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New mashup out by KosherKittens! Shake and Bake takes samples from Skee-Lo and Jon Kilmer. If you’re not familiar with Kilmer’s work, he is a producer out of New York City and creates his own remixes and mashups. What KosherKittens is using, is Kilmer’s Salt Shaker remix which was originally done by the Ying Yang Twins featuring Lil Jon. The remix includes the Franz Ferdinand instrumental. So, what we’re listening to this time around is basically a mashup of a mashup. I haven’t actually heard this specific Skee-Lo song, I’m really only familiar with I WishBut let’s be honest, you’re probably in the same category. Which led me to a great discovery, Skee-Lo’s Top of the StairsI’m always down for a discovering more great music from old school artists!

Shake and Bake (Skee-Lo vs. Franz Ferdinand vs. Jon Kilmer) – KosherKittens