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titus jones

I know I know, I featured Titus Jones at the start of last week with his mashup, Lick Yr Daughter, but it was more so the PanosT music video edit that got the feature (okay, it was both Titus Jones and PanosT). But now he’s out with a brand new one called, Closer to Kissing Fun Girls; which, without any further details, already sounds like one heck of a song! This features three samples: Tegan and Sara’s Closer, Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl, and fun.’s Some Nights. I love the use of Tegan and Sara on this mashup, it reminds me of when I saw them in concert a few months ago! Plus, if you’re not getting how epic the mash is with I Kissed A Girl, then you must not know much about Tegan and Sara – the lesbian twins. Yeah. That’s why Titus Jones earned the extra feature so close to his last one. I see what you did there, and I liked it!

Also, DJ MADA (it’s Adam backwards – cool eh?) has a new remix out there. In fact, he flaunts that not only does he have an eleven year-old student, but he threw this together while teaching his student an example of how remixes, edits and original productions are made. MADA, how did you get such a young student and what do I have to do to get you to teach me to DJ like you!? Looks like I missed my shot when I lived in Denver to have you as a mentor (granted, I’m not 11, far from it actually). If you get a chance to see DJ MADA live, do so. I saw him DJ for Na Palm and enjoyed it so much I sought him out on SoundCloud.

Titus Jones – Closer to Kissing Fun Girls (Tegan & Sara vs. Katy Perry vs. Fun.)

DJ MADA – Lose Myself With or Without You (OneRepublic vs. U2)