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Cavalier King made sure that I would hear the newest remix of their song, Star Alarm, done by Super Will with a Dubstep twist. It is a remix featured right on their SoundCloud account, so of course I had to hear what the original sounded like first. Cavalier King classifies the original as a Pop song, which I guess it qualifies, but it doesn’t feel like any Pop song I’ve ever heard. He’s got a Rocker sound like Chris Cornell when he broke off from Soundgarden and a little like Matthew Santos, actually I feel like I’m leaning towards Santos more and more after each replay. To me it’s more Alternative than Pop, but I like the song either way.

I then listened to the Electro Remix by Dawin and was disappointed, a good remix heightens aspects of the original; this added a chipmunk voice (at least that’s all I heard) and tried to put a little Electro into the original. And to be honest, Cavalier King’s original is set up so well to go the Electro route that it shouldn’t be too hard to really make it a club worthy remix; but this just came up short for me. The remix that does it though is by Super Will, he takes what’s already great in Star Alarm, and amplifies it with additional bass and even a real Electro production. I will say that I wish there was heavier bass, but that could have lost the vocals pretty easily. It’s a nice effort that I can see myself adding to my collection.

Purchase on iTunes: Cavalier King – Star Alarm

Cavalier King – Star Alarm (Super Will Remix)