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Sound Remedy is at it again, we have another great bootleg to feature of his. This time around he put a Dubstep remix on Noosa’ Walk On By. This is a softer attempt at Dubstep, not your no holds barred wobble fest. Instead, it has strategically placed bass to make a bigger impact on the original single. I feel like I’ve gone on a new adventure by the time this remix comes to an end. Another song that fits in well with Sound Remedy is an original mix by Archie & Fareoh entitled, Feathers. The focus of this song is Progressive House with momentum heading towards Dubstep. It too is on the lighter end of the spectrum when it comes to the amount of wobble used, again it’s more about the proper placement of the bass without losing the integrity of the song and the original direction by the DJ/Producers.

Noosa – Walk On By (Sound Remedy remix)

Archie & Fareoh – Feathers (original mix)