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Yesterday we experienced a ton of Mashup Monday new releases for TMP 2.0; today we get our first glimpse into the recurring International Tuesday feature. I found an interesting mashup pack yesterday that includes two different DJ/Producers creating a mashup a piece based on the Original Sound Track composed by Jean Pierre Taieb for the 2011 movie, ”The Divide.” The pack is consequently titled “Undivided” with each mashup holding its own. Of the two, I lean towards Fissunix of France for his remix. It is one of the first times where I actually feel moved by a mashup. It really comes down to utilizing Jean Pierre Taieb’s original work the best and combining it with the familiar lyrics of Cutting Crew’s (I just) Died In Your Arms Tonight. You may also notice a few familiar spoken samples from the 1983 movie, “War Games.”

Now, not to sell Colatron’s (of Britain) interpretation short; he takes the route of Coldplay versus Jean Pierre Taieb with an additional sample from Bledbox’s Nothing. Coldplay is already associated with the direction you are expecting after listening to Fissunix’s mashup. Colatron does a great job of staying within the direction but adding his own soft style to the Undivided pack. Between the two mashups I almost feel obligated to see the movie now, I mean who would have thought that a mashup could lead me to the motivation of watching a movie I had never previously heard of? Fissunix and Colatron need to give themselves a pat on the back for me, good job guys!

One Way To Die In Your Arms (Jean Pierre Taieb vs. Cutting Crew vs. War Games) – Fissunix

Nothing Can Fix This Divide (Jean Pierre Taieb vs. Coldplay vs. Bledbox) – Colatron