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Bollywood Barbie is at it again, Kalkutta teamed up with Cash Cash to produce this remix to Krewella’s Alive. This is a tremendously fun EDM hit with an even larger Electro touch on it thanks to this team. We already know a bit about Kalkutta (the Bollywood Barbie), but this is the first time we’ve heard of Cash Cash, so let’s dig a little deeper on them. Cash Cash is a Pop/EDM trio out of New Jersey made up of Jean Paul Makhlouf (vocals), Alex Makhlouf (Keyboards & Programming), and Sam Frisch (guitar). What I find to be the most intriguing about them is their worldwide attention, not just domestic shows like the Warped Tour, but sold out concerts in Japan and Brazil. Recently, they released an extended mix of their tribute to the King of music, Michael Jackson (The Beat Goes On), which is a great EDM tune to keep the legend alive with the new direction of music.

Krewella – Alive (Cash Cash & Kalkutta Remix)

Purchase on iTunes: Michael Jackson (The Beat Goes On) – Cash Cash (Extended Mix)