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Drip Drop, as some of you know, has quickly become one of my favorite underground artists in the past few months. He has been solidifying himself in the mashup industry as one of the up and coming artists to watch out for. Based out of Austin, Texas he is quickly becoming a household name in the South. We here at The Music Phoenix showcase artists from around the world each and every Thursday night with our good friends over at – which Drip Drop graced his presence with this past Thursday. He mixed and mashed as the crowd went buck wild during his hour and a half show. After the show I sat down with him and had time to ask him a few more personal questions.

Go Low (DMZO vs. David Banner vs. Ludacris vs. LMFAO) – Drip Drop (DubMash)

Interview Series with JQNorman: Drip Drop

How did DJing on Mixify compare to live in a club?

It was awesome because while you’re playing you can actually read live feedback from the crowd. When you’re playing at a venue you have to judge the crowd based on their body language as to what kind of music they are feeling. With Mixify, you can just read the comments in the chat box or people can hype the song, it’s awesome.

Did you enjoy interacting with fans during your set and did that influence your set?

For sure! I was doing a live set so the live crowd interaction was awesome, it helped me judge what tracks to play next.

What got you into your style of DJing and how has it evolved over time?

Well for the longest time I played my live sets triggering tons a individual samples from a program called Audiomuch (same program Girl Talk uses). I recently got an APC40, so now I’m using Ableton for my live sets because I like to play out songs that I like as well as my mashups. The APC40 gives me so much control over the effects and mixing which I like a lot.

Where do you see yourself in the near future for DJing?

Playing as many college shows as I can. I like venues but the college shows are where things get wild.

If you couldn’t DJ anymore, what would you do instead?

Well I work in an advertising agency in Austin right now so I would probably stick to that.

What has been your favorite venue so far?

My favorite venue I’ve played is probably The Parish on 6th street in Austin.

What is in the works for you right now?

Right now I’ve got a bunch of original tracks and remixes in the works. I’m starting to make less mashups and getting more into production. Hopefully I’ll have a track to release sometime soon.

Tell us the best road story you’ve had thus far.

Easy. I was playing at LSU one time and during the middle of my set I looked up and there was a guy in the back of the place standing on the bar dancing completely naked! I’m talking dong flopping around and everything… just drinking a beer. I got on the mic and said “Shoutout to the naked dude in the back!” and the crowd went wild and just kept raging. No one told him to get down or anything. LSU peeps know how to rage.

Favorite food?

Mom’s spaghetti with meat sauce. Because I grew up eating it and it’s the best in the entire world.

Who’s your biggest influence right now?

Right now I would have to say my two favorite Moombahton producers, Bro Safari and Munchi. I feel like those guys push the line back a little every time they release a track. Whenever I listen to their stuff I just want to be at home making tunes. If my stuff is half as good as theirs I’ll be very happy, although I won’t settle for it, haha.

Thanks again to DJ Drip Drop playing a set on our “Club Level” Series and make sure you check out Drip Drop on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter (@DripDropMashup).