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I have been following DJ i6 for just about a year, since I first heard Money Makin’ on “Swagged Out: Volume 2.” Since that time, he has been releasing mashup after mashup. He has performed with the likes of 3LAU, Mac Miller, and Na Palm (to name just a few). DJ i6 just dropped his Bootleg Pack 2012 which has 12 banging bootlegs; of the 12, there are 3 that I just can’t get enough of. The first (and this is in order by when they appear on the track counter) is Somebody Take Me Higher, I’m pretty sure this is the first Dubstep journey he’s ever taken me on. I love it because I quite frankly didn’t expect the bass to get so dirty.

The second great song that you have to hear is, Show Me Epic Love, which samples from Show Me Love by Robin S and Epic by Sandro Silva & Quintino, which gives the ’93 intro to Dance and House music the modern touch that it so rightfully deserves. I want to hear more mashups like this one! Finally, my third favorite from the pack is Molly Harris,  which includes samples from the French DJ, Cedric Gervais, and Calvin Harris. I’m excited by Gervais’ song Molly, because it has only been released for about a month now and I have already seen the popularity it has gained through the mashup community.

Bootleg Pack 2012 – DJ i6