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***Drip Drop is LIVE on Thurs, Sept. 20 at 10pm EDT on Mixify!***

The Music Phoenix’s Club Level Series moves into our second week with Drip Drop in the opening spot. The VIP Party will start at 10pm EDT with Drip Drop and he’ll be going until 11:30pm. At which point, our headliner, KosherKittens, will go from 11:30pm until 1:00am. Respond to our Facebook event page for event updates and a Mixify Event link that will be available later this week.

Drip Drop is a Mashup DJ from Austin, Texas and is a current student at Texas State University. He first started creating mashups and remixes during his freshman year of college and released his first album, “Minor in Possession” shortly after in May of 2010. About 6 months after that he released his second album, “Eargasm” and it was another year until he released his most recent album, “The Late Night.” With the pattern of release dates for his past albums, I would say that he’s due another album in the next few months.

***Drip Drop is LIVE on Thurs, Sept. 20 at 10pm EDT on Mixify!***

Mr. Pogothon Wonkastep (Pogo vs. DJ Orion vs. Excision vs. Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory) – Drip Drop

Country Club – Drip Drop (Moombahmash)

Check out Drip Drop on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter (@DripDropMashup).

Check out the Club Level Series lineup as it develops each week.