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Now, we don’t normally featuring DJ mixes on The Music Phoenix, but after I heard Welcome To My House Party 2 by DJ Kalkutta I felt compelled to do so. As I did my research on who this DJ was, I learned of her fascinating story from rags to riches. She was born in Calcutta (hence her pseudonym – DJ Kalkutta) and was raised in an orphanage in India until she was adopted and raised in the United States. She spent a lot of time studying music, which shows in her set and her many other mixes available on SoundCloud. She already has quite the impressive resume, from spinning for the likes of John Legend and Michael Jordan to opening for/sharing a stage with Ludacris, LMFAO, and Talib Kweli (to name a few). She’s currently a New York based turntablist and producer (often referred to as “Bollywood Barbie”), and while she is currently stateside, based on her story, I think she qualifies for the International Tuesday feature. This is a great set that you need to listen to, if you work well with music, this should be added to you iPod.

Welcome To My House Party 2 – DJ Kalkutta