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Welcome to our new website, The Music Phoenix 2.0 – we’re just as dedicated to new and old music. But now, we can do that special trick with our… oh wait, nevermind. We learned a lot in the past year, and we’re giving ourselves a chance at the Rebirth.

We’re looking to have all the old features: Mashup Monday, International Tuesday, Wobble Wednesday, Throwback Friday, and Recovery Sunday. Now, we’re looking to collaborate with some other big names; such as (we dabbled with them before, now we’re working on some huge events!).

We’ve added a Watch List that showcases various DJs/Artists that we believe will be the next big thing. We still have that elegant WTF Videos page, because let’s face it, they’re fun to discover! Oh and playlists? Yes, we’re much more dedicated to creating them and having them available to you!

Plus, we want to interact with you, #TMPnation, which is explained in more detail on our About page. You can also join the team now as a regular contributor, details on the Join Us! page. Finally, we hope you’ll take a look at the new Media page for Facebook covers and custom design requests.

We hope you enjoy our new TMP 2.0 version and we hope this one survives any future fires!