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Like many people, the jury is still out for me on this new music genre called “Trap.” I was having Justin Norman try to explain it to me the other day and he basically said that in order for it to be a Trap song, it has to have a fast, repetitive snare sound (almost like a rattle). Best heard via a set of headphones with the purpose to ‘trap’ you until the song is over. I heard two songs through my surround sound system and enjoyed them; after talking to Justin I listened to them again through a pair of headphones. To my surprise, it actually made a difference. Both songs have the signature snare drum rattle and I think you’re starting to convert me to the ways of Trap music.

Rhythmstar reached out to us and wanted us to take a listen to his Trap remix of Pink Pussycat (Kitten’s Theme) by The Del Reys. Well – first off – this is the second week in a row that I get to talk about saxophone inclusion, so that’s an automatic win right there! When I listen to this I feel like Trap music is the combination of Dubstep (or DnB) with some psychedelic ambiance. It’s a very sultry kind of Burlesque Trap that Rhythmstar has put together with this.

Another fun Trap song that I initially heard and thought I could get into Trap (before I really knew what it was) was a remix by Stylust Beats. Stylus Recalls Quik takes Flosstradaumus against DJ Quik for a remix deemed as Rap Trap. It’s a very different style from the aforementioned remix, but it keeps with the rapid fire snare technique within the mashup. Now, I’m not sure if all Trap remixes will continue with this ambient feel that Rhythmstar and Stylust Beats both brought into their songs, but if they do, I will certainly get hooked. Perhaps that’s what Justin was talking about, which is kind of eerie that a song is able to pull you in so strongly. It’s almost like you’re having a lucid dream; totally aware of what’s going on while still experiencing the fantasy.

The Del Reys – Pink Pussycat [Kitten's Theme] (Rhythmstar – Trap Remix)

Stylust Recalls Quik (Flosstradaumus vs. DJ Quik) – Stylust Beats (Trap Remix)