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***Hear DJ ELI LIVE on Thursday, September 13 at 10pm EDT on Mixify!***

The Music Phoenix is proud to announce our new weekly event series called the “Club Level Series” on Mixify. The series starts off this Thursday, September 13 at 10pm EDT with DJ ELI! He is a pro with Mixify events now, so we thought he would be the perfect guy to kick off the whole series and set the tone. RSVP to the event here or on Facebook for updates. DJ i6 will be performing afterwards at 11:30pm EDT.

DJ Eli is currently attending school in New York City and is planning on playing a lot of bootlegs, remixes and mashups in his set. Which, if you know anything about us, we love a good mashup and that is exactly what DJ Eli is great at! He actually released a teaser for what you can expect from his set and he knows I hate teasers (haha) because I am too impatient to hear the full version. But I am excited and he’s reeled me in for the live set with this, so mission success on his part.

***Hear DJ ELI LIVE on Thursday, September 13 at 10pm EDT on Mixify!***

Don’t You Worry People (Vocal Edit) – DJ Eli (TMP’s Club Level Series – Teaser)

DJ Eli on BandCampSoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter (@DJEliCrack), & Tumblr.

Check out the Club Level Series lineup as it develops each week.