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The Last Bison

It has been a week full of ‘first!’ when it comes to the new year and 2013. So, keeping with the trend, here is the first Recovery Sunday of 2013! I have been jamming pretty readily to Moonlight Matters’ rework of the original, The Fear by Ben Howard. Ben Howard is only 2 months older than me (yeah, I just noticed that and felt it was worth mentioning), he’s an English singer-songwriter most closely tied into the Folk/Rock genre, born in West London and is signed with Island Records. He notes that Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan are some of his influences. Moonlight Matters (Sebastian Vandevoorde), of Ghent, Belgium, is the other topic of conversation on this great reworking of the original. He spent over a year working as a composer/producer for another Belgium based act called Villa, but has since gone with his own solo project. Needless to say, Moonlight Matters will be a producer to watch as we continue into 2013.

Another song that I find myself singing along to in my car is Switzerland by The Last Bison. The Last Bison has a really unique sound (so let me compare him to what he sounds like – yes, I see the irony), if you mixed Dropkick Murphys with My Chemical Romance (think of The Black Parade) you’d get The Last Bison. Their Indie sound aside, this song has some great lyrics. Initially you might think it’s a deep song about a girl (their interview with VEER Magazine says otherwise). Nope. It’s actually about a real experience that Benjamin Hardesty (lead vocalist) had in Switzerland. He was trapped in the Alps and couldn’t get a hotel room to stay in, forcing him to spend the night in an alley in his sleeping bag. It gave him an appreciation for what he has back home (Chesapeake, VA) and thankful that he isn’t homeless.

Ben Howard – The Fear (Moonlight Matters Rework)

Purchase: The Last Bison – Switzerland