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We’re happy that you want to learn more about us! We launched the website back on September 3rd, 2011 and we’re about a year old. We started off with the concept of being able to promote new music and give a rebirth to older music. We understand that it is a lot of fun to explore and find brand new music that you may have never heard of before; but we also know there is a lot of great music out there that you may have never heard before, so we bring it back through our Rebirth feature.


We are getting global attention and we want a way to address all of our visitors and fans at one time. Anytime you see #TMPnation, it’s our way of talking to everyone at once. Also, we encourage you to Tweet that hashtag and interact with us on Twitter too (@TheMusicPhoenix). We would like to reach out to our #TMPnation from time to time to get you the opportunity to rep The Music Phoenix in your local area. This could mean you go to a concert for free and then you write a review to post on TheMusicPhoenix.com! We’re looking for fun ways to interact, if you have ideas we’d love to hear them.


The Fire of August 10th

Reproduced post

Mid-August we experienced an unfortunate turn of events, which we refer to as the “Fire of August 10th” – basically, our website crashed and after a week’s worth of effort, lost everything. You’d think with having a Phoenix as a pet, we’d be a little bit more careful and fireproof some things; we were just having too much fun! Now it’s time to give ourselves our own Rebirth and rise out of our ashes.

So if you are reading a post that is older than Friday, August 10, 2012 – it was rewritten and is not the original article. We have made some great relationships with DJs and artists, we just couldn’t let that go. We looked through emails and social media, recovered the links but had to rewrite the content. Same music, but most likely a whole new set of words to describe it.

Daily Features

Here at The Music Phoenix, we like to make finding specific content easier on the visitor who has specific needs and wants. So on five days of the week, you can expect at least one article in a specific category. Let us explain:

  • Mashup Monday; well as you can expect, we make sure to deliver mashups to you on Mondays. In all actuality, our favorite genre to write about are the mashups and Monday is thus our favorite day of the week!
  • International Tuesday; every Tuesday we make a conscious effort to feature music outside of the United States. As we explained with #TMPnation, we are global and want to showcase talent from all around the world!
  • Wobble Wednesday; no, we’re not drunk in the middle of the week. Wobble is commonly associated with the sound the bass makes in Dubstep. Every Wednesday you can expect an article written about music that makes your room shake.
  • Throwback Friday; another great thing about The Music Phoenix is our ability to go back and feature songs that other websites would deem as ‘old’. We blow off the dust and present a classic tune just for you, every Friday.
  • Recovery Sunday; with all the music we gave you during the week, it’s time to unwind. Each Sunday we find music that is more ‘chill’ than your normal pace of music. It’s important for you to get ready for the week to come. 

Terminology Defined

The Music Phoenix writers tend to throw around words that make sense to us; but to the commoner, it can get a little confusing. In fact, we acknowledge that you might be looking for some clarification already.

  • Brand New; an obvious term, however ‘new’ can very from one person to the next. Typically, if it’s less than a week old, it’s “Brand New” to us and likely, you as well.
  • EDM; we don’t claim fame to it, but it stands for “Electronic Dance Music”. A style of music that is big in Europe and gaining popularity in the United States.
  • Fresh Off The Press; usually accompanied by “Brand New”, this means the music was released within 12 hours of the post.
  • Rebirth; this is our most important term that we throw around. A Rebirth is anything that we’ve decided to showcase that is typically a month old or more. Sometimes, we’ll count it after just a few weeks if it needs some more attention.
  • Resident DJ; these our DJs that The Music Phoenix works with to further the advancement of our goals. We brainstorm with them, promote their music more than the average DJ and we help each other however we can.
  • Watch List; our version of an “Up and Coming” list, featuring new DJs and artists that we think will get big in the near future. People that you need to know about.
  • WTF Videos; JMatt’s personal collection of all the videos that make you say “What The F___” after you watch it. Music videos don’t always have to be great, sometimes they are good for all the wrong reasons.
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