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The Neighbourhood - Female Robbery

I played The Neighbourhood the other day and with the intro on Female Robbery (New Version) being so dark in nature, I wasn’t really sure the direction I was going to be taken in. “I think I found hell, I think I found something… I think I found out that I have nothing in this place for me…” The lyrics of front-man, Jesse Rutherford, flow seamlessly in an Indie mixed with Hip Hop style. This one took me a few listens to realize what was going on. I believe the character is sad and feels emptiness, as he is about to sleep he gets lost in a television show; for this song it’s a criminal related show like CSI or White Collar. After his crime, the police stake him out and catch him with ease. I can see why the original was so catchy in the UK, the ‘new version’ isn’t drastically different, just a little more mastered than the original. Plus, the outro is a little more subtle this time around; you don’t really realize that he’s singing about dying.

As a bonus, I am going to include their other song, Sweater Weather, which was released about 5 months ago.

Purchase: The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery (New Version)

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather