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Earlier today we ventured over to Italy for some International Tuesday fun and while we were over there, GiObAT reached out and wanted us to take a listen to his mashups. After careful review, I found a few tracks that were worthy of a feature. How To Roll The Dice is an older mashup of his, more than 6 months old to be more precise. While, there is a problem with the audio sample of The Fray, I really enjoy the direction that GiObAT chose with this one (if he can find a better quality sample and re-master this track I’m sure a lot more people would favorite it without question). Moving from March to May, the next mashup is entitled The Bad Pressure Circuits with The Bloodhound Gang, Quintino & Moti, and Nadia Ali. I like how it sounds like Nadia Ali is backing up Jimmy Pop (lead vocalist of The Bloodhound Gang), there’s a good harmony between the two.

Finally, we’re left with the original mashup that led us to GiObAT, I Don’t Like Aural Psynapse, which has Deadmau5 facing off against Eva Simons. This is over seven minutes long too! I can really sit back and zone out to this one; which can be much needed after a busy day. GiObAT is new to us, but not to the fans of Italy’s Progressive House movement. We will be keeping an eye for more of his releases!

How To Roll The Dice (The Fray vs. Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman) – GiObAT

The Bad Pressure Circuits (Quintino & Moti vs. The Bloodhound Gang vs. Nadia Ali) – GiObAT

I Don’t Like Aural Psynapse (Deadmau5 vs. Eva Simons) – GiObAT