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The Music Phoenix’s very own Resident Denver DJ, Travis Trax, has been riding a massive wave of momentum this past year. From spinning on the regular at local Denver bars and venues, to ranking #29 in Electro House for his podcast, Trax Certified (on, and masterminding brilliant tracks with his recent remix work; Travis has been killing’ it in the EDM world. This DJ is on the up and up in EDM and is a prestigious name to be watching right now.

Hold on to your seat as Travis Trax throws down his electrifying House remix Mad Zach - Lazer Bay (Travis Trax Remix) for DJTechTools’ Mad Zach – Lazer Bay remix competition.  Such huge energy, synth layers, and combination of rhythmic styles and sounds are just enough to keep it fresh and euphoric. This is one to get those panties dropping!! Travis’ remix of Lazer Bay will keep your body moving and leave you craving for more. Let’s wish Travis the best of luck! Time to sit back, turn it up, and prepare for the lazers!!

Mad Zach – Lazer Bay (Travis Trax Remix)

Tune into Travis Trax’s weekly Wednesday podcasts, here, on