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It’s been a while since we last heard from The Airport District; his last mashup came out a year ago and was featured on the “Swagged Out: Volume Two” album that featured a handful of mashup DJs. Well, this Senior in High School (yes, I said High School) has been very busy since then, working on a brand new album which is set to drop on Sunday, September 16. The new album is entitled “Encore” and I have been patiently waiting for his next mashup set. Going Down is the first track off the new album and gives us a good idea of what’s to come. That is, assuming the album continues in the same direction, which I see no reason it wouldn’t. There are a ton of samples in this 5 minute mashup, and if you listen closely it doesn’t just drop off and end. It sounds like each track will continue into the next, which makes a potential hour-long album sound like it’s one giant mega mashup of its own merit. I’m hoping the second track continues and we hear an epic mashup with Down With The Sickness - if so, then all hope is not lost with this next generation!

Going Down (Kanye West vs. Ramones vs. 50 Cent vs. Ludacris vs. Nelly vs…) – The Airport District