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I’ve had a few mashups sitting in my drop box that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I liked them individually, but my focus just wasn’t on them over the weekend. For shame, because there are a few that I should have shared out a few days ago. Robin Skouteris has had The Birth of Loneliness available for just under a week now, with samples from Enigma (Age of Loneliness and Carly’s Song - Jam & Spoon mix), Lana Del Rey (Born To Die), and B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams (Airplanes). This is another example of what a ‘beautiful’ mashup can sound like. He was recently featured on Panos T’s release of “Mash of the Titans,” a mixtape with several international mashup artists. I feel if Robin Skouteris had included this mashup on the mixtape, I might have been pulled in sooner, rather than towards the second half.

Another mashup that I should have featured earlier this week would be from our main man, Bruneaux, with Your Diamonds Belong To Me, which includes just two samples: Kanye West - Diamonds Are Forever and Muse - You Belong To Me. Bruneaux headlined our Club Level Series last Thursday and dropped this new mashup over the weekend. We heard Muse’s Starlight during his Live set, but you won’t hear this specific song. Reason being, any song you find on his SoundCloud account, is a song outside of his sets. All of Bruneaux’s sets are performed live and on the spot, giving you and his fans a new experience every time. But he releases mashups for you to enjoy outside of his sets, that’s just good guy Bruneaux for ya!

The Birth of Loneliness (Enigma vs. Lana Del Rey vs. B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams) – Robin Skouteris

Your Diamonds Belong To Me (Kanye West vs. Muse) – Bruneaux