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Oh my word… Crizzly is out with a brand new Dubstep remix! Well, I guess in this case, it’s more or less crunkstep than just simply Dubstep; because, this is the way we ball (that is, if I were to quote Lil Flip himself). Crizzly is always a great addition to Wobble Wednesday, he never misses the opportunity to bring it. It’s hard to find great Dubstep tracks these days (at least that’s what it seems like lately). I will not accept defeat and admit that Demi Lovato may be right about this ‘fad’. No, Dubstep needs to stay strong and it’s artists like Crizzly that will certainly help to keep it on the map. Also, can I just say, album art by this guy always impresses me? It always seems to catch my eye and I love the literal approach with the play-pit balls!

Lil Flip – The Way We Ball (Crizzly Remix)