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The new Electronic Chronic episode is out, podcast episode 2, by the EDMc, Na Palm with special guest, DJ Milk n Cookies. I’ve had a chance to listen to the entire mix once now, the first listen is all about exposure, hearing how it compares to the first episode with DJ Bad Boy Bill. I’ve already started it for a second listen, now I’m noticing sections I enjoy or didn’t fully notice the first time around. Like the first episode, it only took a few plays to become addicted, but every time I noticed something else. A Clint Eastwood sample in the beginning was something I noticed right away, now I’m noticing even more from the first five minutes and the music selected for my enjoyment (and your enjoyment as well). The end to part one grabs my attention once more with John Dahlback’s Embrace Me as remixed by the Dirty South. Right after that you heard Na Palm vs. Madeon on the Martin Solveig Night Out bootleg. That was the highlight of my first listen, I’m excited to find out what will become my favorite section after a more repeated listen (an hour of glory is tough to process all within the first hour).

DJ Milk n’ Cookies is a unique duo out of Chicago, not only are they related, but they are identical twins! This is definitely the first I’ve ever heard of identical twins DJing together, and I love the idea! They are leading the Post-Bro House music movement. What a great pick by Na Palm to feature yet another outstanding DJ (this time, as he puts it, a ‘Midwest monster’) and spreading more awareness through his podcast series. Plus, the first half showcases Na Palm’s lyrical talent over some of the greatest EDM hits so far this year. The EDMc is here to stay, so sit back and enjoy his latest.

Na Palm (Featuring DJ Milk n’ Cookies) – Electronic Chronic Podcast Episode 2