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Up and coming Hip Hop artists, 3oNe3, out of Missouri shared their version of The Cataracs’ All You with us a few days ago. It was one of those songs that I instantly enjoyed, Hip Hop artists have really picked it up over the past few months. 3oNe3 is made up of Joshua “Flexy” Teasley, an American rapper, singer and songwriter from St. Louis (originally Oakland, CA). He’s currently enrolled at the University of Missouri and has been constantly in the studio or on the road (plus keeping up the grades). The name 3oNe3 originated from the room that Flexy occupied during his time pledging a Fraternity. 3oNe3′s DJ is Chris Murphy, also known as DJ Merf or Powerhouse Productions. DJ Merf combines a mixture of Electronic, House, Trap, and Hip Hop music into his sets. 3oNe3 has been booked for shows with Timeflies, Hoodie Allen, and Chingy to name a few.

In addition to their latest Hip Hop number, they have a few older tracks that are worth a rebirth in our book. Rihanna’s What’s My Name has gained quite the popularity over the past year and I can see why, Flexy raps over the song to make his lyrics fit with Rihanna so well, you’d think they worked in the studio together. You’ll Never Know is another favorite of mine and deserves more attention, it also appears to be one of the first releases by the Hip Hop duo.

The Cataracs ft. 3oNe3 – All You (Remix)

Rihanna ft. 3oNe3 – What’s My Name (Remix)

3oNe3 – You Will Never Know