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Derek Sabiston of Kentucky reached out today to share his Bootleg mix of Emancipator’s Elephant Survival. Sabiston enjoyed the original so much that he felt compelled to add some funky bass and harder percussion to make it more club ready. This is now a great Electro Funk mix that fits nicely with our Recovery Sunday. About a minute and a half into the mix I’m hooked and just float along with this bootleg without a care in the world. Moving from Funk to House but keeping up with the Electro vibe, we have a Dirty Disco Youth remix of the Drunken Masters’ Bang Bang. Dirty Disco Youth is EDM project by 21-year-old music producer and songwriter, Phil Speiser, born and raised in Vienna, Austria (he now resides in Hamburg, Germany). If you’re a fan of “Oh My God! It’s Techno Music!” you may have already been exposed to his work back in 2010. Now, after listening to the Bang Bang remix a few times, I am just waiting to hear Sue Cho come in and sing the chorus of Dada Life’s Happy Violence - am I alone on this? It’s right around the middle that I hear it, either way, perhaps someone will attempt a mashup of these two songs and make all things right in the world for me!

Emancipator – Elephant Survival (Derek Sabiston Bootleg Mix)

Purchase on iTunes: Drunken Masters – Bang Bang (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)