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I want so badly to figure out who Silver Medallion reminds me of, the first time I heard Stay Young my mind felt that it was so familiar and yet brand new. I went back about 10 years ago, to the days when MTV brought us “Jackass” for the first time. I feel like this is something that Bam Margera would get into, especially with the remix by Miami’s Van Toth and JWLS aka GTA. Two artists that I looked into to see if they were close were Andrew W.K. and Deadsy. Not close enough to what I’m thinking, maybe it’s an 80′s group (though, I really feel like Silver Medallion reminds me of a band from the 90′s). If you hear it and can identify who I’m thinking of, you will be my hero for the week (hey, that’s more than just the day…). Perhaps we can help each other to figure this out. Either way, the original is great and I love this remix by GTA.

Silver Medallion – Stay Young (GTA Remix)