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For those that have been reading my posts for a while now have noticed that I have this slight obsession with the saxophone. While, I don’t post a ton of saxophone pieces, occasionally I come across something that integrates one really well (or I get into a search mode where I want to find a mashup with one in it). Well, I wasn’t looking for it but I came across Hit Mechaniks’ original mix entitled, Sax Sax Go. Just off the title, I don’t know why my mind went Inspector Gadget mode, maybe the repeating of sax and seeing go; go-go gadget, saxophone. There, I got that out of my system. I find this original mix by Hit Mechaniks to be very relaxing, especially the introduction; it almost feels like I’m in a dream world while I listen to it. At about 1:45 in the song, we go full party mode where the saxophone really takes front and center. By the end it really transforms from a relaxing compilation to a electronic sax beat.

Hit Mechaniks – Sax Sax Go (Original Mix)