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I’ve been listening to a mashup called, Hold Me One More Time At Midnight, for a couple of months now and realized that I really should share it on a Throwback Friday. This mashup is created by Dzeko & Torres of Toronto, Canada; they used samples from M83, Eric Prydz, Calvin Harris, and Daft Punk. The four samples work effortlessly together and it really shows the skill level of these two DJs, Julian Dzeko and Luis Torres. After a little more research, I found a few other tracks worth sharing. King & Lionheart is their ‘Streesh’ Bootleg of the Of Monsters and Men original. It has a great Progressive House addition to it now that gives your ears something new to listen to. Both of these songs were initially songs that they did live first before releasing them on their SoundCloud account.

For the last one it’s a toss-up, Who Is Ready To Jump, is a House remix to Chuckie’s original that has been promoted by Chuckie himself and featured on Tiesto’s Club Life Episode 277. The other is the remix to Animal Kingdom’s Strange Attractor that has been featured on Paul Oakenfold’s Planet Perfecto Episode 95. To me, I am looking for something different and I’ve heard Chuckie remixes before (not to say that the remix isn’t worthy though); Strange Atractor continues with the journey of finding that different sound and it goes really nicely with the Of Monsters and Men remix.

Hold Me One More Time At Midnight (M83 vs. Eric Prydz vs. Calvin Harris vs. Daft Punk) – Dzeko & Torres

Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart (Dzeko & Torres streesh bootleg)

Animal Kingdom – Strange Atrractor (Dzeko & Torres remix)