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Last night we had a great time during our first installment of our new Club Level Series. While we were in DJ Eli’s opening set, DJ DUBble A private messaged me and wanted to get me some of his music. Well, I took a listen to a lot of his track and found myself going back to two of his mashups from 2011. Thus, I knew DJ DUBble A would be the perfect fit for our Throwback Friday feature. First is his remix of Rick Ross’ Hustlin’ with Flux Pavilion’s Bass Cannon. Rick Ross is a boss for sure, but put some epic bass under him and it takes being a boss to a whole other level.

Now, Bass Hustlin’ is one that I discovered from playing all of his mixes, the one that DJ DUBble A pointed out specifically for me to hear was his Dubstep Mashup of Ludacris versus Felguk and Example. This is a great mashup, though it was lacking an equally awesome name, so I titled it Lower Than A Plastic Smile so I could get more excited to write about it. Nothing worse than not having a memorable name; plus, I need to call it something when I tell my friends about it!

Bass Hustlin’ (Rick Ross vs. Flux Pavilion) – DJ DUBble A

Lower Than A Plastic Smile (Ludacris vs. Felguk & Example) – DJ DUBble A