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The mashup album, “After Shock,” by Titus Jones is finally here! This new album covers a lot of genres, from classic rock to pop, from alternative punk rock to hip hop. I hear a lot of music that I enjoyed from about half a decade ago and when I was in high school. The question is, did he mash enough greatness into this 13 track album? Let’s break it down to find out. The intro, has a sample from Ira Flatow who talks about digital music sampling, “…We live in a world of remixes and mashups… but the problem is, remixing someone else’s work without their permission might be a good way to get sued.” When I heard this line used in the intro I was ready to hear what Titus Jones put together, he clearly understands mashups and proves it within the first minute and a half. The whole album is smooth and flows in and out of a variety of samples. But, is it enough to covet all 5 stars?

There are a few songs that I found myself going back to out of the normal rotation of the track list, I needed to hear Someone Makes Me Feel Dirty a few times; with only four samples, it wasn’t overly complicated and I loved the use of The All-American Rejects. Then you have, Close To Blowin’ In The Deep, which is another great mash, the only sample I would take out would be Madonna’s but that’s minor to me. I’m not sure what you’d replace it with and how it would change the dynamic of the song, but it just didn’t close the deal for me on, the 3oh!3 sample on the other hand did. The other song that fits within my top 3 is, The Best Get Broken HeartedI appreciate the use of Paramore with Foo Fighters, a pairing that is unexpected but welcomed.

For being an album that makes you want to get up and dance, I found myself wanting more. There are too many mashups that just come up short and miss the mark for me. It’s a good attempt at something great, but it doesn’t quite compare to a 3LAU production. I will still listen to this and I think there are plenty of people out there that will get a kick out of mashups like Guns N’ Roses versus D4L, that might have been my favorite moment! But I’m stuck at a 3.5 out of 5 with this album. I’m picky, I thought a few of the mashups dragged on a little, which is not something you want when an album is under an hour-long.

“After Shock” – Titus Jones

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