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Two weeks ago, I had planned on a specific feature for Throwback Friday, but the day before I wrote it – we were hit by that damn “fire” that crashed our site. So, now I finally have the chance to write about GRiZ and I’m very excited to do so. At the time, The Future Is Now, wasn’t all that old and still isn’t – only a month post-release. But he has some other fun songs to talk about, before I get too far ahead myself, the aforementioned single is a fun, jazzy, ‘funkified’ melody with Hip Hop influences. For some reason I feel like it brings in elements of a retro vibe with the bells that ding in background; like I’m watching an episode of the original Charlie’s Angels. Then there’s the sexy saxophone that could steal the limelight all on its own! I could see this as the theme song to a modern day spy show; you heard me USA Network; hire GRiZ for your next television series!

The other song that I really want to share with you is GRiZ’s remix to Welcome to Jamrock by Damien Marley. At first you hear the Reggae and a little Drum n Bass with some Electronic synths. The bootleg continues to build and suddenly you realize you’re in a Dubstep remix! Boom, that just happened! After a drop the dub goes away for a bit and the Reggae flow ensues. Another surprise is the Wacka Flocka sample towards the end, it was a great touch that I wasn’t expecting to hear!

The Future Is Now – GRiZ

Damian Marley – Welcome to Jamrock (GRiZ Remix)