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Mathias Era sent me an email the other day to share his latest mashup with us, it includes samples from The Doors & Skrillex, Laidback Luke, and Ferry Corsten with Calvin Harris; a mashup originally created by Thomas Gold (a Berlin-based DJ/Producer) but rebooted by Mathias Era. I’m glad this was shared with us because it exposed me to two great Mashup artists from across the ocean. Mathias Era started mixing while he was in Belgium, five years ago in 2007 and is from Ushuaia, Teirra del Fuego, Argentina. His work has been featured on various radio stations in France, Belgium and Switzerland. He is constantly on the look out for new sounds and what the next trend will be; it’s no wonder why he’s so popular over in Europe and is ranked among the Top 300 podcasts on iTunes.

Another remix that I enjoyed by Mathias Era was his Goin’ Down mashup with samples from Birdy Nam Nam, Skrillex, and Kyo. It screams Electro House to me and I found it to be one of his best remixes that was available on his SoundCloud account. It shows a lot of talent and his understanding of how different elements can be worked into a song. Kyo’s guitar sample from Contact is very subtle, but adds a lot if you listen for it; in fact, I didn’t notice the guitar until I actually listened for it and I’m glad I did.

Breakin’ A Sweat vs. Do The Robot vs. Check It Out (The Doors & Skrillex vs. Laidback Luke vs. Ferry Corsten & Calvin Harris) – Thomas Gold (Mathias Era Reboot)

Goin’ Down (Birdy Nam Nam vs. Skrillex vs. Kyo) – Mathias Era (Mashup)