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What a great Saturday, found 3 brand new mashups! Sounds like we’re creating a soundtrack for your party weekend – pick your poison. First option, pregame with Clivester‘s (of Austria) Adele Wants Britney Bitch and with cover art like that, I can see why. It includes samples from Adele, & Britney Spears, and The Wanted. This mashup has a great energy with a pulsating beat. Another option is to take Jimmy Klok‘s (of Germany) new mashup to tonight’s house party. His new mashup takes samples from Rihanna & Jay-Z, Maroon 5, and T.I. featuring Lil Wayne; Jimmy Klok titled it One More Night Under My Umbrella. I wouldn’t want to stop at just one night under that umbrella either!

Clivester and Jimmy Klok are both DJs we’ve heard of prior to this writeup, who I’m most excited to get to know is the third and final DJ of this feature, SkyFi. I have to give credit to Plexx for finding this new guy for us! Looks like he’s brand new to SoundCloud, but has been producing since March of 2012. For all I know, this DJ from the UK, could have released his mashup 2 days ago, wow. Very fittingly, he calls it WOW! We Own The Night, with samples from Felguk & Yves V, plus Tiesto & Wolfganag Gartner featuring Luciana. If you were looking for Progressive House tonight, you’ve found it. In fact, add all three of these songs to your pregame or post-game party tonight and you’ll be quite pleased with yourself!

Clivester – Adele Wants Britney Bitch (Adele vs. & Britney Spears vs. The Wanted)

Jimmy Klok – One More Night Under My Umbrella (Rihanna & Jay-Z vs. Maroon 5 vs. T.I. ft. Lil Wayne)

SkyFi – WOW! We Own The Night (Felguk & Yves V vs. Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner ft. Luciana)