today! To me, those two artists are part of what you hear when you listen to Jakubi, the Hip Hop group from Melbourne, Australia. They actually credit Jamiroquai as an influence, which makes complete sense when that is said out loud. Even though Summer is coming to an end and college classes are beginning to ramp up at the end of this month (I’m sorry, I know you don’t want to acknowledge that quite yet), I feel like Can’t Afford It All puts me right back in June. No, it’s not written as a summer song, but the melody and the upbeat tune makes me want the gray skies of Wisconsin to clear and allow me to chill down at the beach.

While you’re grasping for the last bits of summer, you should also take a listen to Radical Something, if you haven’t discovered them already. They have a new album – “Ride It Out” – coming out on Labor Day, September 2, 2013. I have to say that I am really excited for this one to drop. Last month they dropped, Cheap Drinks, which I can only anticipate to be a single off of their album. They are currently on tour with several stops in Colorado coming up (lucky!), I may have to drive down to Chicago to see these guys.

Jakubi – Can’t Afford It All

Radical Something – Cheap Drinks

Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)



First off, I discovered Hermitude’s HyperParadise through the remix by Flume (of Sydney Australia). So it’s safe to say that I enjoy the remix to the original. I bring this up because as I watched the original on YouTube, I saw a lot of people debating which song is better (original or remix). I think this is quite the age-old debate, I think it’s often which one you discovered first and took a liking to. If you discovered the remix first, the original is going to sound different and may be less interesting. On the other hand, if the original is already a masterpiece then nothing you do to it could ever make it better. Instead, it’s another creative approach to something someone has already created.

After reading Flume’s bio about how he got started at the young age of 13, I realized that Australia supports music development in quite the extraordinary way, they put music software in cereal boxes as the prize instead of cheap plastic crap. Australia igniting young Harley Streten’s (Flume) passion by allowing him to express himself in a creative and musical fashion.

Hermitude also has an impressive story, the multi-instrumentalists, Luke Dubs (Luke Dubber) and Elgusto (Angus Stuart) started way back in 1994 when they were only 16 and 11 (respectively). In 2000, they formed the Australian Hip Hop group that they are today. The original, HyperParadise is a great listen and notably different from the remix (isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?).

Another song that I have been obsessed with lately is the brand new Hip Hop song by the Ancient Astronauts (of Cologne, Germany). Break My Heart In 2 is a love song, err, more of a break up song. But it’s certainly an interesting beat with subtle lyrics over the top of it. Ancient Astronauts consists of the production and DJ duo: Kabanjak and Dogu; and like Hermitude, they’ve been at it since 2000.

Puchase on iTunes: Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

Ancient Astronauts – Break My Heart In 2

DJ Paimon: Agent Orange (Hollywood)


DJ Paimon

Last night I went out in Milwaukee and checked out the new(ish) club, The Library Club, that had replaced the Decibel Deep Bar last year (and it’s predecessor – Mantra Lounge). It had a cool atmosphere, with portraits of Will Ferrel, Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck; but the George Costanza portrait was the greatest. Anyways, last night, the guest DJ was DJ Paimon. Needless to say, I was impressed enough to seek him out online to share more of his work. He had one mix where he featured The Marvelettes’ Mr. Postman that immediately got me to hope for the Dubstep remix. Nope, no Dubstep, but he kept me engaged. Following it closely behind with a remix of Cedric Gervais’ MollyInstead of an EDM remix, it was more of a Hip Hop remix, which was DJ Paimon’s preferred style – or at least based on last night’s set. Oh and the final song of the night was My Neck, My Crack, but not the version you’re used to hearing (at least not initially), I have now heard something that will forever alter my perception of this song… Richard Cheese’s crooner cover of the original.

His ability to cross promote multiple genres in his mixes is showcased in his Agent Orange Mini Mix Promo, available on his SoundCloud account. He makes listening to the ‘oldies’ fun and relevant again! While a lot of the music he plays is Hip Hop, he also seems to have a lot of popular trap song available. Such as his collaboration with Los Angeles’ veteran, DJ Tetris, and their Trap remix of Enur’s Calabria. The horns remix about halfway through is pretty impressive to hear as well. Finally, I wanted to share his production of Dolo’s Life and Times of Dolo. It’s from 2005 and was for the independent recording artist, Dolo. What really pulls me in is DJ Paimon’s manipulation of the Etta James sample, At Last.

If you get a chance to see DJ Paimon live in Hollywood (Thursday nights), or where ever else he’s spinning, you’ll be in for a great night. We were impressed with his scratching and transitions, something that I can’t say for a lot of DJs I’ve seen spinning in the clubs lately.

DJ Paimon – Agent Orange: Mini Mix Promo

Enur – Calabria (DJ Paimon & DJ Tetris Trap Remix)

Dolo – Life & Times of Dolo (produced by DJ Paimon)

Not Some Kid – Hot Whoomp! (The Darkness vs. Tag Team…)


Not Some Kid

Not only do I like the music that Plexx produces, but I like his taste in music – well, mashups specifically. He’s done it once again, he has recently reposted a few songs that he likes and of course, I have picked them up into my regular rotation as well. Maybe I need to have him write for us (*hint* *hint*). This time he has turned us on to Not Some Kid, which looks to be a website – but unfortunately once I went there my antivirus software went on high alert, so I didn’t stick around very long (hence is why I didn’t include the direct link). Looks like Not Some Kid is actually a music blog though. So, it would appear that Plexx already has a home at which he writes, which makes sense – I would have otherwise scooped him up myself.

But, the confusion I have is, if “Not Some Kid” is a blog, then who created the mashups available on their SoundCloud account? I’m sure after I publish this article, someone will supply me with the answers that I’m seeking. But nonetheless, I am a fan of Hot Whoomp! It includes samples from The Darkness, Wolfgang Gartner, Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, Tag Team, and Inna. I am going to be singing the lyrics to I Believe In A Thing Called Love for the rest of the night, guaranteed. So thank you for that.

Another mashup you need to hear from Not Some Kid is Blue Me (I see what you did there). It also includes a few mashups, some of which are in the throwback category; Matisse and Sadko, The Wanted, Temper Trap, and Eiffel 65. Yes, Eiffel 65 makes a mashup appearance! I think that will make the start of this week just that much more enjoyable!

*Update (Feb 26)* Alright, so it didn’t take long for me to get the answers I wanted. Not Some Kid (NSK) is a music blog after all and was recently hacked. It’s all better now – so check out their site, (but keep coming to ours too, haha). My computer didn’t spaz out today when I went to check out the site (because the virus is already making its way through my computer – too soon to make jokes?). Also, the culprit of the amazing mashups represented by NSK is Brian Rudolph (@brirud) – one of their 3 founding members.

Not Some Kid – Hot Whoomp! (The Darkness vs. Wolfgang Gartner vs. Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris vs. Tag Team vs. Inna)

Not Some Kid – Blue Me (Matisse & Sadko vs. The Wanted vs. Temper Trap vs. Eiffel 65)

Avicii Vs. Morgan Page Ft. Lizzie – O’Nari’s ‘Longest Road’ Edit


Bijan Aka O'Nari

It’s Throwback Friday and we’re taking you to London to experience Bijan Aka O’Nari. Bijan is described as a very versatile DJ, able to cross multiple genres based on the need and is proficient as either the headline DJ or a DJ to warm up the crowd. Since he is such an adaptable DJ, he has had the opportunity to play alongside several highly respected artists, such as, Pharrell Williams, The Killers, Phoenix, MGMT, and LMFAO (just to name a few).

With the oldest event dating back to 2001, what I can tell you for sure, is that he is a very seasoned DJ. He’s had the time to develop his sound and style and it shows through his select productions available on his SoundCloud account. Plus, studying music productio in Logic over the last few years couldn’t have hurt his abilities. Now you can’t mention that someone has worked with LMFAO and not include their mashup that includes a sample. Sexy Aura (which also includes a sample from Mark Mendes & Paris & Simo) is a mashup I could see doing well in both the warmup set and as a headlining number.

His newest mashup available is 3 months old, but gives you a glimpse of what he’s capable of. Just a few samples, Avicii against Morgan Page featuring Lizzie as O’Nari’s Longest Road edit. It has that Progressive House feel that we’ve enjoyed featuring a lot more lately. Finally, to round this baby out, I wanted to leave you with my favorite mashup he has on his account. It’s his mega mashup from 2010! Oh man, this really takes me back. O’Nari considers it his mega mix of the club hits from that time. Can you identify them all (I can’t, so don’t feel guilty if you can’t recall them all).

O’Nari (Wiggle Dat Bootleg 2.0) – Sexy Aura (Mark Mendes & Paris & Simo vs. LMFAO) – 6A

O’Nari – Tim vs. The Longest Road (Avicii vs. Morgan Page ft. Lizzie) – 2A

Hed Kandi Pres. VIP (mixed by O’Nari)

Follow Bijan Aka O’Nari on Facebook or Twitter (@TheHouseofBijan). Or visit his official website… which is counting down to something, of which I am unsure.

Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)


Punks Jump Up

A few days ago I was listening to my “Matt & Kim” channel on Pandora, when a song started to play that I absolutely loved. Turns out I had heard it before and gave it a thumbs up in approval at that time too. Punks Jump Up is a music-making duo from London (well, Joe Attard is from London; David Andersson is from Sweden), that first came together all the way back in 2004. Over the past four years they have several Disco Club originals, not to mention their official remixes of the likes of Miike Snow, Two Door Cinema Club, Lykke Li, Ladyhawke, Chromeo, Yell, and Peter Bjorn & John. They have toured heavily in most European countries, as well as Australia, USA, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, China, Singapore, and Jakarta. Currently, they’re focusing their attention on an album, projected to release sometime in the Spring of 2013.

Now, back to that Pandora track, it was their remix of Miike Snow’s Animal that really caught my ear and wouldn’t let go. I’m sure it helps their case that I’m already a huge Miike Snow fan. This remix is nearly 3 years old and has well over 25,000 plays on their SoundCloud account. I also found Punks Jump Up’s remix to Chromeo’s Hot Mess. “I need somebody – *what* – I need someone,” gotta love the robot voices – granted that’s all Chromeo’s doing. But hey, it’s a remix I can get into. Finally, there is the remix of Lykke Li’s Breaking It Up. I like that it has a drop built into it, not like a Dubstep track that comes back with heavy bass, but rather a soft build that takes about a minute to get back into the Dance beat. A lot of fun is what this remix is!

Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Lykke Li – Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up Remix)

The 1975 – Sex (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)


Ryan Hemsworth remix

Recovery Sunday has really become about discovering and sharing new on-the-rise artists and bands in the genre of Alternative music (at least that’s what it seems lately). I am perfectly fine with that. I recently discovered a remix of The 1975 of Manchester, with Vagrant Records. The band has been around for about a year now and Matty Healy is the vocalist on the track Sex (and all of their songs for that matter). Though, it’s actually Ryan Hemsworth (of Nellyville, Canada) that turned me onto The 1975. He created a remix of Sex that has a much gentler rhythm and beat; a little slower in pace making the song feel like more of a dream land than Alternative Rock hit. The 1975 obviously supports this version, as they have decided to feature it on their SoundCloud page.

The XX isn’t that new of a band and I’ve played their music before. The band English Indie Pop band originally forming in London back in 2005. Their music falls under ‘Dream Pop’ already, which is very easy to understand why when you hear their original version of Chained. It’s almost too dreamy to follow, so in this case, it’s the uptempo that DJ Panic City brings with his remix that draws in my attention. Keeping the integrity of the vocals from both Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft, but adding a beat that falls closer towards Progressive House.

Purchase on iTunes: The 1975 – Sex (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

The XX – Chained (Panic City Remix)

Ke$ha – C’Mon (Cosmic Dawn Remix)


Cosmic Dawn

I just don’t know where to start for today’s Throwback Friday feature. I’ve selected Cosmic Dawn of Lillehammer, Norway for today’s write-up, but he has a few great House Remixes that makes it hard to pick one to start with. His style is to take pop artists with Top 40 hits to remix (he has official remixes for Chris Brown, Jason Derulo and many others). In fact, most of the artists could fall under empowered women (Kelly Clarkson, P!NK, Adele)… and yet I’m going to talk about his Ke$ha remix eventually, it’s all about the party girl right? Well, I am (not so secretly) a fan of her, and I know I shouldn’t be. So let’s start there. Can we at least agree that her second album is much better than the first, and hey, now she can actually do a full length concert (at least I haven’t gone to one… yet). Cosmic Dawn remixed Ke$ha’s C’Mon showing off his DJ/Production skills, taking this already EDM directional hit and making it much more House savvy.

Going on to an older remix of his, we have Maroon 5′s One More Night, which Cosmic Dawn declares as his Club Remix, and with a 7 minute remix, I agree, it’s ready for any dance club! He also remixed Pay Phone, which is another one you should check out, especially if you’re a fan of Adam Levine. Finally, we have the Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Good Time club remix …because it’s always a good time! How can’t you like this remix, granted 5 months ago, it was the time when everyone was remixing this song and adding it to mashups. I think enough time has elapsed that we can confidently give it a Rebirth!

Ke$ha – C’Mon (Cosmic Dawn Remix)

Maroon 5 – One More Night (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time (Jason Nevins & Cosmic Dawn Club Remix)

DJ Masa – Até o Fim de Rapuzel (Britney Spears vs. Daniela Mercury)


YouTube Preview Image

DJ Masa – Hot K-POP 2012 (75 song mashup)

…And now for something a little different. I feel like this could be true with any International Tuesday feature, but this time I’m bringing you the flavor of festival season! I toyed around with the idea of saving this for next week’s Mardi Gras because I feel like this music actually fits well with Fat Tuesday. But I didn’t want to sit on these mashups any longer. DJ Masa is from Belém, Brazil and adds a great Brazilian flare to his music (he also brings something completely different from that, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

My favorite mashup of his is Até o Fim de Rapuzel with samples from Britney Spears and Daniela Mercury; something about the fast-paced drums makes me envision Britney in some sort of Samba dress while she’s singing. This is a great merging of two cultures! It makes me want to yell “Fest-ee-vol!” This is quite honestly a sound I haven’t experienced in the realm of mashups yet, well done sir. There are two newer mashups, one with Rihanna and another with Adele, both are incredibly entertaining to listen to, but the quick drums just don’t match up with the lyrics as well as I would have liked. It does sound like two different songs instead of one song coming together.

As for the video above and what I hinted at before, DJ Masa says on Twitter (@MASAmixes) that he creates K-POP Mashups, which means he’s done a PSY Mashup, but who hasn’t and I refuse to feature it. Instead, go to his SoundCloud account to hear it for yourself. Just as I wrote that, I clicked the link to his website and found that amazing video that includes 75 K-POP songs (not that I would be able to hold him accountable by any means), but wow. I don’t even care if it’s only 20, I can throw around K-POP all I want but before this song all I knew was PSY. Now I know the genre so much better and based on this one video, I have been missing out (and so have you)!

DJ Masa – Até o Fim de Rapuzel (Britney Spears vs. Daniela Mercury)

Chlöe Howl – No Strings


Chlöe Howl

It would appear that Chlöe Howl popped up overnight with her hit single No Strings. This pop song seems to be taking the internet by storm. Could Chlöe Howl be the next Adele to come out of the UK? I think so! I have been scouring the internet for more information on this brand new voice, and only one (very lucky website) has the insider info, with quite possibly the first and only interview around. “The Line Of Best Fit” was able to get some answers from this overnight star (read their interview here). She’s only 17 years old and new to Columbia Records, I can’t wait to hear more from her!

No Strings  came out at the end of 2012 and starts a little familiar, the first few notes remind me of Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks before coming into its own. This song sounds a little more adult than a teenager’s song – singing about consuming alcohol and hooking up. But as Chlöe Howl told “The Line Of Best Fit,” it’s important to her to say it like it is (I’m paraphrasing of course). It’s great to see a new artist own who she is and not hide anything, I think she will do fine.

A few days ago she released Rumour, which is more along the lines of what you could expect from a new teenage pop artist, trying to figure out how to be yourself amongst the gossip and rumors of a High School and young adulthood. Which, yes, sounds a little contradictory to what I just said about her knowing who she was. Alright, so maybe we can give her some room and let her figure out how to be herself while expressing herself through music. Perhaps one day, instead of people being compared to Adele, up and comers can be compared to Chlöe Howl.

Chlöe Howl – No Strings

Chlöe Howl – Rumour

Follow Chlöe Howl on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter (@ChloeHowl).

DJ Luvrée – Its Like That Oldskool Satisfaction


DJ Luvrée

Oh Throwback Friday, how I enjoy thee. Today I’m featuring DJ Luvrée of Vienna, Austria and aside from his local fame, he is one of the most requested and booked DJs in Carinthia. On his SoundCloud account, he has a handful of mashups, some House music and a few minimalist productions. Luvrée has the perfect description of why mashups can be so addictive, “the allure of a mashup is that many songs have different styles and through interpretation can be remixed into something new and exciting…” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Let’s start with a mashup he posted nearly two years ago, Its Like That Oldskool Satisfaction, which takes samples of Run DMC with Benny Benassi. It’s Electronic vs. Hip Hop (old school Hip Hop at that – though the same could be said about Benassi these days). I love how Luvrée uses Run DMC as an intro and then Benassi sneaks into the mix. Another great mashup of his is Shout “GRRRR” which takes the popular Shout by 80′s New Wave band, Tears For Fears against 2011′s #1 DJ (according to DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs) David Guetta. Another prime example of “taking different styles… remixed into something new and exciting.”

The previous two mashups are 2 years old, let’s grab a newer one to see where his skill is; this one is only a year old! We Are Not Getting Up 4 Connected, okay, grammatically, not the best title – but we’re here for the music anyways. Now I’m not really sure who Fawkx is, but I like this mashup enough to forgo that. Also, I’m not sure this is Luvrée’s best mashup – I think we’ve featured some of his top mashups already. But I will say he has some skill and I wouldn’t mind going to Austria to see him perform.

DJ Luvrée – Its Like That Oldskool Satisfaction (Benny Benassi vs. Run DMC)

DJ Luvrée – Shout “GRRRR” (David Guetta vs. Tears For Fears)

DJ Luvrée & Fawkx – We Are Not Getting Up 4 Connected (Mord Fustang vs. D-Plac)

Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese – Disintegration


YouTube Preview Image

Purchase on iTunes: Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese – Disintegration

We have a new WTF Video to share with you, though, this time around we actually really enjoy the song. It’s Disintegration by elecrto DJ duo, Monarchy and features vocals from Dita Von Teese known for a number of things, (Burlesque Dancing, Modeling, Costume Designer and Actress) but certainly not singing, until now. Oh, and let’s not forget that she was also married to Marilyn Manson for a short stint. Keep that one in mind as you watch the video, when I realized that fact, the video be came less strange at first glance. Though, it is far from normal! The two men in masks are actually the duo, Monarchy. It is certainly a peculiar video (directed by Roy Raz) from the unidentified gendered people making up her mind, to the arousal of the mosquito, to all the characters involved. It’s supposed to depict the mind of a bored house-wife, I think it’s more than just that! The video should have ended when the guy (husband?) smashed the mosquito. Or was just my thought?

This whole collaboration came about through a tweet initiated by Dita Von Teese (@DitaVonTeese) to Monarchy (@MonarchySound). Who ever said you can’t get things done on Twitter?

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