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Found a little Dubstep for today’s Throwback Friday feature. The LED did a remix of AWOLNATION’s Not Your Fault about 5 months ago. Though, even though The LED wants to call this one a Dubstep remix, I feel like it falls more along the lines of a Drum n’ Bass remix. We get a little Dubstep here and there for short segments with a drop that is followed by a bit if a ramp and later a drop that really works. I think I just like AWOLNATION a lot on the remix, and if I think of it was DnB the remix works for me.

The LED’s remix to Kimbra’s Settle Down is another unique remix that puts an Electro Groove into the remix. I’m not sure I would quite call it EDM though. The tempo feels a little slower than that, but I can see where the idea of a Dance Groove can come from it (yes – EDM has DANCE in the middle of it, but this remix is different). I feel like this would be a fun cool down mix or a good closer track at a show (I want to say a starter track; but the concept of settling down doesn’t make me think that I want to get this party started). A solid remix either way you look at it and I’ve enjoyed listening to some more of The LED.

AWOLNATION – Not Your Fault (The LED Remix)

Kimbra – Settle Down (The LED Remix)